10 Ways to Raise Our Awareness

Welcome to the latest wave of Fika for Your Soul!

I announced a little while ago in a Facebook Live that I’ll be including a series of different themes in my posts, newsletters, and videos this year. The reason for this is what I have come to know as ‘Spiral to Freedom’.

Spiral to Freedom is a series of principles and practices that help us get clear on, implement, and integrate a deeper connection, learn to trust our intuition, and experience greater inner and outer freedom in everyday life.

I’ve not yet decided if the theme will be monthly or longer than that, but what I can say is that the current theme is PRESENCE. 🙂

I’ve always loved words. If you’re like me, you experience huge satisfaction when you get it ‘right’. That said, as strange as it may sound, it doesn’t have to be grammatically correct or right for it to ‘feel’ right. It’s about it hitting ‘the right spot’ (and only you know what that is for you).

But my love for words go beyond that.

When it comes to the energy of words, I’m a total geek. I love to listen for, and explore, the energy and vibe that a word or a concept carries. To me, the energy of a word or concept can feel spacious, light, dense, bubbly, edgy, steely, to give a few examples.  

What does the word PRESENCE invoke in you?

I find that it comes with an invitation to expand, to hone, to pay attention, to observe, to take inventory, to acknowledge and appreciate.

For me, PRESENCE is about ‘being it’. About raising my awareness, being open, and being present in the moment.

When we’re in the present moment we’re showing openness, and we’ll automatically connect with and associate with the situation we’re in. In presence, we’ll also find our inner pulse, our energetic signature. But looking for our inner pulse isn’t all that useful unless we’ve also opened the door to increasing our awareness.

Back in 2010, after a meditation, I was inspired to write down 10 aspects that help us raise our awareness. What I recognise is that this list came to me at a time when I was going through massive change. For years, I had been striving in a certain direction. I’d continuously bumped my head into a number of walls, leaving me frustrated that I didn’t get anywhere.

Access 10 Ways to Raise Your Awareness here

Round about the time when this list showed up, my intuition had been signalling to me for some time that I wasn’t meant to find another job (employment), it was time for me to strike out on my own, to become a consultant and a contractor. Taking this step felt like doing a 180, moving in the diametrically opposite direction. Moving away from the path that I’d known to be the one forward.

I was terrified, but you know what it’s like when your gut is telling you something. It won’t go away. It’ll hang around and nudge you continuously until you take action. So, after a while I accepted it and made the change that felt like the right next step, not really knowing where it would take me.

I’m grateful I took that step. I’m amazed at my life, how I live my life, what it looks like. Based on my awareness at the time and my lived experience, I could not have thought this into being. I would have limited myself to what I knew, and where I am today is far beyond my horizon at the time.

I’ve not done much with the list in terms of sharing it with others. Today, I feel inspired to share the list with you all as we’re going through massive changes at the moment, collectively but also personally. It brought me a sense of comfort and grounding in turbulent times.

Access 10 Ways to Raise Your Awareness here

I’ll close with this thought…

When we become more present, we’re activated in a new way. Things will start to accelerate as we have said yes to becoming more aware – being more of a participant, more of an observer.

It’s as if we’re somehow uplifted by divine forces that takes us to new places, new experiences, new domains.

..from my soul to yours,


*Fika for Your Soul* is about connecting with inspiration from everyday situations and conversations. It’s about discovery, reflection, leaning into, and stretching beyond…how we may see, understand, and express freedom, exploration, and leadership (among other things), all in the context of our daily lives. Fika (pronounced ‘Feeka’) is Swedish and means taking a [coffee/tea] break.

Photo by Marianne Krohn on Unsplash

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