Have you switched on what deeply motivates you?

Welcome to the latest wave of *Fika for Your Soul*!

…In the context of freedom, what role do values play?

I’ve been given the chance to reflect on this this week. Challenges and opportunities alike have had me tune into my values and energetically realign myself and find the recharge I was looking for.

Values are usually a way to organise our beliefs, to separate good from bad, and right from wrong. To make sense of what we consider moral and ethical.

…The more I explore and work with values, the more I see how powerful it is to have them be an active part of our lives and not just a list hanging on the wall somewhere.

I’ve come to see that my values are a sacred part of me.

This is actually the first time I’ve phrased it this way. As I do so, I feel a jolt in my stomach, which for me is a sure pointer to a deeper truth in the words. They’re worth repeating: My values are a sacred part of me.

What comes up for you when I suggest that our values are a sacred part of who we are?

Is there a feeling of recognition?
A lifted eyebrow?
Rolling eyes?
Or, swoosh, don’t get it?

…In my work with values I often ask, “Do your values inspire you?” (If they don’t, it may be time for a review and a refresh.) Do they bring you a sense of expansion and depth? Of coherence and wholeness? Do they nudge you to take action? To change, grow, and evolve?

Recently, while reflecting on the state of the world…as one does…I was reminded of why keeping our values alive and active in our lives is so important. But I was also reminded of the reason why I started working with values the way I do, in the first place.

One weekday morning a few years ago I woke up to the usual news. Drama, devastation, dreary predictions and projections. Something erupted in me, “The world is going mad! It’s utterly bonkers! The greed. The divisive push-pull in politics and business. The ego-manic self-interest. The demonisation. The dehumanisation. For f@*k’s sake! We’re all grown ups. Take responsibility for your actions, reactions, and projections! What happened to truth, to decency? To seeing and treating each other as human beings? To seeing that we all have equal value?

In my heart I felt disappointed, and that particular morning it felt like life had lost some of its magic.

That said, not long after my silent rant I felt an inner nudge to ‘go back to basics’…

…’Basics’ in the sense of it no longer being helpful to rely on the outside world for my bearings, for my comfort, direction, and stability. I had to find my own.

Fast forward to now.

The state of the world is still topsy turvy, but since I identified my soul’s values I no longer feel lost at sea with nothing to hold on to. I am connected to my ‘something bigger’. I can channel any overwhelm through my values and quickly find my bearings again. Part of the values process I created back then specifically identifies what I experience when I am aligned with my values (which makes it super easy to know when I’m not), and how I need to show up, who I need to be, to be true to those values. That understanding of my own inner compass helps me keep my values front and center when I consider situations and choices from the most personal to the most global.    

This awareness, knowledge, and clarity provide a deep sense of freedom, as I’m no longer swept up by the hurricanes of the world. And if I were to get swept up, thanks to being connected to my values I know I could quickly find my bearings, my equilibrium, and my flow once again.

…As we discover and switch on what deeply motivates us (our values), our energy changes. We find ourselves being empowered, more open, and more attractive because we’re coming from a deeper place. And coming from a deeper and inspired place affects our decision-making, our confidence, our creativity, and our ability to show up with integrity, compassion, and ease.

There are three core questions that I ask in relation to finding one’s soul’s or higher values. To give you an idea of what the answers can look like, I’ve added my own.

(1) What are my values, what’s the desired outcome (or purpose)?
Freedom, Light, Truth, Courage, Deep Joy, Magic, Coherence.

(2) What’s my experience when my values are present, when I’m aligned?
There’s Gnosis, Inspiration, Unconditional Love, Engagement, Excitement, Transparency, Flow.

(3) Who do I need to be, what’s my daily practice?
Being Present, Showing Courage, Listening Deeply, Being Open, Being Humble, Being Expanded, Staying Tuned to Inner Wisdom.

Combined, the answers provide touch points at three levels: mind, heart, and gut. Super easy access to staying centred, grounded, clear, and in flow. 🙂

If you know someone who could do with a chat about their values, feel free to share this post with them. Alternatively, they can reach me directly by scheduling a free call here.  

As always, I’ll close with a question. What might your answers to the three questions be? How would you answer them if you explored what deeply motivates you?

..from my soul to yours,


Maria teased out, through brilliant questioning…and lots of Swedish chill out reflective vibe/ listening, that my actual values are Exploration, Gnosis, Leadership, Vision, Freedom & Growth. I highly recommend Maria to draw out and reflect back your highest values. Knowing my values makes me fearless, attractive, and confident in every decision I take because I’ve tested it against my values set.” –Frea O’Brien, The Prosperity Map

*Fika for Your Soul* is about connecting with inspiration from everyday situations and conversations. It’s about discovery, reflection, leaning into, and stretching beyond…how we may see, understand, and express freedom, exploration, and leadership (among other things), all in the context of our daily lives.

Photo by James Wheeler from Pexels

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