Clarifying the Nature of Transcendence

For years, I have sensed that there are distinctive qualities to the apparent levels of transcendence (and also immanence) that, if clarified, would greatly accelerate the spiritual development of individuals and collectives.

What follows is the fruit of a multi-year inquiry. The initial words arrived while driving from Santa Fe, New Mexico to Boulder, Colorado in August 2016. The full text was subsequently sourced and refined over a period of three weeks while exploring the high mountains and valleys of Colorado.

Reaching as they do into the Ultimate NATURE of ALIVENESS, these words are themselves a livingness, and are evolving.


In the book Mother of the Buddhas: Meditations on the Prajnaparamita Sutra, by Lex Hixon, we find the following gem:

“Pure presence is transcending, ever transcending, transcending transcendence, transcending even the transcendence. It is total awakeness. It is suchness.”

Clarifying the nature of these successive transcendences illuminates a direct path of radical transformation.

Fragmenting fragmenting transcends… the unsatisfactoriness of identification as beings bound to limited appearances.

Transcending transcending reconciles… being and the Ultimate Ground.

Reconciling reconciling unifies… all conceptualizations of Unitary Awareness (Self) of the enlightened Ground.

Unifying unifying clarifies… the essential energy of conceptualization, which is: facilitating conscious experience of the Ground of Being through sentience.

Clarifying clarifying exceeds… the boundaries of prior relative knowing based upon accumulation of instinct and memory.

Exceeding exceeding grounds or roots for a time duration… the absolutely unlimited in the apparently bounded.

Grounding grounding empties… all experiences of limitation into the space of actually knowing the Ground of Awareness.

Emptying emptying stills… the impulse to experience the space of the Self through reflecting forms of external and internal nature.

Stilling stilling silences… the Self-process of witnessing the contents of basic nonconceptual conscious awareness.

In the Silence, Isness blossoms, revealing itself without effort.

Not energized by thoughts of separation, the display of forms and emptiness is spontaneously and ceaselessly co-arising.

And when the blossoming of Isness is complete, exhausted of both impulse and expression, the One goes beyond.

Beyond Isness is the Beauty Awareness.

Beyond Beyond Isness is the emptiness of Emanating Awareness.

Beyond Beyond Beyond Isness is TRUTH exulting in Itself.


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