Three keys to keeping any type of love alive

Welcome to the latest wave of *Fika for Your Soul*!

My theme for the past week and a bit has been LOVE. And although the topic is vast, this is probably one of the shortest waves yet. 🙂

This most recent exploration started when I brought the following question to one of my sessions with coach Alex: “What does love look like at this point in my life?”.

Being a somewhat biggish question…it felt like throwing myself in at the deep end. Plus, I had no idea where the question would take me.

For me, this question goes beyond romantic love. Although it started in the personal sphere, it’s just as relevant for personal and professional relationships as it is for my relationship with the world at large.

Knowing what I know about myself, my lifestyle, and my approach to life… How do I characterise LOVE? What does it mean to me? How do I know when it’s present? What’s important?

Being an ongoing exploration, there’s no definitive answer yet…

…but summarising the outcome of my coaching session (and taking it beyond just describing what love looks like), I have identified three things that I consider important to keeping any type of love alive:

  • Openness to see a different and wider perspective.
  • Laughing with someone and laughing at ourselves.
  • Willingness to expand beyond what we know.

I bring this list to you today because the world we live in is growing seemingly more bizarre every day. I think it’s safe to say that many of us find our jaws dropping almost daily in response to what we see happening in the world around us.

I read Brené Brown’s recent blogpost, “Doubling Down on Love” this morning. Lots of goodness, but one key takeaway: whether we feel fearful, angry, or frustrated with the world at large, approaching any action or reaction with an energy of love will power a constructive momentum. Brené ends her post: “We have to live love to give love.” Awesomely true.

My list of three keys to keeping love alive — openness to a wider perspective, a shared gift of laughter, and willingness to learn — opens a door to keeping an open mind, forgiveness, and compassion. I consider these three nuggets a way to show love to self, to those we come into contact with in our everyday lives, and to the world at large. They’re one way to keep the energy of love, any type of love, alive.

How do you feel about these three keys to keeping love alive? Is there something you would add?

..from my soul to yours,


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*Fika for Your Soul* is about connecting with inspiration from everyday situations and conversations. It’s about discovery, reflection, leaning into, and stretching beyond…how we may see, understand, and express freedom, exploration, and leadership (among other things), all in the context of our daily lives. Fika (pronounced ‘Feka’) is Swedish and means taking a [coffee/tea] break.

Image courtesy Pexels and Pixabay.

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