The Business of Beyond: Setting the Stage

Lately, I have been given the opportunity to ponder what set me on to the path that I am on, and what it was that got me started. Curiously, what I notice is that one was a life event and the other was a life decision, or life choice if you will.

The life event I’m referring to is my grandmother’s passing in 2003. I wasn’t aware at the time that something had kicked off. Mostly there were life situations and things happening that propelled me forward, not much of what I would today refer to as “conscious decision making”. I didn’t see any connections between events, and the thought that it would be possible to them to string together, taking me in a certain direction, never crossed my mind. The events were easy to respond to in that they showed up with enough space in between them to help me see and understand that there was a next step there for me, i.e. it was time for a change.

The life decision that got me on to the path that I am on, happened in 2005. Or should I say – that consciously got me on to the path I am on… I had recently moved back to the UK. I was still in the same job as I had been in Sweden, the only difference being I now worked remotely. I continued to live life the way I had in Sweden, just in a different country. I had felt nudged to move back to the UK for no particular reason other than that I missed it. Or so I thought…

Looking back, once I had moved into my new place in St Albans, Hertfordshire, I was presented with one situation after the other, each speaking to their value as pieces in a puzzle.

Here is a snippet – relating to this time – from one of the About pages on my website:

Already three weeks after I had moved into my new place I came across a shop called Isis Crystals. I walked past it a number of times, and each time I felt drawn to go in, however, my mind was telling me that it was woo-woo. After a while I mustered  the courage to go in. They had just printed their new booklet for upcoming talks and courses. I took the booklet home with me and flicked through it. To my surprise I found around 20 different activities or talks that sounded intriguing and interesting. Already the next day there would be a talk by a well-known local medium in which she would talk about her work. I decided to register and take the plunge.

The evening with the medium turned out differently than what was described on the box. She spoke about things in my life that she could not know, which of course sparked my curiosity. I continued to go to these “taster talks” to expand my perspective into areas where I had had no visibility as of yet.

People and circumstances continued to show up. I came across another local medium who accepted to do a 10-week introduction with me into “all things spiritual”. I was introduced to tarot cards, angels, crystals, numerology, psychometry, channeling, ET’s…, etc. It was a fascinating 10 weeks, I can tell you.

Now, the life decision that has made all the difference came about when I was pondering everything I had been exposed to in the short time I had attended these “taster talks”. I decided to consciously believe that it was possible, that it was possible that there is more to this world than what we can see, hear, and touch. I had experienced plenty of “mysterious” things during this time and it had become difficult to rule them out as impossible or make-believes. Having made this decision, the worst that could happen was that nothing would actually happen, or that nothing would change. As it turns out, I wouldn’t have to worry about nothing happening or changing…

Granted, it is impossible for me to say for sure what life would have been like had I not made the decision to believe, and I will never know. What I do know is that my life has opened up in a way that I could not have imagined. I have learned so much about myself, about other people, about my own gifts and abilities – be they spiritual in nature or just plain good old practical life skills.

This, of course, takes me to the question of “Why the title ‘The Business of Beyond’?”. Well, the decision to believe took me beyond what I currently knew, and over time, as a result, it strengthened my belief in myself. It has lead me to continue to lean into areas which are outside of my comfort zone. As a response to my trust in the unknown, my world has continued to unfold in exciting ways.

This doesn’t mean that everyone should make the same decisions I did. Absolutely not! “The Business of Beyond” is simply suggesting that when things show up that are outside of our comfort zone, we are given the opportunity to make conscious decisions as to whether they are of value or not. Instead of using a knee-jerk reaction based on limited knowledge and experience. Actually, the fact that we notice them showing up is telling us that we are ready to expand our views. Stretching beyond, life, then, has the potential to become so much richer, and we get to ride the wave of evolution – our own as well as everyone else’s!

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