Part 2: Limitless Gut-Feel

Early on I “knew” that my 3D mind was limited in understanding the width and depth of what opportunities may lie ahead. Even if I had lots of experience and knowledge, there would still be an incredible number of possibilities and opportunities that I would not be able to name nor suggest as they expanded beyond my sphere of awareness.

And, I had a sense that by fixating on a desired outcome I would limit what was possible… Therefore, it felt only natural to invite ALL possibilities to play and allow my inner guidance system to take me by the hand and guide me forward.

I became increasingly aware of this new way of feeling and sensing between 2006-2008 as it heightened my ability to listen deeply and to be present. I had always had a sense that I had access to a “channel” of information or flow that was experienced beyond the physical body and mind, but it was so elusive in nature that I couldn’t put my finger on it, it was just there. In conversation with friends in my teens and early twenties, I seemed to be able to offer suggestions to perceived dilemmas without necessarily having own lived experience. An unusual feeling!

A key ingredient that seemed to accompany these inspired ideas for solutions or support was the felt experience of a “gut-feel”, and I mean that literally. This helped me in situations where I felt uncomfortable, as there was a “presence” that came with the information which helped me feel that it wasn’t me “making it up”. The best way to describe this feeling is to say that it comes with a feeling of calm and groundedness, and that my gut feels in “balance”.

The first time I understood this feeling for what it was was when I in 1994 was offered the opportunity to take on a newly created role at the company’s European headquarter in Germany. I was 28 years old and I had always felt a pull to work abroad. Granted, I had felt a strong pull towards the UK, not Germany, but somehow I felt that this was the right step to take. As soon as I said yes to explore this opportunity, the pieces started to fall into place. My boss at the time helped with negotiations and within a few weeks it was a done deal. Although I was nervous about moving away from family and friends, to move to another country, I felt the calmness in my gut and I “knew” I was where I was meant to be.

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