The role of conscious leaders during this time of global disruption

Part One – Present: The disruption

In this two-part article I’ll discuss my perspective on the disruptive shifts currently happening on the planet and the insights behind them. Next, I’ll share my vision of opportunities and changes that will come as a result of these shifts. 

Today we live in the midst of mass societal change and disruption on a global scale. Old systems, structures, and ways of operating that have made up our society for centuries are starting to crumble away.

Definitions of who we are as individuals and our role in society are now falling into doubt. Widespread confusion, fear of the future, and other oppressive energies are currently circulating around the planet.

During times of great unrest and upheaval, like now, what many fail to realize is that the momentum behind this collective energetic shift is allowing the ‘what is’ reality to transform into ‘what was’ and make way for ‘what’s possible’.

What is

It’s important to note that in order to rebuild a new society based on peace and unity (what we all individually and collectively seek), we need to allow old oppressive structures to fall away. Which we are currently witnessing – removal of the old to make way for the new.

As these structures make up our society and day-to-day existence, fear, panic, and uncertainty about the future are natural results of this occurrence.

As conscious leaders, you are being asked to acknowledge this presence and gently move through it, because on the other side of fear, doubt. and crumbling structures is the dream we have all felt, imagined, and wished for – a more unified society.

What’s possible

Visionaries, leaders, and individuals passionate about contributing to building a more positive world are being invited onto the world stage to co-create these possibilities.

Technology set up over the past ten years has prepared us for and provided the tools for this moment in history.

We are now being called to bring forth our visions for humanity, speak our truth, and use our gifts to co-create positive change across the world – no matter where we are geographically situated.

You are being called to become a lighthouse and hold a state of calmness while projecting these future visions of how society can progress and rebuild in a more harmonious way.

At its core, this disruptive change is providing the opportunity for society to let go of ‘what is’ and ‘what doesn’t work’ to create foundations, structures, and ways of operating from a fresh lens of interconnectedness. A society and planet woven from peace, connection, love, harmony, justice, and co-creation.

Which is why it’s important that we don’t try to hold on to or recreate our recent ‘what is’ reality out of fear or comfort.

Instead, we must collectively take the steps NOW to move the past into ‘what was’ and focus on creating ‘what’s possible’.

What conscious leaders are now being called to do:

  • Acknowledge that this disruption is needed in order to make way for positive planetary change.
  • Hold a calm and balanced energy to support those around you.
  • Tune into and hold a higher vision for humanity in whichever way you are being called to do so.
  • Broadcast this vision to the world and invite in co-creation.
  • Facilitate co-creative events or workshops (such as masterminds) where this vision can be collaboratively built.

In Part Two, I will discuss my vision of how these unified shifts will play out across business, leadership, and the world.

Kelly Weiss is a business strategist, creative storyteller, leadership coach, and founder of The Awakened Leader.  Her vision for humanity sees a new wave of leaders creating evolutionary impact through business – by taking a visionary approach, leading with their hearts, and co-creating more awakened business practices. Visit for emerging tools and insights that support you in further awakening and achieving your higher vision. 

Image credit: Shahadat Rahman – Unsplash

2 thoughts on “The role of conscious leaders during this time of global disruption

  1. Thank you Kelly for distilling the essence of what is possible and our true potential for transmutation and manifestation. This is a question for me that received the answer and direction of a resounding yes!!!
    love and light to all in this way of heart knowing and being in service to that.


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