Emanation: Leading from Source

Sally Fox of Engaging Presence recently asked whether the word “leadership” is dead, and whether there might be another word for leadership. When I ask intuitively whether leadership wants to be referred to in a new way, I get a yes. And when I ask what such a word might be, what comes almost immediately is emanation, one definition of which is “the action or process of issuing from a source.”

Aha! Emanation is leading from Source. Emanation includes authentic leadership because we access Source through what is deepest and truest within. It’s servant leadership because the source of all is in service to all. It’s enlightened leadership because what’s emanating is primordial light, so to speak, passing with minimal distortion through self structures that have become transparent; and so emanation is also transparent leadership.

Emanation is creative because the source of life is creative (and also destructive when appropriate). Emanation invites collaborative and co-creative leadership since the slight distortions of the individual self structures are collectively Self-correcting, resolved at a higher order by the acuity of the combined receiver (similar to the Very Large Array radio telescope).

When emanating, we are “beaming the change.” However, it must be noted that as pure emanation arises spontaneously in response to the needs of a situation… the real leader can be difficult to find!

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