Ten steps to becoming the New Human

The New Human is the Divine Human

While visiting Geneva, Switzerland in the summer of 1996, I came across a new book by Luc Ferry titled L’homme-dieu ou le sens de la vie (Man-God or the Meaning of Life). It was a joy to read, in a language that I had fallen in love with, such lucid insights into how the apparent retreat from the divine in modern society can instead be understood as a process of discovering the sacredness in the human. The one and only line that I have remembered ever since states that we are now collectively living a double process in which the human is being divinized and the divine is being humanized. More than 20 years later, it has finally become clear to me that there are practical steps we can take to reorient our lives in order to engage consciously with the process of becoming the divine human, and thereby accelerate an unprecedented evolution of homo sapiens.

Step 1: Prepare to become the New Human

We recognize that a species-level transformation is underway, which we can choose to participate in consciously. This evolution is not primarily an evolution of human biology; rather it is an evolution of consciousness and perception, and numerous physical and spiritual adaptations will follow. When we make the deep decision and offer our full “Yes” to participate willingly and gratefully in this comprehensive transformation, the process is sure to go more smoothly for us and be rather more enjoyable than the alternative.

Step 2: Open to discover new capacities, and allow them to be expressed.

New abilities are awakened and revealed progressively as we move through this evolutionary process. For example, we might find that our intuition becomes more active, or we might discover a talent for energy healing. Abilities that we have developed previously may become more powerful. Many “superpowers” are actually quite ordinary for the New Human. It is important to accept and appreciate the gifts that awaken in us as completely natural ingredients of who we are.

Step 3: Develop intuitive capacities for knowing and discernment.

As our previously latent abilities become expressed, we need to develop and strengthen them through regular practice. In particular, it is essential to cultivate our intuitive capacities to “know the unknowable” (that which is beyond rational understanding) and to make wise decisions that take into account both our mental understandings and supra-rational knowing. This enables us to unite the head, heart, gut, and soul, and we become whole human beings in the process.

Step 4: Make peace a priority in every aspect of our life.

As we progress and become more whole, we access and live from more of ourselves. This includes using our new “powers” and acting from an integrated head-heart-gut-soul. Living this wholeness requires that we build peace with and within ourselves, first and foremost. This peacebuilding then extends naturally to making peace with others and with the world around us. We learn to recognize the often-subtle movements of “againstness” in our own minds, and make the choice to love the other.

Step 5: Open to the possibility of a deeper nature.

The New Human has profound roots that tap into the purest waters of our true nature, which is Divinity. As long as we assume that our being is limited to the ego or to the personal sense of self, we are accessing perhaps 2% of the vastness that we are. The antidote to this situation is to become curious about how much more there is to discover. Life delights in our curiosity and responds to questions such as “Who am I?” by showing us more of who and what we are. And there is always infinitely more to explore.

Step 6: Live from the heart of Life.

To live from the heart of Life is to live from our heart center while being connected and aligned with Mother Nature, the planet, other human beings, and indeed all beings and the cosmos itself. As we become more skilled at considering the well-being of all when making large and small decisions, we continue to deepen our roots and realize that, in fact, we are All. The truth of oneness becomes self-evident through our own lived experience. We become naturally more loving and over time the world showers upon us the very love that we co-create.

Step 7: Practice functioning beyond ego.

Even though our realization of oneness may be far from perfect, we find that we are increasingly able to operate through an expanded sense of self in ways that benefit the whole of Life. “Navigating the Death and Transfiguration of the Ego” offers a description of the stages and indications of where we may be in the process of shifting from fear-based patterns of behavior to post-egoic, supercreative, and ultimately enlightened consciousness. This new way of being takes practice and time to become established; but since it is where we are going as a species, our success is assured.

Step 8: Harmonize with Nature.

The way is clear for us to live in a manner that does no harm, that creates and co-creates beauty, and that compassionately addresses the challenges and realities of a world that is waking up from a long slumber of forgetfulness. We are not alone in this endeavor. A new species is being birthed, and we have the full support of Life. A primary way to amplify and spread the new, more enlightened state of being is to harmonize actively with Nature. Where can we add beauty? Where can we bring healing? How may we be of service to Mother Earth? The New Human delights in serving the true and the good, of which Nature is the perfect manifestation.

“I slept and dreamt that life was joy. I awoke and saw that life was service. I acted and behold, service was joy.”
—Rabindranath Tagore

Step 9: Know and experience ourselves as infinite beings.

We are infinite beings. This is the truth that we are remembering, and the experience of being finite and separated from God, from Life, and from one another is the dream that we are now waking up from. We are invited to hold firm in our knowing that, despite all appearances to the contrary, we are inseparable from the Infinite. As we hold this true conviction, and live in wholeness, our experience confirms what has always been the case. At this point it is especially important to pay attention to the small signs of the New Human, for the energy of our noticing feeds the process of manifesting our divine nature.

Step 10: Be aware of and practice divine creatorship.

The more we come to know who and what we are in truth, the more we discover that we have the power to create a world that works for all. Indeed, this becomes our primary responsibility on this Earth walk. We take care of one another and the whole of Life with a generosity of spirit, and we continue the journey of awakening through supporting others – without needing to convince or convert them – in remembering who they are as well. As enlightened activity spreads, the ills of society, which seemed insurmountable before, are addressed more quickly than we imagined possible. The new species is aware of its divinity. We are supercreative. We can and will heal and regenerate the planet. The New Human has arrived.

Photo by Aydın Kiraz from Pexels

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