The 2020s: A Decade of Healing, Wholeness, and Empowerment

A few weeks ago it came to me in a flash that the 2020s are the “Decade of Healing, Wholeness, and Empowerment.” With this insight came the knowing that there is unprecedented energetic and spiritual support available at this time for humans to remember who we really are, to heal ourselves, and to heal the natural world. Since then I have observed that this support is so powerful, in fact, that even people who have not been inclined toward spiritual practices are having unexpected awakening experiences.

Indeed, this seems to be a time of spiritual surprises. More and more of my clients are experiencing a dramatic expansion of consciousness and an acceleration of ego death, which can be quite unsettling, as well as other signs – usually some kind of crisis – that deep healing is occurring or is ready to occur for them on a soul level. In addition, many people are reporting “symptoms” that are actually collective in nature, for instance powerful emotions or thoughts that do not seem to be their own.

Since I am able to calibrate where these emotions, thoughts, and other issues are coming from within the field of being, I can reassure people that they are not going insane and help them to discover the golden opportunity that is being presented. In most cases, they are accessing domains of collective consciousness with which they are in resonance, and this link gives them a unique opportunity to heal something in themselves that is usually quite subtle while also contributing to the healing of other people, nature, and the planet – for there are direct correspondences between all of these.

Recently I have gone further in exploring the general principle that all instances of physical, emotional, and mental turbulence have their origin in realms of our own consciousness that we have not yet recognized as ourselves. In particular, I have been seeing improvements in the mental health of coaching clients, and these shifts seem to be connected with the fundamentally spiritual work that we are engaged in. This work involves becoming familiar with the levels and aspects of individual and collective being, bringing the enlightened self into the foreground, noticing where issues are active within the extended system of self, and integrating all of these into a whole, awakened person.

What I have witnessed so far suggests that the need for conventional therapies decreases as the integration of insights at the level of one’s enlightened self resolves the basic, existential confusions that lead to problematic behaviors. Although the most recent observations relate primarily to the mental and emotional health of coaching clients, I have also been seeing indications that physical health improves as we untangle the true nature of being and develop a much more spiritually accurate concept of the self.

So what is it that we are untangling? What would be a more accurate concept of the self? And what is the golden opportunity that is being offered by the healing crises and puzzling symptoms that people are experiencing? We are being invited, collectively, into the double realization that (a) the self that appears to be disconnected from life, the divine, and other human beings is a fictitious idea, sustained mainly by the flimsy evidence of fragmented perception, and (b) all that we experience is our Self, which is the one Self of every being and every thing. As we all share the same Self, there is nothing that could ever be other than us or outside of us. The crises and various symptoms are, by and large, spiritual in nature, and they are encouraging us to recognize this inviolable wholeness. They are a loud knocking on the door of our awareness, attempts to call our attention to components of ourselves that we have regarded as other, which are essential to our well-being and which now need to be integrated into our awareness of who we are.

Since it is all-embracing, the realization of our profound wholeness is for everyone, not only people who meditate, pray, or practice yoga. The key to widespread healing is wholeness, and the result of wholeness is individual and collective empowerment. When we are healed and in our power we will repair society, Earth’s ecosystems, and the world as a living, breathing superorganism of consciousness. But first, as the wave of collective awakening rises further and sweeps the planet, the majority of people are likely to be caught by surprise, and they will need loving assistance in order to comprehend what has happened. This is, therefore, a decade for healers, spiritual teachers, and all who have already awakened to refine their gifts and show up generously in support of healing, wholeness, and empowerment for all.

Please join Yanni Maniates and Jeff Vander Clute on February 22, 2020 for an online journey of “Accessing Your Full Potential for Healing and Empowerment.” We will explore the themes in this article, experience meditations and transmissions, and learn a method for working with the enlightened self to initiate healing in the roots of being.

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