We are airborne

Yesterday morning on CNN I saw a video clip of News Anchor Chris Cuomo sharing an x-ray image of his lungs, to help viewers understand a bit more about his experience of Covid19. To me, his lungs looked like folded wings.

We celebrate the heart. We celebrate the brain. But, unless we’re singers, we usually do not celebrate the lungs, even though it’s through our lungs that we partake of everything in life.

With every breath, air molecules enter, pass into our blood through our lungs’ astonishing structures, and do magic of the deepest kind on our behalf. When those molecules’ work is done and they’ve transformed into something we no longer need, they leave us, with every exhalation. Consider the way our lungs welcome the air—how carefully they form and guard the threshold where what’s outside us enters and becomes us.  

It is said that the lungs are where grief lives. Perhaps that’s because our lungs are strong enough to hold grief until we are able to release it, like everything else we can release by letting our spirits and our bodies exhale.  

It is time now to acknowledge the lungs of the world. The lungs of every air-breathing creature. The lungs of humans, elephants, mice, Komodo dragons, hawks, orcas, otters, dolphins, wolves, garter snakes, bison, macaws, tigers, and macaques—the lungs of every kind of predator and prey.

It is also time to acknowledge the plant world, the partners that make breath possible. Photosynthesis is an unsung miracle.

Notice the clearer skies across the planet. The cleaner air. The way our lungs’ distress is reminding us of how precious clean air is.

If you pray, please pray for the lungs of the world, the lungs of people struggling to breathe in overcrowded hospitals, the lungs of people struggling to survive at home, the lungs of people grieving.   

Remember that we are creatures of air and earth, of sky and water, of mineral and flesh. Pray that our lungs and Earth’s lungs will clear together. For we are winged animals who wear our wings inside, folded around the heart. Our wings, as lungs, turn air into vitality. We are airborne. Each breath lifts us not into the sky, but into life. How foolish to believe that isn’t flying.

Photo by Sunyu on Unsplash.

Perfection over the illusion, Part 2

Master your mind, master your life

This is part 2 of a five-part blog. If you haven’t already, please go back and read part 1.

So, let’s begin with the following questions:

  • What creates your reality?
  • What creates your experiences?
  • Who or what gives them meaning?

Answer: You and only you do! If you resolve to have a different reality, you will experience a different reality.

So, how do you resolve to have a different reality? 

You do so by observing the thoughts and understandings you have about yourself, your life, and your experiences and then you consciously and intentionally choose thoughts and interpretations that place everything in the best light. You seek to see the highest good in every situation. You seek to see yourself and the events in your life from a God/Goddess perspective.

As well, you very carefully, lovingly, and honestly observe what your beliefs about life are and what you expect from life. And if any of that is anything less than what you ideally want, you change it.

In other words, get quiet for a minute or so now and sincerely ask yourself: Is the Universe a friendly and supportive place or a neutral and heartless one, or is it “out to get me?”  What do you really believe?  

This is really worth taking a few minutes to sit quietly with and meditate on. It can and will make a world of a difference for you if you honestly and lovingly look at what you feel. So, please do so before reading on.

Your underlying core belief about what kind of a Universe you live in has a huge impact on what you experience in your life. Usually this question is unexamined, but I can assure you that it is extremely important to consider.

Over the years I have come up with numerous phrases, thoughts, and understandings that have helped me to raise my thoughts/energies around everything that happens in my life. They have a world of a difference in my experience.

What I would like to do now is share some of these with you. These are ways I use to see the highest good in all situations and to do my best to see everything from a divine perspective.

You and only you get to give meaning or an interpretation to the experiences you have. What someone else thinks or believes about your experiences or about you doesn’t matter at all. All that matters is what you think or believe about yourself or your experiences. 

And, yes, you get to choose how to “see” the things that happen in your life. For myself, knowing that I get to choose how I interpret events is one of the most important lessons I have learned. Because of this awareness I have created a great deal of peace, joy, and empowerment in my life.

In my next blog post, Part 3, I will share a number of the phrases, thoughts, and understandings I have used over the years. I will also offer some commentary on what they mean to me and how I use them.

A Call to Co-Create True Economy (Part 1)

The last time I was inspired to write about money and economy (See: Money Is Alive and Well) was two weeks before the World Health Organization declared the coronavirus outbreak to be a pandemic. Now that much of the world has shut down economically, with serious consequences for millions of people, the concept of humanity’s Great Transition has suddenly become very real. At the same time I have been receiving visions in meditation with a new level of clarity, and I have a sense that these “downloads” offer clues that can help us to navigate through this turbulent period.

