Organizational Realization: A new way of leadership

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Sourcing the Way has since the summer of 2013 developed tools and processes that support visionaries, entrepreneurs, and organizational leaders who are approaching or are already in, a process of change.

Our work is related to “Organizational Development,” but is more focused on “Organizational Realization” which means that we support the deepening of an organization’s awareness by making visible inner wisdom that helps to uncover aligned areas of focus and resonant strategies for moving forward.

We do this by creating the space needed for leaders and teams to be able to deepen their connection with the essence of the organization and its true purpose. Our experience tells us that once we open the door to deepen our understanding of the whole, circumstances begin to shift. We start to see patterns of how a more aligned and coherent entity can take form, which then supports further development and where events, if we are awake and receptive, will come into place in a way that we could not have foreseen by “thinking our way forward.”

Why “Organizational Realization”?

Humanity’s operating system is being upgraded. Our contemporary times bring many changes related to entrepreneurship. We find that people in general are looking for more meaning, a fuller existence. And specifically business leaders, who show a greater interest in “multiple bottom lines,” e.g. not just “people and profit,” but now extend it to include “people, purpose, planet, and profit.”

During a recent visit to the USA I attended a conference on leadership. The conversation made reference to the difference between leadership and management: “Leadership is about doing the right things. Management is about doing things right.” Very inspiring! Semantics you might think, and yet, incredibly powerful if we let the subtlety of this statement sink in fully.

With the above in mind questions arise such as:

  • What is a true purpose?
  • What are the ‘right’ things to focus on?
  • How do we think about our own individual true purpose?

Sometimes we don’t know what a true purpose is. Sometimes we have a sense of what it may be. We guide and support people who are interested in discovering what their individual and/or organization’s true purpose is.

Our experience is that all organizations have their own consciousness, e.g. they have sentience just as us humans. In many cases we think that an organization’s consciousness is a result of the people who manage and operate within its sphere of influence. Yes, this is true, AND it also has its own ‘identity’ that is not controlled by us. When there is correlation between the organization’s consciousness and the consciousness of humans a deep and powerful resonance and harmony arise.

It’s all connected

Some of Sourcing the Way’s processes focus on cultivating and making visible the patterns and beliefs you would like to cultivate, and also liberating the patterns and beliefs that have served their purpose and that it is time to let go of. A large part is about identifying areas where it is most powerful to focus, e.g. which parts are asking for focus and attention next. Everything is of course connected and there is no “right” or “wrong.” Our experience tells us that everything has its role, and the question is what is asking for attention as a next step in order to allow for greater resonance and flow in alignment with true purpose.

Does the above resonate?

If our process and approach sounds interesting and you would like to know more, get in touch! Schedule a free 30-minute consultation to learn more about us and how we can support you in your and/or your organization’s process of change.

2 thoughts on “Organizational Realization: A new way of leadership

  1. Hi George! Thanks for your feedback and question! I apologize it has take this long to get back to you. I would say that “organizational consciousness” is an entity. For us to think that organizations exist thanks to the human mind alone is a fallacy. It is a “being in consciousness” that communicates through vibration and spaciousness. Just like there is a purpose for the role of “learning lessons” in human lives, organizational consciousness takes part in that same dance to help us further ourselves and our evolution, should we be open to it and listen for it. Organizational consciousness is a vibration in the subtler dimensions that speaks to innate curiosity and remembrance of cosmos as a whole. It is the energy that pervades the space, it is the vibration that fills the gaps, and it is the intelligence that flows between the seen and the unseen. 🙂


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