“Being Learning” – Introduction to Living Realization

Transitioning into a new way of thinking and being is a process. As Jeff Vander Clute and I were introduced to Sourcing the Way (STW) back in 2013 it became apparent that STW has a consciousness of its own and that it is not just Jeff and I that are supporting its evolution, it’s the three of us together!

In a recent blog post, Organizational Realization: A new way of leadership, I made reference to the experience that all organizations have a consciousness of its own and when there is correlation between the human consciousness and the consciousness of the organization a deep coherence and resonance arises. Something we continue to experience in our work with STW. And it is important to note that we didn’t create STW, it showed itself to us, and it continues to do so.

Almost immediately after Jeff and I had committed to working together in a more focused way, we started to become aware of STW’s presence. Early on it became clear that strategic planning the “customary” way wasn’t on the agenda. I was perplexed as I knew no other way. Especially not in business. (STW is a business after all.) How would we survive in the business world if we didn’t follow the “tried and tested” model?

As we moved forward our sense of what was on the agenda deepened:
Listen deeply for what STW wants, its true purpose, and then do your very best to follow its lead.

And as I’m writing this I’m having the realization that, by allowing STW to thrive and become what it is meant to be I am continuing the process of integrating my beliefs and true calling into all areas of my life.

You may ask yourself what on earth I am talking about?

Back in 2010 a dear friend, collaborator, and mentor, Anne Stadler, shared with me that for my experience to be whole I needed to integrate my personal practices into my professional life. My mind started spinning. Wow! I couldn’t, could I? The year prior I had committed to follow inner guidance in my decision-making process and as soon as Anne had finished her sentence I felt the truth of what she said. My comfort zone was forced to stretch in a colourful array of ways. There was no way around it, it was time to allow the two to integrate.

Fast forward my working life has been uplifted by my efforts. And when STW came along and introduced itself in 2013, I knew that this would begin a new chapter for all of us in terms of our work in the world. One of the beautiful things about following resonance and practicing contemplating where there is most aliveness, is that the most aligned path forward presents itself as and when it is needed.

One aspect of what STW is here to do is to “being learning” and to live the realization of up-leveling how we engage and interact in business.

This means that we are to share what we learn as we learn it, to make it a collective experience.

One channel for sharing our experiences is this blog. We are honored to share insights and learning from everyday situations while we support STW in its evolution to stay aligned with its true purpose.

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