Part 3: Subtle Levels of Communication

Over the years the Squeeze has evolved and I have come to learn that I have an ability to “feel” when a conversation is engaged at “heart” or “mind” level. Different people refer to “mind” as the higher mind, the thinking mind, or just head or brain. I chose to think of “mind” as being the thinking mind, i.e. where we process the information that we have access to, where we base our decisions and felt sense on what we already know. In terms of “heart” some people think of it as the space where we make decisions based on our feelings and emotions, others are leaning more towards understanding it to be our soul or essence. I’m leaning towards the latter.

I seem to have a knack for following energetic through lines in conversations in a way that signals what “level” we are engaged at. There is no right or wrong in either level of engagement, but what I have learned through working with Sourcing the Way’s clients is that we have access to different layers of information depending on which level we engage at. I feel this in my body and the methodology and value system that we are working with to represent levels of consciousness corroborate this felt sense.

One key take-away for me while honoring what Sourcing the Way wants to be in the world, is how my part is assisting individuals to open to the infinite, transfinite, and beyond. To open to their fullest expression. Reaching the level of depth that touches someone’s soul or essence is profound and deeply empowering and I can immediately tell as I feel it in my body. The client may not be able to put words to their experience, or it is happening at a subtle level. No matter which, it is very palpable when it happens as their energy changes. It is almost like a switch is turned on and something clicks “into place”.

My expression in this world is ever evolving, just like everyone else’s. My current understanding is a result of levels of awareness available to me at this time. As I evolve and the world around me evolves, access to different depths of consciousness will continue to shift which will no doubt bring added clarity to our expansion as Beings and our invitation to be global citizens.

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