Let your body choose your words

As a part of being mindful about what contributes to my well-being I have been noticing the impact of both the words I speak and those I think. I am choosing to veer away from common ways people speak about things like cancer when that creates stress in my body.

For example, I feel tension and a fight-or-flight response when I think of “battling cancer” or “fighting for my life.” What feels expansive and nourishing is to say I am investing in my health.

By trying words on and sensing the body’s reaction, I am also developing a deeper relationship with the conscious intelligence that animates me. It seems there is a greater truthfulness associated with the felt sense guiding me to choose on behalf of expansion and greater harmony.

I notice that my body also edits my words based on what it is ready to accept as possible. For example, if I say, “I am perfectly aligned for instantaneous healing,” I don’t feel the same deep peace as when I say; “I love the journey I am on with my body and how my awareness increases daily.”

Additionally, the words I speak have a similar impact on the collective field, in that they add to like perceptions or frequencies.

To take it even further, it will be fun to extend my noticing to changes in my “body language” with the different ways I language things. First and foremost, I care about the impact of my words on my experience, and I believe that creating congruence between body, mind, thoughts, and words brings greater peace to the world.

We are all energetic beings, some more sensitive to that than others. My hope is that honoring and developing that capacity will become the new norm.

Photo by Isco on Unsplash

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