Cancer as an ally

Cancer knocked at my door and I let it in and said, “Welcome. What are you here to teach me?” 

It said, “How to heal the collective of fear and how to return to balance within the web of life.” 

Some of you might already be questioning my sanity, but bear with me as I explain. First, I am an empath and so I feel a lot of what is in the collective more strongly than others. I believe I am also able to help process some of what others are unable to and to lighten the field. 

What’s happening in my body seems to be a metaphor for what is happening in the world. I’m told I have a lot of “angry, inflamed tissue in my cervix.” No surprise, given what women of the world are carrying, as their bodies are legislated to serve the paradigm of patriarchy.

There is also an amplified field of hate, fear and wanting to destroy anything that threatens our world view or perceived security. There is a numbed disconnection from the source of our sustenance, the Earth, resulting in an unconscious destructive relationship. All of this could be seen as a cancer—a cancer with the potential to wake us up. As I perceive it, cancer’s message to me is this: “If your focus is on destroying me you have only killed the messenger. The choice is yours.”  

When I went for my initial test results I was told the findings were alarming and that I was being referred to a gynonc (gynecologist oncologist) immediately so that measures could be taken to stop it. I asked, “Would that mean cutting everything out and having chemo?” The answer was yes.  

I didn’t schedule the appointment because I knew that I wouldn’t opt for the cut-and-poison approach. It seemed a waste of the specialist’s time to make the appointment only to decline what he had to offer. You might be thinking, “but then you would know for sure if it was cancer.” True enough. It would have given me an official badge to wear, but my actions from here forward will be the same, regardless of what label I am filing them under. Rather than viewing cancer as the enemy, I know it is my ally and the task is to focus on what is working and what can support my body internally to strengthen it so that what is acting out for attention can also be made whole and reintegrated at a higher level. It is also an opportunity to become more aware of how to restore the systems of the Earth because what we do to the Earth shows up in our bodies. Again, a parallel with what is happening in the world.  

There is still a possibility that I will exit this form in the process. If that is the case, I would simply say my work is done. I believe I have an agreement with source and somehow this is part of it. I am not afraid of what people call death. I actually don’t believe in death—letting go of form, yes, but spirit is eternal. Oddly, I feel an excited curiosity about what stage the next scene of my story will play out on and I feel very expanded with it. What I do know is that exiting wouldn’t mean I failed. It would mean I just cleared a whole lot of fear about life and death out of the collective field on my way out and I would be satisfied with that. 

Let me close this with a wild idea. We are so conditioned to think in a certain way that to suggest something different is viewed as insane. But what if what we call cancer is simply the dissolving of our old bodies and associated programming, just like what happens to the caterpillar body before the imaginal cells kick in to build a whole new body? And what if by cutting out the “diseased parts” and poisoning what remains we are stopping the process of final emergence into the butterfly? I am holding the vision of my imaginal cells building my new “light body” and I am going to nourish it with every loving thought and high vibrational offering I can get my hands on.   

Please join me in my celebration of this moment and this unexpected opportunity.  

Dawn Griffin is a new contributor to The Enlightenment Zone. The image of the angel was created by Comfreak (Jonny Lindner) and provided via

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