Staying Successful: Elevating the Essential

According to Greg McKeown, one thing that may prevent us from reaching the next level (whatever that may be) is “success”.

A somewhat mind-boggling statement as we are used to thinking that once we are “successful” then we have it covered. Now having heard him speak to his inquiry and findings, his statement makes perfect sense. As the word “successful” is riddled with assumptions and connotations, I’m looking at it through a broader lens. I hold it to mean “a frame of mind where we feel content and in balance”.

Below is an inspiring short video (5 min) that speaks to staying successful through providing space for reflection, to help us discern what carries the most meaning in our lives, personally as well as professionally.

Allowing Greg’s message to bridge to what Sourcing the Way offers, language courtesy Jeff Vander Clute, we resonate strongly with following a path of:

  • Discerning the essence
  • Opening space regularly to stay in the flow
  • Developing the capacity to say no (gracefully, respectfully) to the inessential

Yes! More of this, please.

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