Here are two of the powerful questions that I have been meditating on:

  • What is a true economy, and what are its principles?
  • What is money, and how does it function in a true economy?

Humanity’s answers to these questions, and our often-unconscious beliefs about money and economy, greatly influence how we relate to one another, to other life forms, and to life itself. Now that the world economy appears to be failing, a window has opened up during which we can reconsider our foundational assumptions, definitions, and beliefs about value and how society is organized. This is a golden opportunity to source different answers to the above questions by listening to the wisdom that exists within us. The responses we receive can provide a roadmap for thriving in the post-coronavirus world. As we listen deeply and upgrade our notions of money and economy, we will co-create new economic and governance models that are better adapted for life in the 21st century and beyond.

What follows is a set of interconnected understandings that came to me when I went still and invited the most awakened version of humanity to be revealed through the lens of economy and money.

What Is a True Economy?

The new economy needs to be an awakened economy, in which businesses and individuals interact with unprecedented levels of consciousness and love. When I asked the question “What is an optimal name for the new or awakened economy?”, the phrase that came to me was “true economy.” Then, as I contemplated the nature of a true economy, I could see and feel that it has certain characteristics:

Activities that benefit all and harm none are naturally supported.
People and communities have immense freedom to develop their creativity.
Human communities and ecosystems are uplifted by economic activity.
Businesses prosper without compromising the web of life.
People have realized their true nature.
In addition, I received a set of 11 principles for co-creating true economy.

11 Principles of True Economy

  1. Anchor Assets: The foundation of wealth for each community, and for each bioregion, is the health of its ecosystems. Healthy ecosystems attract life around them.
  2. Leveling Out: A true economy keeps value flowing, eliminates unhealthy inequalities, and ensures that everyone’s basic needs are met ongoingly.
  3. Generosity: The participants in a true economy always give more than the minimum because it feels good to do so. This quality of interacting increases the well-being of all.
  4. Value Yourself: When you truly appreciate your own value within the web of life, you can more easily appreciate the value of others and their contributions.
  5. Do What You Love: In a healthy ecosystem, there is enough life energy available to create everything you need by doing what you love to do and sharing the results.
  6. Life = Value = Life: Life is the source of value and life experiences are what people value. There are countless forms of value, and they all contribute to increasing the quality of life.
  7. Measure Health: By continually measuring, monitoring, and improving the health of people, communities, and nature, it is possible to incentivize human activities that increase true wealth.
  8. Money Spirals: The circulation of money through webs of loving interaction activates people’s creativity, adds life energy to the economy, and lifts everyone with each cycle.
  9. Cultivate Wealth (in the original sense): Grow and nurture assets, with intention, that rise in worth with the well-being of people and nature. Harvest the wealth, consciously, distribute it equitably, and continue the cycle.
  10. Protect People and Ecosystems: Conserve, enhance, and appreciate the upward spiral of healthy interplay between the natural world and humans.
  11. Mutually Assured Thriving: The structures of a true economy strongly favor activities and interactions that benefit all and harm none. The thriving of one requires the thriving of all, and a healthy whole requires healthy individuals.

What Is Money, and How Does It Function in a True Economy?

In Part 2, I will share the five-part answer that I received in response to the question “What is money, and how does it function in a true economy?”


The articulation of the 11 principles has been greatly inspired by LOVE TO, a leading-edge incubator and funder of regenerative businesses and business clusters. The LOVE TO group of companies is quietly pioneering the implementation of the new economy with partners who have understood these principles for a long time. Special thanks to Tim Bennett, founder of LOVE TO, for his co-creative assistance.

Photo from PxHere.

3 helpful things for our current Hero’s Journey.

It’s been a while since my last Fika for Your Soul. I imagine that most of us are doing the same thing right now – finding our feet in this new world of ours.

At the time of writing, The Guardian’s daily news update reports that a third of the world’s population is in lockdown. I’ve worked from home for 12 years, and I have lived far away from my family for even longer, so my day-to-day situation isn’t much different now that the UK is in lockdown. But I know that day-to-day life has changed dramatically for many of you!

It’s interesting how the virus is affecting everything.

It ripples into every area and layer of society. No border can escape it. It’s quite telling. This forces us to rethink our way of life, whether we want to or not. Now we’re all forced to look at our humanity and how we show up. It’s no longer possible to ‘go it alone’, whether we are a country or an individual.

