Introducing Sourcing the Way

The following article appeared in the Winter 2015 edition of The Edge.

Humanity’s operating system is being upgraded, bringing a fundamental shift in how we perceive ourselves and how we work and live, as individuals and, increasingly, as consciously aware collectives stewarding living systems in partnership with Earth.

How do we embrace the radical shift from ego-based systems to ecosystemic awareness? How do we evolve our organizations and institutions to align ever more fully with Life? How do we partner consciously with Planetary Being? What are the practices and ways of knowing that support humanity’s “Great Transition” into higher-order awareness and intelligence?

Sourcing the Way is an evolutionary response to the need to dance with emergence and the unknown while evolving organizational forms and social institutions. The company, founded by Jeff Vander Clute and Maria Bäck, launched publicly on January 1st, 2015 after a decade of co- creative experimentation and live prototyping. From the chrysalis of “realization and development” have emerged unique tools such as Resonance Mapping and offerings for Awakened Leadership and Organizational Alchemy, which are fundamentally in service to humanity’s Conscious Evolution.

Sourcing the Way offers consciousness-based strategic consulting and coaching services that serve the evolution of businesses, nonprofits, communities of practice, and global movements for social transformation. We are actively supporting creative agencies, entrepreneurial ventures, the peace building and subtle activism organizational ecosystems, and the global compassion movement. Our more radical offerings include working directly with the transpersonal consciousness (and inner heart) of some of the largest corporations in the world, and whole-systems healing through applied oneness.

As pioneering co-creators at the emerging edge of leadership and organizational transformation, we at Sourcing the Way are committed to helping to midwife new solutions from the next level of consciousness that are springing forth planetarily. We look forward to deepening our collaborations with evolutionary leaders everywhere, and to the joyful fulfillment of these alchemical times.

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