How conscious leaders will lead the shift after the global disruption

Part Two – Future: The shift

The united, peaceful, and awakened society that many leaders, visionaries, and ancient civilizations have prophesied for centuries has finally arrived.

It has arrived in the form of disruptive change on a global level. A change that will pave the way for a new society to be built – based upon peace and unity.

In Part One – Present: The disruption, I provided my insights on the current shifts in the world and how this current reality is making way for future opportunities of positive change. In order for a new way of being and existing as a society to take place, old structures must drop away. Times of great confusion and loss are paving the way for a brighter future to be shared by all of humanity.

I’ll now discuss my vision of what shifts will take place after the disruption.

The shift to a unified ‘We’ approach

The overall energetic shift that we will first feel and experience that will become embedded into all parts of society (including business and politics) is a shift from the current ‘Me’ and ‘Us versus Them’ approach into a unified ‘WE’ approach.

The ‘WE’ approach means every decision, thought, action, business, structure, etc. will consider all of humanity, the planet, and the animals.

This shift allows us to go back to our original state of connection and build a new society from that space. A society where we understand we are all in this together and have access to contribute to and build ways to collectively support each other and our planet.

This shift will allow us to go back to experiencing our connection to the earth, animals, stars, and beyond – just as ancient civilizations once lived.

Many groups will co-creatively lead the way

Before the disruption, the structures of politics, business, and society were set up through the lens of fear and separation, where one or a few parties set the conditions, then reaped the main benefits. This one-sided approach was pitched as a democracy or conversation, but that was far from the truth.  

This new society shift will not come from one company, country, or party leading the change; it will come from the collective contributing to the change across all levels. Many movements will be created, many voices will be heard, co-creation versus dictation will be embraced, and together we will create this shift in a unified way.

As conscious leaders you are now being asked to step in and present your vision of change and find participatory parties to co-create with.

Business being in service to all

Foundations of new (and existing) businesses will be built from an offering of service to humanity. Profit will automatically be embedded into the business structure to gain the resources, growth, and impact it needs. However, its offerings will be built from vision, listening to the current needs of society or customers and taking a collective WE-based approach (company, people, society, planet).

These new businesses and multiple co-creators sharing their voices will begin to pop up everywhere and the structure of existing businesses will change to meet this. A unified conversation will take place between business owners, staff, and customers so resources can be shared in a more impactful way. The days of the lone wolf or one-way conversations will be over.

Heart-alignment leads the way

For a more unified and participatory approach to be embedded into business, politics, and other societal structures, a heart-centered approach needs to be taken.

Choosing to align to your heart gives you access to wisdom and expression that originates from a universal intelligence. This intelligence allows you to put aside the ego and limitations of the mind and tap into higher insights that will strengthen yourself, your purpose-led path, and society as a whole.

Businesses will come from a heart space to be of service to all, co-creation will come from a heart space to hear the needs of all, and individuals will come from a heart space to bring about higher visions that benefit all.

How leaders can take action right now

I believe the first step in leading this shift is presenting to the world our divinely guided and inspired ideas for unified societal and structural solutions in areas we care about. The second step is finding other people who are passionate about these causes, and co-creating. The co-creations could take the form of new businesses, mastermind groups, membership platforms, resource centers, or online groups.

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash.

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