Why the Corona virus is happening FOR us, not TO us, Part 2

Insights around social structures: Q&A with the disruptive energy currently at work on earth

In this time of great unrest and social disruption, many are questioning the future of our main societal structures such as finance, politics, business, and healthcare systems. So I decided to use my gifts and speak directly with this disruptive energy to gain some clarity around our future existence as human beings.  

In Part 1: Message to the people, I uncovered a message to those currently experiencing challenges and to those thriving. In this post I’ll share insights around social structures both present and future. What follows is a transcript of my March 19 and March 23 conversations with what I interpreted as the disruptive energy currently taking place on earth.

Insights on changes to the political landscape

The political landscape has been crumbling and bursting at the seams for many years now especially since the 70s and after the last assassination of the Presidents. Many parts of the political system – the democracies and dictatorships have not been working and have been coming undone at the seams. 

This is an opportunity for the counterparts and all of those associated in the political system to rise up and be able to contribute in a higher way. It’s an opportunity for those that have big ideas to speak up about how they would like society to be run. It’s an opportunity for those that can’t hold a higher vision to step down and focus their energy on themselves and their own growth. But until that perspective and structure is taken it will continue to crumble. 

How much it will crumble during this disruption seems to take a momentary pause as there is more of a union of nations coming together. Which paints the picture of hope of how the world can be not just during a catastrophe. It opens up the mind of emerging leaders to have a direct pathway of how they can lead in the future.

Do you have a timeframe when we will start to see this undoing? 

It will continue for the next two years and then we will see the transfer of politics into the hands of those who are capable with a fresh, wholesome perspective. We will see this happening in many parts of the world starting from Canada, Australia and United Kingdom, it’s already happening in New Zealand. Eventually it will reach America, the once-great superpower. 

The trend of power being placed amongst one particular nation will also start to crumble as more countries will hold equal respect and power and this imbalance will start to disappear. As the political system becomes built more from a place of giving and receiving and sharing resources, wisdom and information to serve not just their country but also their planet. This is the political system that awaits us.

Insights about the financial system

The current system is built on corruption, pleasing the few and hurting the many. This system has also been coming apart at the seams with the banking mishaps, the downturn of many economies and the threat of decentralization – cryptocurrency.

It’s inevitable that institutions built from a false sense of security, power and manipulation will be deconstructed. However, because these systems are so deeply ingrained into society it will be a gradual deconstruction. 

There will not be any impact or loss on a global scale. There may be a reduction in the way it operates and its capacity, but it will not dissolve before another structure can take its place.

The threat of this happening is allowing other solutions to begin to sprout and take place. Where we will see more online institutions owned by the people and many start to crop up. Led by those doing good and closely aligned to these new political powers that will come into place. These two will happen side by side with a new economic structure and a new political structure. Neither will be completely dismantled until there is something ready to be transferred over to.

Does that mean we are not expecting a complete annihilation and loss of the banking system?

Not in the way that you are all feeling. Yes there will be loss, but the loss will happen to those that have been creating the misjustice, the threat and the fear amongst everyone, they will experience the most loss. Call this a karmic reaction or turning of tables.

So we are not at a stage where we need to take our money out and run and put it somewhere else?

Definitely not. You are at a stage to readily come up with new solutions and share them, contribute to them. Make them global solutions that serve all. Not small groups of perceived super powers.

Insights about business and the workforce

You are already starting to come together in partnerships and as a workforce remotely and online. These structures now will be an important part of your future as it will create a more inclusionary environment for those in remote locations or that don’t have the physical capacity to be in certain places. 

This online and remote way of working also paves way to quicker and more versatile forms of communication and decision making. It gives you flexibility to evolve your message, offerings and events to suit the collective environment, speakers and needs of the audience. 

You will start to open gateways and create new mindsets on how you conduct business. Things will happen much faster and be more accessible. Barrier to entries will be lower and exiting the market will not come as such a loss. You’ll be opening yourself up to mass levels of communication and trade where geographical locations will no longer be a barrier. Non-physical product offerings will become more apparent, as will group training, large scale online events, and the opportunity for us to more readily engage and provide for our local communities. 

In other words, more local and global conversations with offering exchanges (services or products for money or time) will take place. You’ll create a more connected, faster world while also gaining more awareness around what is in front of you and how this connects to the greater world around you. 

This virus will not be looked at in future as something that destroyed this world. It will be looked at as something that gave the world a doorway to open up into more expansive expression.

Downloaded March 19, 2020 by Kelly Weiss, http://www.kellyanneweiss.com.

Photo by “My Life Through A Lens” on Unsplash.

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