Synchronicity and the importance of community

After writing my post about cancer as an ally, I happened upon Rich Roll’s podcast of his conversation with Dr. Zach Bush. I have a strong resonance and appreciation for Dr. Bush, so I listened to the whole talk. (It’s long, but I’m always eager to dive in deeper.) His comments about cancer are what I’ll summarize here, and offer some thoughts of my own.

When I got my degree in environmental policy and planning over twenty years ago, my thesis was based on the premise that ALL of the issues we face today stem from forgetting what it means to be in relationship on every level. That includes relationship to one’s higher self, to God or Source, to the intelligence of one’s body, to the Earth, with each other one-on-one and in the larger community.

All of what I’ll share now from the podcast with Dr. Bush echoes that as well. While the problems feel overwhelming, the solutions are so within our reach. And, while opening ourselves to love and each other may feel more challenging than navigating the increasing intensity of the rapids, such opening is the life preserver we have to grab hold of.

Here’s my summary of what Dr. Bush shared about cancer:

In our clinic we never talk about cancer with the people who come to us for that. Cancer is not the problem. Cancer is ultimately the downstream symptom of disconnection from themselves. The psychic trauma that’s been held in their bodies from not being themselves has created a massive disconnect at the physiology level and there is profound loneliness down at the cellular level to create a cancer cell.

A cancer cell has been sliced off from all communication and, once it has been sliced off from the greater organism, there is one thing it hasn’t lost, which is a drive for life. So, it’s very fascinating that at the cell level one cell, independent of everything, still has a drive for life and it’s going to try to make something bigger than itself and so it becomes poorly differentiated, meaning that it doesn’t make skin, or whatever else it would normally make, instead it makes a tumor and it starts to proliferate, because it can’t repair itself.

The hallmark of a cancer cell is a lonely cell that can’t repair itself and so its only choice in its highest state of damage is to proliferate.

Rich Roll then commented, “The malignancy is triggered by the disconnection from the community and the network.”

As a spiritual seeker and eternal optimist, I have an inner experience that is very rich and truly peaceful. Yet, if I’m being completely vulnerable and transparent, I can say I cultivate that inner space because I also feel unseen and alone in a world I feel quite different from.

I invite all who are interested to join me in exposing “the truth and nothing but the truth” so that we can leap to the next level of our potential as an integrated part of a whole, loving universe.

Let’s continue the conversation!

Photo by Mario Purisic on Unsplash

4 thoughts on “Synchronicity and the importance of community

  1. Hi Dawn!
    I feel honored to have had opportunity to read your beautifully articulated blog about your relationship with the voice of cancer. And this evening, a connection with Zack Bush…a beautiful human being whom I have followed for a few years.
    After reading your original blog, I was clear about information I was carrying to share with you. Rather than leaving it in script, it feels like it would prefer to be shared…perhaps by phone?
    I look forward to hearing from you and listening into what the Universe has to share with and through us.
    Much love,
    Marilyn 😊🙏❤️


  2. Thank you, Marilyn!! It will be so lovely to reconnect. The next week is very full, but I will get in touch regarding some possible times.

    With abundant appreciation!


    1. Perfect. I look forward to hearing from you as timing leads to reconnecting.
      With love and gratitude,


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