Why the Coronavirus is happening FOR us, not TO us – Part 1

Part 1: The People

In this time of great unrest and social disruption, many are questioning the future of our main societal structures such as finance, politics, business, and healthcare systems.

In this time of great unrest and social disruption, many are questioning the future of the main societal structures such as finance, politics, business and our healthcare systems.

So I decided to use my gifts and speak directly with this disruptive energy to gain some clarity around our future existence as human beings.

Firstly, before I bring light to the benefits of this Coronavirus-led disruption currently taking place on earth, I firstly want to acknowledge those that have sacrificed their lives through the virus. Death often carries such tragedy and pain especially during times of social disruption and change.

I also want to acknowledge the suffering and pain that may be currently experienced by people who have lost their businesses and income. In times of great change and societal shifts it’s important to acknowledge those who have experienced loss and suffering. I continue to send them my heartfelt compassion during this time.

The following is a transcript of a highly likely conversation with the disruptive energy currently taking place on earth.

Relevant messages for society during these troubled times

Firstly, you are only looking at it as a troubled time because your systems are collapsing and what you know as the norm (built from a false sense of security) is no longer there. Which causes you to label the energy as a catastrophe, however what’s really happening is the undoing of what didn’t serve in the first place.

You’ve been asking for and expecting higher energies to replace the current energies on the earth. What you need to understand is, space needs to be created first for these to come through. You can’t put a layer on top of another layer, because the earth has finite space. So energy needs to be released first to make way for new energy. This also includes beliefs, structures, systems, processes and ways of doing things.

What no longer serves society and the good of all is now being revealed and coming in the limelight and why it doesn’t work. We are now being prompted to come up with solutions that work for all.

So in the background and from a higher perspective that is what is currently going on. Although a lot of you may see it as loss, trauma, catastrophes, and the end of the world as we know it.  Which is true in one form the end of the world that’s been painted by greed, harm, wars, and destruction.

Is that not what you’ve all been saying that you no longer want to experience? If so, the cleansing process is taking place. That which seems to be loss is really a reconfiguring, realignment, and opportunity to spend resources, energy, and focus in a new direction. 

It’s part of the hidden blessings that will be realized in the future, but first you must face what some people call a dark time, where not everyone has access to seeing the beauty and the miraculous events that are happening.

So we ask you to hold strong and continue to have the courage to bring this message of revelation of the prophecy that was foretold which is now starting to take place. Society is coming undone at the seams so we can build something far greater and more harmonious.

Message to those currently experiencing your world and securities being turned upside down

To you we say do not fear, do not lose hope – for this too shall pass.

This is an opportunity to cleanse, purge, and for you to let go of what you know deep down is no longer in alignment.

What you built in the past for the future, assess whether this future serves your highest good. We are giving you the opportunity to build for another future and experience the NOW from a different perspective.

We are asking you to come together and support each other. To keep holding the light for each other, knowing that as you continue to put one foot in front of the other, the light at the end of this cave will show through soon enough. We ask you to continue to have faith and reach out for help and support when you feel you need it.

Just know you are not alone. There are a multitude of you that have been preparing your whole life for this moment, so we remind you that you have the tools to overcome any perils or unknown that may be going on in your life right now. We ask you to not have fear of the future and not to try and solve any perceived problems right now.

We ask you to continue to have faith, support each other, love each other and ask for support from those that can give it.

We are telling you this is not happening for nothing. There is a great purpose behind all of this. There is a great intention that is built to serve the world for its highest good to serve humanity, the planet, and the animals.

So we ask you to hold space in your heart for this to come into fruition and for you to witness it first-hand. We send our love and compassion to you during this time and our love and support from above.

Message to those feeling abundance and flow right now

To those that are experiencing less resistance and don’t appear to be what you label in harm’s way it’s important for you to keep your energy high and vitality strong.

In these times of great mystery and unknown you are being asked to lead a movement you may not have the full glimpse of. It comes down to a matter of trusting the process and standing up and speaking up for those that are currently in the thick of it. 

The world needs your voice right now and you are being asked to come from a place of trust, forgiveness, love and understanding for all your fellow humans. To trust the guidance and wisdom that is inside of you. To trust that the future you are now a part of leading will truly benefit all and bring about this positive change on the planet you’ve been wanting to both experience and be part of co-creating. 

So for you we also say keep the faith by keeping your energy high and connecting to your heart space as often as possible. Knowing that each day as you do these practices and put one foot in front of another you are leading a journey for many that has higher magnitude than you can imagine. 

So continue on your path and lighting the way ahead. 

How long this epidemic and shutdown, disruption for society will continue for

It will continue into May if you don’t take the necessary precautions now that some of your countries are rolling out. What may seem like extreme measures and lockdowns right now is part of what will allow you to grow as a society in the future and form new social networks. It’s also part of what will keep the virus contained.

Limited physical contact with others; keeping clean, safe and positive and surrounding yourself with positive people is key right now. If you are not one of the positive people right now know that this will not be a very comfortable experience for you. You choose how you show up to life’s occurrences especially on such a grand scale. 

So we say exercise the measures, stay in regular communication with each other, keep on supporting each other during these times and you will move through it together. This is not something you are meant to move through alone. Support and community is important right now even if it’s been taken to a virtual space.

By end of the year there will be opportunities for a complete makeover of the system for an equal society. In order for that to happen this major disruption and sacrifice of life, purification of the earth, of energy and coming togetherness on this mass scale was needed.

Downloaded March 19, 2020. To learn more about Kelly, visit http://www.kellyanneweiss.com.

Photo by Milada Vigerova on Unsplash.

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