For me, in all of this, a question beckons… What does the world need from me right now; how can I be my best self? Whether in business, at work, or life in general….

In aid of this question, I thought I’d share three things that recently crossed my path. Things that can help us ground in all the new that we’re currently facing.

(1) Documentary by Patrick Takaya Solomon, called FINDING JOE, about Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey. It’s available on YouTube for free.

Most of us have heard of The Hero’s Journey before, and you may have read books about it. This film (80 minutes) is a wonderful reminder of how we go through our own hero’s journeys and it gives us an opportunity to reframe challenges that we may be facing. And considering what we as a collective are going through right now, this is a wonderful guide and it helps to structure and paint our bigger picture.

Don’t miss it. I highly recommend it.

Synopsis: In the early 20th century, while studying world mythology, Joseph Campbell discovered a pattern hidden in every story ever told and he called it “The Hero’s Journey”. A truly inspirational film, FINDING JOE takes us on the ultimate hero’s journey: the journey of self discovery. As you slay dragons and uncover treasures, you just may find that the holy grail you seek is closer than you think.

(2) Breathing tip for calming our energy.

Put your left hand on your heart and your right hand on your abdomen. Take a breath in, counting to four. Then breathe out, counting to more than four. Repeat.

A very simple and quick way to slow mind and body down, to calm our energy.

(3) Technique for coming back to the present moment.

Referred to by some, as the ‘Five, Four, Three, Two, One’ technique. It’s a wonderful way to come back to the present, to stop your mind from running around in the past or in the future.

To bring you back into the present, identify:

5 things you can see right now
4 things you can touch (and touch them)
3 things you can hear
2 things you can smell
1 thing you can taste

Doing this we can’t not be here, which in turn gives us a moment to breathe.

Number 2 and 3 are both courtesy of Jay Shetty. Some of you may have come across him before. He is one of two guests in the most recent episode of Red Table Talk on Facebook, ‘Managing Our Anxiety & Fear During COVID-19’, which is where I heard him mention these techniques.

In closing…

These are confusing times but there’s also a huge opportunity for evolution, should we choose it. Now, more than ever before, it’s about leadership in life.

If you’re thinking about a version of, What does the world need from me right now; how can I be my best self?, feel free to reach out for a chat by leaving a comment below or find a time to chat here.

In this new world we’re invited to live and lead from our soul, from our best self, and knowing what that looks like is becoming more and more important. I’m considering setting up a Facebook group where we can explore questions such as the one above (or any other question or inquiry you may have in relation to living and leading from a different place). If you’d be interested in joining a group like this, on Facebook or somewhere else, let me know by sending me a message or leaving a comment.

We’re in this together.

..from my soul to yours,


Photo by Kyle Glenn on Unsplash

Why the Corona virus is happening FOR us, not TO us, Part 3

Steps to take now to prepare for the future: A Q&A with the disruptive energy currently at work on earth

In this time of great unrest and social disruption, many are asking how we can best act and serve now to weather through this storm and bring about the most positive change after this disruption. 

In this article I continue to speak directly with this disruptive energy to gain some clarity around our future existence as human beings.  

In Part 1: Message to the people, I shared a message to those currently experiencing challenges and to those thriving. In Part 2: Insights around social structures, I covered insights around our future as a society. In this post I provide insights of how to cultivate the most harmony now, to prepare for a better future. 

The following is a transcript of my March 23 conversations with what I interpreted as the disruptive energy currently taking place on earth. 

How are we being called as a society to act right now? 

What you are dealing with now is a force outside of your control, outside the control of man. So it’s best to not try and fight it, control it or make an enemy out of it. It’s best to equip yourself right now with ways and tools of support. Of loving and protecting yourself and your fellow humans. Coming together and seeing all lives as worthy, helping and being there for each other, witnessing each other’s pain and being able to rise above it with feelings of peace are how you are all being called to act now. 

Know that some of you will experience this disruption and show up in different ways. Some as victims whose lives are falling apart, others as saviors, and some will show up with grace, kindness, and love for your fellow neighbor. Whatever your approach, you will all move through this and it will pass. How soon depends on how quickly you can come together as a united community, country, society, and planet. 

Coming together involves listening, communicating, voices being heard, pain being felt, and compassion being shared amongst you. How you show up now will set a precedent of your own future and what is to come. 

