The Expanded Landscape, 5 Phases of Awakening – Part #2

If you haven’t yet read Part #1 where I cover the 1st and the 2nd Phase of Awakening, you can do that here.

Early on, I “knew” that my 3D mind was limited in its ability to understand the width and depth of opportunities that may lie ahead. Even with lots of experience and knowledge there would still be an incredible number of possibilities that I would not be able to name, or even suggest, as they expanded beyond my sphere of awareness.

I had a sense that by fixating on a desired outcome I would limit what was possible. It felt more natural to invite ALL possibilities to play and allow my inner guidance system to take me by the hand and guide me forward.

I’d always had a sense that I had access to a “channel of information” or “flow” that was experienced beyond the physical body and mind, but it was so elusive that I couldn’t put my finger on it. It was just there. In conversation with friends in my teens and early twenties, I was able to offer suggestions to perceived dilemmas without necessarily having had the lived experience. That said, I didn’t have any language to access this kind of knowing back then. It’s just in hindsight that I’ve been able to recognise what was going on.

When I first experienced the sensation of resonance in my body, I felt it as a tingling sensation on my upper arms. It felt like a gentle squeeze, as if someone was standing behind me placing their hands gently on my upper arms applying slight pressure. The Squeeze proved to be a helpful way to gauge what direction to take in everyday situations, and in 2009 I made a commitment to follow my inner guidance system and my “gut-feel” for all my decision-making. It was both exhilarating and a bit daunting, as sometimes the Squeeze and my gut suggested next steps that took me beyond my comfort zone.

My first ever experience of gut-feel happened a lot earlier though – in 1994, while I was in the process of considering an opportunity to move to Germany for work. This was waaay before I was even slightly aware that there was such a thing as “gut-feel” and waaay before I had started to become aware of my spiritual curiosity.

Since then, I’ve learned that we have access to different layers of information depending on which level we engage at. Reaching the level of depth that touches someone’s soul is profound. I can tell when it happens as I feel it in my body, and I notice their energy change. It’s almost like a switch is turned on and something clicks into place. The client, however, may or may not be able to put words to their experience.

Today, we’ll continue our journey along the path of the 5 Phases of Awakening, the phases that Jeff and I outlined in November 2018. As I’ve mentioned before, this is just one model, one perspective, and its purpose is to be a guide for fellow travelers.

First a short recap of the 1st and 2nd phase that I introduced in part #1:

In the 1st phase, Awakening Curiosity, we’re Sleepers. We operate in the paradigm of looking for answers externally. Our participation is of a passive nature. Towards the end of this phase is when we begin to connect with the potential of that which we cannot see, hear, touch, and feel with our five senses. In the 2nd phase, Awakening Experience, we’re Seekers. We’re looking for answers externally but now there is an energy of imagination and experimentation present, and our participation is exploratory. Our seeker-self has woken up from its slumber and we’ve moved from passive to active as we know there is more.

The landscapes for the 3rd, 4th, and 5th phases are engaging with and mastering discipline (a way of life), receptivity (we are conduits), and presence (seamless living).

I’ll open each phase with a short introduction, then share some reflections and experiences from my own life to help illustrate what the experience can be like.

With these three phases come dedication and actualisation. Please note that shifting phase doesn’t mean that we shed what existed before. Instead, we integrate and learn, and our awareness expands further.

Phase #3: Awakening Insight

In the 3rd phase, Awakening Insight, we’re still looking for answers externally; however, this is the phase where we start to move from Seeker to Finder. We start to have more awareness of an active inner life. We become dedicated and disciplined in broadening our practices, our experience, and our learning. Whereas the previous phases were about unconscious activity sparking into curiosity and experimentation, this third phase brings a calm awareness and a desire to integrate all aspects of ourselves. Our perspective is shifting from duality, in which we think of the world as separate from ourselves, to post-duality, where we understand conceptually that we are One.

I’ve been cultivating my intuition and gut-feel since 2005, the year I moved back to the UK. During this phase I integrated practices of listening to my intuition and deeper wisdom into all areas of my life. I use these practices in my decision-making process to find clarity, to understand which direction is resonant, and to identify next steps. It’s been, and continues to be, a deeply profound and rewarding journey, and for me it’s a way of life.

In the early stages of this phase (2008), I focused a lot on forgiveness, I did the year-long course “A Course in Miracles”, and it felt natural to explore stream-of-consciousness writing. This phase explored using intuition and resonance to sense into things. The discovery included opening to the deeper wisdom that’s available in the field, focusing on connecting with the field and understanding what information is available to us if we just step beyond the conscious mind. I spent a lot of time refining the way I perceive resonance. As an example, I shifted from using a pendulum for answers to questions, to learning to feel pendulum movements in my body, which eliminated the need for a physical pendulum and meant that I could use this technique everywhere without anyone being distracted by my methods of discernment.

