The other day, I half-jokingly posted on Facebook that I had searched Google to see if there’s a place named Aweville and, finding none, was inviting others to create a new town by that name with me.

I actually got a few responses, including one from someone who said he has the land to create it. While I am clear about what Aweville would look and feel like, I didn’t pursue the possibility. I was thinking to myself that it had only been a whimsical post connected to childlike imaginings. But was it? And how else do dreams take shape if not by starting with such things as stargazing and thinking, “What if?”

To that end, I’m going to draw back the curtain on the field of imagination to describe my version of Aweville, in the hope that others will add their own versions of a place that would inspire daily reverence and awe. It’s time to activate these possibilities as we awaken to the newness of our evolving consciousness.

Here are the key elements of my Aweville:

  1. Healthy, multi-generational interdependence with cross-generational tutoring for life-long learning.
  2. Energy efficient, eco-material housing that is sufficient to live comfortably without the need for excess accumulation.
  3. Community gardens both for food and beauty.
  4. Highly creative, playful population.
  5. Access to larger nature and/or designed with an abundance of natural features, such as parks, solar-sewage walls (greenhouses) for processing waste, aquaculture, atriums, “charging stations” for sun-gazing and Earthing, building designs that blend with and mirror the landscape, multi-use paths.
  6. Beautification through murals, artisan walkways, benches, sculpture, music, theater.
  7. Free energy that doesn’t require grid systems like high-tension power lines.
  8. Mixed-use offerings, such as what would typically be found in small Old World villages.
  9. A plaza where people could gather to socialize and celebrate at no cost. It could even be partially covered for weather.
  10. An attunement with one another that allows for transparency and telepathy because there is safety in being authentic. Along with that, an ability to self-correct when a conflict occurs, through compassion and reminding each other of who we really are.
  11. Lots of laughter and healthy hugs.
  12. An advertising-free skyline.
  13. And so much more . . .

This is a stream-of-consciousness list, not necessarily in any ranked order. It is also not exhaustive and will morph to reflect the personality of the population over time.

With this type of beginner’s, artist’s mind, spaces that are currently lifeless, such as abandoned malls or environmentally damaged areas, could become a canvas for overlaying the features I’ve listed above. Certainly there are visionary, life-affirming developers who could see the value of composting what is draining energy, to create new possibilities that emphasis environmental, social and economic thriving.

Let’s start speaking about Aweville and trust the hand of life to open to possibilities that are waiting to be expressed as the New Earth. I have a lightly packed bag and I’m ready to pioneer a new frontier. How about you?

Image by Poison_Ivy from Pixabay

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