So we urge you to act with grace, compassion, love for one another, and patience. Keep your faith pointing in the direction ahead you want to move to as a society, culture, and civilization on this earth. Don’t let the coming undone sway your vision and hopes. You are steering your ship in a new direction; it just takes a little way to change ways.  

What measures do we put in place to create a more positive and accountable future? 

The measures were already starting to be put in place. You already measured and concluded your future was unsustainable and there was a risk of extinction amongst you all. This is your opportunity to continue with the measures that serve you, then create new measures that come from a place of unity, good for all (not just for one or two groups), co-existence, and collaboration. 

These measures will be decided by many people and many groups and will shift as the times and needs of society shift. Nothing will be set in stone or anything be forgotten or ignored. 

Opportunities for accountability are happening now as the gaps in accountability are showing up now in a once-corrupted past. Transparent measures will be put into place to measure when misalignment takes place so it can easily be caught and corrected. As structures and organizations will set up to benefit the good of all, no one will have anything to lose or gain over another. 

What are some glimpses for us into a bigger picture?

The bigger future you have asked for and imagined is already here and is already taking place. Start to note the shifts and upcoming trends happening right now, how at a fast speed you were able to adapt to these daily changes and come together as a  more united society. This coming together, working together, and supporting each other will continue to take place and spread in larger formats. 

You’ll begin to witness the natural beauty around you and positive power of humans working towards a collective goal versus working to only enable themselves. This shift in perception from ‘me’ to ‘WE’ will bring about many innovations and technologies that serve a global community of humanity. When you act from a united place there are no limits to the power of what humans can create and joy they can experience while on this earth. The future is looking much brighter when you work for each other not against each other. This future you have a small glimpse of right now and this will continue to unfold and expand amongst all threads of society and daily existence. The opportunities for this to happen are paramount. It just takes a change in perception to allow this change to become widespread amongst the human race. 

Downloaded March 24, 2020 by Kelly Weiss, http://www.kellyanneweiss.com.

Photo by Max Bender on Unsplash.

Perfection over the illusion, Part 1

Experience your life through the eyes, heart and light of your soul and not in the shadows of your ego. Become a master of your life.

In this series of five blog posts, I will explore the concept that “we shape and create our reality and experiences by the thoughts we focus on.” As well, I will give advice on how to master the thoughts that we have and thus create the life we want.

Usually we are quite unaware of the predominant thoughts we have. Also, we usually are unaware of the worldview and general belief systems we hold.

Most people, without questioning, just follow the dominant thought patterns and worldview of their culture, country, or family. There is little reflection about the beliefs they hold or the way they look at themselves and others. 

Their worldview has been passed down for generations or it is a mish-mash of corporate-fed faux “facts” that are often very disconnected from reality and are really just selling something. Unfortunately, most people just follow along, never questioning the dominant cultural beliefs, their lives, their own beliefs, or themselves.

But as Socrates said: “The life unexamined is not worth living.”

It is a struggle and challenge to rise above the lowest-common-denominator thinking that is so dominant in our culture. As well, it is not easy for most people to see how much their thoughts affect their reality; and, as well, they don’t see that the way their ego or “little self” interprets events in their lives is rarely how their Soul interprets them.

Our ego mind is meant to be the servant of our Soul and not the other way around. Our Soul is meant to be in the driver’s seat of our lives, for it sees the whole picture and understands the context and purpose for all that we experience. We are meant to live a life filled with inspiration and revelation, not one filled with perspiration and frustration.

Learning how to get out of your head/mind and live instead from your heart and soul can be a challenge. I have found that living an authentic and empowered life can never be achieved if I solely identify myself with my ego and with the “things” in my life. I must instead come to know my Self, that is, my higher Self; then I can live an empowered and passionate life that springs forth from the depths of my Soul and heart and is filled with life-sustaining, creative, vibrant energies.

There is a great depth and breadth to this “gift of life” that we have all been blessed with and it is only through mastering our minds and opening our hearts that we can access a fulfilled, authentic, and empowered life.

In Parts 2 through 5, I’ll share a series of techniques I have learned to master my own mind. By learning to master my mind I have begun to live as an empowered, authentic person and not as a victim. I trust that you will find these techniques and the reflections about them of value on your path up the mountain of your own Self-Mastery.

This is part 1 of a five-part blog.