Phase #4: Awakening Realisation

The 4th phase, Awakening Realisation, is where we have shifted to finding answers internally. Our participation is lived – we recognize that we are the creator of our life and experiences – and it’s very much about having our realisations in everyday life. The intention and focus is on recognising and releasing patterns that we allow to run our lives. Practices revolve around “sourcing”, which is to say asking for, and listening for, knowledge and wisdom from Source, or what some might call Universe, Cosmos, the Field, or Creator. Our awareness extends beyond the ego, and we’re realising wholeness. The purpose here is about receptivity and receiving messages from deeper wisdom. Our awareness is active, there’s expansion, and we have taken a definitive step into post-duality. We recognise that we are Source. However, we’re still perceiving others to be separate, and when we do there is the invitation to continue practicing.

In 2013, I co-founded Sourcing The Way with my friend Jeff, whom I got to know back in 2007 (while in the 2nd phase). I remember us having a conversation on Whidbey Island outside of Seattle in the summer of 2013 in which we both recognised that it was time to step up, to say Yes to the Field! Sourcing The Way was born.

Jeff’s and my complementary practices and ways of accessing the field made us a powerful team. Our focus in the early days was helping our clients find clarity and direction using Resonance Mapping™, a method for finding what has the most aliveness (resonance) in a decision-making process. Working with resonance and intuition requires that your vessel, i.e. your body and your senses, is unclouded and uncluttered by personal preferences or limiting beliefs as this will skew any information and resonances that come through. The learning curve in this phase was steep as the constant refinement and tuning of my ability required some serious soul-digging and having the courage not just to step beyond my comfort zone but to leap beyond it. It meant showing up as a clean slate for every client.

We spend a lot of our time focusing on “doing”, taking action. The focus in this phase was on recognising and releasing patterns from this stance. Specifically, life challenged me to believe in my own ability and demonstrate that. Although it was a profoundly testing time for me, I came out the other end having a deeply rooted belief in myself and my abilities.

And now, last but not least, the 5th phase.

Phase #5: Awakening Mastery

In the 5th phase, Awakening Mastery, we’re primarily receiving answers directly, neither mediated by the outside world nor filtered by the inner landscape of our beliefs and concepts. Our participation is becoming unified – one might say that the outside-in and inside-out approaches are becoming one. We shift from an emphasis on living our values to knowing Truth directly. The experiences of daily life, both positive and negative, then serve to show us where there’s still work to do. For instance, if we have missed something on the “inside”, or not checked with our deepest wisdom, then that will have a tendency to show up quickly in our experience on the “outside”. A guiding principle is that of “light touch”, whereby being and doing are unified in the awareness that “being is doing with a light touch”. Our awareness is becoming more and more profound, and our perspective is that of Unity. We no longer hold ourselves separate from the One, from Source. We relax into nonseparation and come to experience it directly.

In a sense this is where the rubber really hits the road, this is where we’re really showing up – where we’re invited to come into our own. I seem to have entered this phase in the first half of 2017. A few months earlier, I had felt a strong need to get clear on what was mine to do in this world. I’d had a few years of great collaboration with Jeff, and, truth be told, I had stuck to old patterns of being the supporting person (catering to others’ needs more than my own), meaning I hadn’t spent nearly enough time listening for what wanted to come through me. Another deep pattern to recognise and release!

So, I took a time-out and gave myself the space to listen deeply for my own brilliance. What I have discovered since then is pretty incredible, and it continues to expand and grow (the 5 Phases of Awakening is part of this uncovering). Have I been challenged by this added clarity? Has it pushed me beyond my comfort zone? Has it pushed buttons? Yes. Without a doubt. Has it helped me become stronger, more confident, and more connected to my own purpose? Yes, it has.

Towards the end of 2017, I embarked on a one-year training in becoming a certified Spiritual Practitioner. Over the course of the past year and a bit I’ve dug deep, and I’ve challenged my beliefs and my understanding in mind-boggling ways as this training invites us to own and operate as highly evolved beings. I hold and practice the conscious awareness that working on me is working on the collective, and working on others is working on me. There is no fundamental difference. And, last but not least, the awareness that each individual is healed, whole, and magnificent.

Bringing it all together, this phase is about practicing one’s Truth. In my case this is: Spiritual Freedom, Vibrational Fitness, and Joy in Action. Given the time that I’ve spent in the other phases – and being the ongoing journey and exploration that this is – I’m guessing that I’ve got another 2-3 years in this phase before I start shifting to the next: Phase 6: Mastery.

Thank you for joining me here today! I hope to meet you again soon.

This blog post has been recorded and can be listened to here.

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