Discover the Freedom of Sourcing!

The name Sourcing The Way begs the question of what we mean by ‘sourcing’. For us, Sourcing is both a way of living our most authentic path of liberation and freedom as well as an extremely practical tool that can empower all of our day-to-day decisions.

A Way of Life

Sourcing is a way of life. By using our innate ability to feel into possibilities, we activate potential for reaching beyond what we currently know. Sourcing guides decision-making and illuminates the path of greatest ease and joy. This way of living enables us to make choices that carry the most aliveness and provides a flow that exceeds anything we could have thought into being.

Sourcing can take many forms. For example, it may involve feeling energy move in our bodies or receiving information from the Field in thought form. In all cases, this ability adds a layer to our experiences that stretches beyond the physical realm. Sourcing expands past the five human senses and involves listening deeply beneath words and behaviors.

A Transformational Process

Sourcing is a process of opening our minds and hearts to receive helpful information from the deepest possible place within ourselves, which is the source of our being. As we open in this manner, we discover that there is a wealth of practical guidance available to us that doesn’t seem to come from our own thinking.

At first, this may take the form of subtle nudges to go in one direction or another, in the context of daily life. With practice, the information becomes much richer, encompassing words, imagery, sounds, and even epiphanies. These “transmissions” will arrive in whatever forms we are able to receive; and as we become more and more open, we find that we are able to download, instantaneously, bigger and bigger transmissions.

Sourcing is also bidirectional in that we can have a conversation with the source of our being. The result of doing so often enough is to become absorbed in our own source while still experiencing the world around us. This leads to progressively more awakened states of Self-realization. Therefore, a major benefit of Sourcing is spiritual advancement.

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