You Are Your Tribe

I’ve had the urge for a while to write about what it is like doing what we do, and to share part of the story from an experiential perspective. To do this I’ll be speaking to everyday stuff with everyday-speak, adding a sprinkle of esoterics.

As with all start-ups or entrepreneurial initiatives, coming to understand who your peeps really are and what you really bring takes time, not to mention figuring out what the value is.

Jeff and I had a pretty good sense of what we bring when we set out in 2013, but it wasn’t until we started practicing properly that we really got to know where the gems are. We are currently in year three, and we have learned so much about who we are, how we can serve, what capacities are our forte, how we mix as a team, and who our tribe is.

“The distance you can lead other people is the distance you have traveled yourself.”
    –Laroques des Alberes

So, what do I mean by ‘tribe’? Well, for me, I’m referring to a group of people who are genuinely interested in who you are, and, in our case, who share (important!) a similar desire for growth and evolution. The funny thing about understanding who one’s peeps are, is that along the way you come to see that your tribe basically has the same underlying needs that you do (or did), and thanks to your experiences and lessons in life, and how you handled them, you are perfectly positioned to help your tribe (or audience) solve their problem.

This notion showed up in a different way in my own life earlier today during an appointment with a beauty practitioner. I had never been to this particular salon before, and so this visit was to check them out and see if I liked the ambience and the service – basically, in marketing-speak – would I perceive that the value I got met my expectations.

What I found interesting is that the practitioner and I connected beyond the treatment that was performed. In our conversation I had mentioned that I sense into and listen to a situation on multiple levels. That includes not just evaluating a situation or a place by the conversation that is had or the treatment that is being performed. I equally place emphasis on checking out the care with which someone is sharing their gifts, and by ‘care’ I mean are they fully present in what they are doing or are they focusing more on the ‘doing’ than the ‘being’.

The way this practitioner spoke about her craft, her approach, and how she responded to my questions left me with a strong sense of trust. I complimented her on how present I felt that she was in what she was doing. She mentioned how important it is to remember that it is a person behind client so-and-so, not just a name or a treatment. And I felt the truth in that for me as well, remembering that she is a person and not ‘just’ a beauty practitioner. In other words, when remembering someone as a person, we meet them on multiple levels, some may even say ‘fully’. On an experiential plane this would translate to having the feeling of being seen (or heard).

The salon I have been to in the past is a well-established place and they offer good treatments. What I recognized today, as I contemplated today’s experience, was that more of my palette was fulfilled at this new salon. When I take my contemplative mind a bit further I could see that the same things I value when I engage as a client are the things that we have as part of the core in Sourcing the Way. For us it is important:

  • To connect beyond the service we are offering
  • To place emphasis on the care with which we are sharing our gifts, i.e. that we are fully present
  • That our actions imbue a sense of trust
  • To meet the client on multiple levels, i.e. fully, and to make them feel seen and heard
  • To engage our client’s whole being (fulfilling as many parts as possible)

As I continued to ponder today’s adventure, I noticed that the Universe has once again provided an example in real life that grounds learning and insights through experience. I am very grateful for these opportunities as they provide a deeper understanding of the inherent brilliance of the web of life.

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