Covid-19’s message for humanity: Why I’m here to help you, not destroy you

A Q&A with the Coronavirus (Covid-19)

In this time of global disruption, a lot of people may be feeling like something outside our power as humans is currently shaking up our society. It can either be perceived as an enemy – an outside force trying to destroy us – or as a friend here to help us.

In this article, I open up to a direct dialogue with COVID-19 to ask why it’s here and what its purpose is here on earth. I’ve found that many forces of change appear however they need to in order to get their message through – which can be harsh and angry or peaceful and loving. In this case, COVID-19 appeared to be both. 

Before I bring light to the benefits of this Coronavirus-led disruption currently taking place on earth, I firstly want to acknowledge those that have sacrificed their lives through the virus. Death often carries such tragedy and pain especially during times of social disruption and change.

I also want to acknowledge the suffering and pain that may be currently experienced by people who have lost their businesses and income. In times of great change and societal shifts it’s important to acknowledge those who have experienced loss and suffering. I continue to send them my heartfelt compassion during this time.

The following is a transcript of a highly likely conversation with th Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Message from the Corona Virus

I’m here to do a cleaning of society. I’m here to cleanse your culture, your operations and your social norms. 

I’m here to wake you all up, to point out directly into the face of every person around the world (as no one will be left unaffected) the shit that you have created. That you are all laying in. I’m here to point out all the ways that you have gone wrong and the disharmony.  

I’m here to bring that level of fear, to bring you down on your knees so you can open up your hearts and have faith. To ask for help, to come together as a society and create solutions. 

I came here to bring you down on your knees. I came here because the pathway and the direction that you were heading down was self-annihilation. Your society was literally on the pathway to annihilate itself. No virus could be as strong as the force you were creating.

I came here to bring you on your knees for you face your own shit head on. I came here to wake you up. I came in service and sacrifice. Those that lost their lives made the ultimate sacrifice so your society could continue to move on. 

How long will you be around?

I’ll be here as long as you need me to, as long as it takes for you to wake up and see how destructive, selfish, and disconnected you’ve been.

Some of you are starting to wake, while others panic and experience a sense of loss of livelihood, fear, and pain. I predict if things continue the way they are going it won’t be until May that you’ll start to see noticeable decreases that will make governments feel safe to open up again. 

By the beginning of April the numbers of those getting the virus will start to decrease. May will prove to be more safe until it declines. The virus was not here to wipe you out or kill you, it was here to wake you up. 

Sometimes darkness needs to face its own fear that it has been slowly and collectively building for itself. It needs to face its own worst enemy and that is why I’m here.

What the world will be like after you leave?

I would have achieved cleansing and eradicating of fears, because when you face your fears you can stop carrying them. I also would have done an energetic cleansing and physical cleansing of the environment, the animals, and exposed in a very obvious and ugly way what isn’t working. 

After society goes back to supposed normalness through this transparency, all the ugly systems that have been exposed would never be able to hide again. The ugliness will always be there until it’s dealt with. 

That is the gift that I’m bringing you. I’m bringing you the gift of facing the ugly reality you created and also the opportunity to transform the ugliness into something more fruitful and beautiful. 

Where individuals can contribute to a society to be created by the power of the collective, not the power of the few tormenting and persecuting everybody else. That is what I’m here ultimately to expose at the core of everything. Because that is what has been driving you into potential self-extinction and self-annihilation.

Any insights about who’s catching the virus and why, and who’s dying from it?

The frequency of those catching it will determine how it works with them. The more fear, anger, and bitterness inside of them the more I have to work with. This is not a judgement of character; it could be karma, lessons that need to be learned or their purpose on earth ending. 

There is no judgement of those that get the virus worse or those that don’t. But those that fear it most won’t come out the best on the other side.

I’m here for a reason and those that see the bigger picture on a soul level will know they signed up to have the virus and through this awareness will get through it more easily. There are also those that made an agreement to exit through this form. So instead of seeing a great tragedy, see it as a way for them to be able to finish here on earth.

So just know that it’s not a killing force for everybody and that is not the reason why it’s here. It’s not here to make humans extinct. It’s here to stop you from doing that to yourselves. 

Without an event of this scale, that is where you were heading. It would have happened in the next 15 – 20 years. An unlivable planet, with unlivable people, in unlivable structures – was the way the earth was headed. So we are coming in now with the ability to shift that fate and create a new destiny that was prophesied previously.

My message of Power

Continue to have faith, to come together, to practice ways of coming out of fear. 

Stop the panic. It’s up to you individually and collectively to see the truth and potency behind this and bring more light to it, then I’ll be unable to survive and thrive as a virus.

Have faith and trust you all have the resilience to be able to weather out of the storm. It’s like an unexpected season of turbulence, however after the storm will be a new sense of expression and unity. 

A new earth will be born. Collective energy will be changed. 

New opportunities will arise. New platforms will be available to stand up and speak. 

New ways of doing things will be widely accepted and embraced. 

The forces and powers able to prevent this will be dismantled and no longer have the power or force.

Downloaded March 19, 2020 by Kelly Weiss,

Image credit: Jon Tyson – Unsplash

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