Why the Corona virus is happening FOR us, not TO us, Part 2

Insights around social structures: Q&A with the disruptive energy currently at work on earth

In this time of great unrest and social disruption, many are questioning the future of our main societal structures such as finance, politics, business, and healthcare systems. So I decided to use my gifts and speak directly with this disruptive energy to gain some clarity around our future existence as human beings.  

In Part 1: Message to the people, I uncovered a message to those currently experiencing challenges and to those thriving. In this post I’ll share insights around social structures both present and future. What follows is a transcript of my March 19 and March 23 conversations with what I interpreted as the disruptive energy currently taking place on earth.

Insights on changes to the political landscape

The political landscape has been crumbling and bursting at the seams for many years now especially since the 70s and after the last assassination of the Presidents. Many parts of the political system – the democracies and dictatorships have not been working and have been coming undone at the seams. 

This is an opportunity for the counterparts and all of those associated in the political system to rise up and be able to contribute in a higher way. It’s an opportunity for those that have big ideas to speak up about how they would like society to be run. It’s an opportunity for those that can’t hold a higher vision to step down and focus their energy on themselves and their own growth. But until that perspective and structure is taken it will continue to crumble. 

How much it will crumble during this disruption seems to take a momentary pause as there is more of a union of nations coming together. Which paints the picture of hope of how the world can be not just during a catastrophe. It opens up the mind of emerging leaders to have a direct pathway of how they can lead in the future.

Do you have a timeframe when we will start to see this undoing? 

It will continue for the next two years and then we will see the transfer of politics into the hands of those who are capable with a fresh, wholesome perspective. We will see this happening in many parts of the world starting from Canada, Australia and United Kingdom, it’s already happening in New Zealand. Eventually it will reach America, the once-great superpower. 

The trend of power being placed amongst one particular nation will also start to crumble as more countries will hold equal respect and power and this imbalance will start to disappear. As the political system becomes built more from a place of giving and receiving and sharing resources, wisdom and information to serve not just their country but also their planet. This is the political system that awaits us.

Insights about the financial system

The current system is built on corruption, pleasing the few and hurting the many. This system has also been coming apart at the seams with the banking mishaps, the downturn of many economies and the threat of decentralization – cryptocurrency.

It’s inevitable that institutions built from a false sense of security, power and manipulation will be deconstructed. However, because these systems are so deeply ingrained into society it will be a gradual deconstruction. 

There will not be any impact or loss on a global scale. There may be a reduction in the way it operates and its capacity, but it will not dissolve before another structure can take its place.

The threat of this happening is allowing other solutions to begin to sprout and take place. Where we will see more online institutions owned by the people and many start to crop up. Led by those doing good and closely aligned to these new political powers that will come into place. These two will happen side by side with a new economic structure and a new political structure. Neither will be completely dismantled until there is something ready to be transferred over to.

Does that mean we are not expecting a complete annihilation and loss of the banking system?

Not in the way that you are all feeling. Yes there will be loss, but the loss will happen to those that have been creating the misjustice, the threat and the fear amongst everyone, they will experience the most loss. Call this a karmic reaction or turning of tables.

So we are not at a stage where we need to take our money out and run and put it somewhere else?

Definitely not. You are at a stage to readily come up with new solutions and share them, contribute to them. Make them global solutions that serve all. Not small groups of perceived super powers.

Insights about business and the workforce

You are already starting to come together in partnerships and as a workforce remotely and online. These structures now will be an important part of your future as it will create a more inclusionary environment for those in remote locations or that don’t have the physical capacity to be in certain places. 

This online and remote way of working also paves way to quicker and more versatile forms of communication and decision making. It gives you flexibility to evolve your message, offerings and events to suit the collective environment, speakers and needs of the audience. 

You will start to open gateways and create new mindsets on how you conduct business. Things will happen much faster and be more accessible. Barrier to entries will be lower and exiting the market will not come as such a loss. You’ll be opening yourself up to mass levels of communication and trade where geographical locations will no longer be a barrier. Non-physical product offerings will become more apparent, as will group training, large scale online events, and the opportunity for us to more readily engage and provide for our local communities. 

In other words, more local and global conversations with offering exchanges (services or products for money or time) will take place. You’ll create a more connected, faster world while also gaining more awareness around what is in front of you and how this connects to the greater world around you. 

This virus will not be looked at in future as something that destroyed this world. It will be looked at as something that gave the world a doorway to open up into more expansive expression.

Downloaded March 19, 2020 by Kelly Weiss, http://www.kellyanneweiss.com.

Photo by “My Life Through A Lens” on Unsplash.