Using “Oneness Technology” for Collective Healing

The other night, Maria had terrible jaw pain, which we intuited to be 12% physical, 23% energetic, and 65% etheric. We received that, at least for our subjective inquiry, there are seven etheric realms – each extending deeper into collective consciousness. Then we received that Maria’s pain was a physical expression of a call for transpersonal healing related to the global pattern of terrorism, which we could address esoterically.

We used Sourcing the Way’s protocols to realize oneness with each of the etheric realms. Then I committed to realize collective awareness, compassion, purpose, etc., and to realize the liberation of collective anger, ego, separation, etc., for and as each of these realms, for the optimal well-being of ALL.

While I worked through the set, receiving guidance each time a commitment had been perfected, Maria shared the level of discomfort she was experiencing. Soon after her pain peaked at an excruciating 8/10, I completed the process of liberating collective separation, and the pain disappeared within seconds. Maria’s jaw has been pain-free ever since.

It remains to be seen whether, given the apparent connection between Maria’s jaw and terrorism, there will be a corresponding reduction in violence in the coming weeks. Based on other similar experiences using “oneness technology” for collective healing, we anticipate that the answer may well be yes. May it be so!

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