A Co-founder’s Story: Maria Baeck, Swedish Expatriate Living in London

I have always been curious and adventurous, in both mind and soul. Maybe not bungee-jumping-off-bridges adventurous, but I’ve always been open to what comes my way.

My deep desire for wholeness and listening at every level has had me explore and learn about compassion, non-judgment, forgiveness, and non-duality. My belief in something vaster than “me” has led me to explore realms such as mindfulness, energy healing, intuitive communication, and paths of consciousness transformation.

AMB GArden of the Gods 20140509
Garden of the Gods, CO, May 2014

I started my professional career in 1986 in finance and administration, straight after graduation. In the 25+ years since, I have served in the areas of sales, marketing, inventory planning, and cross-national system planning and upgrades. My path has blessed me with living in three different countries and working on three continents. These experiences have brought rich learning about subtle communication, as language and culture add nuanced layers to thoughts and speech. Since 2010, I have been integrating my work in the electronics industry and background in business operations with my capacities for deep reflective listening and resonance-based facilitation. I am channeling my gifts through coaching and transformational conversations.

As an intuitive communicator, field alchemist, and awareness coach, I specialize in deep listening and resonance-based facilitation that illuminates key insights, brings clarity, and sparks holistic transformation. My passion is supporting clients through deep transformation by “making the invisible visible”.


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