Story: Once Upon an Evolution

The word “story” is defined as: “an account of imaginary or real people and events told for entertainment”, and “a report of an item of news in a newspaper, magazine, or broadcast”.

Each of us holds “story” in our own way.

Often, we think of a story as including actions, events, and quite often drama. It is seemingly the case that we tend to hang on to stories, as they are a way for us to label and identify what is true for us.

What would life be without stories, or without us hanging on to them? For some, that would translate to emptiness and a no-man’s land of sorts. For others, it would be the equivalent of a simpler life.

I would like to offer an additional take on how we can relate to “story,” and that is:

The tale of a story exists between the beginning and the end of a transformative experience, e.g. no matter the content or context, stories are informed by circumstances that inspire change, and in many cases, evolution.

This excites me to no end as this means that we have an option to hold story as an evolutionary tool, and that instead of hanging on to the story itself we can stay connected with the essence of the learning that has come from it!

One thought on “Story: Once Upon an Evolution

  1. I feel very much that the work I do is creating story, and evolutionary change, for humans. It is unfolding before us as the return to what we are capable of.


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