How creating from spaciousness leads to positive change

When you tune into the universal energy of the current times, you’ll notice a new sense of spaciousness has been created and provided for us all. I’m referring to it as ‘the great pause’.

This spaciousness provides us with time to embark on an inner journey that will essentially guide and connect us to the outer world we want to experience and create.

This time allows us to recreate, redefine, and realign our energy towards activities that align us to our authentic self – a self which has full clarity, expresses from truth, and is aware of our connection to each other and to everything around us.

This connection drives how we will act and how we will create, going forward.

Not even two months before the pandemic hit, I penned the following words for my upcoming Mayan book on awakened leadership:

Forgetting who you really are is one of the fastest pathways to losing your connection to nature, the elements, and your gifts. It’s also the fastest pathway to self-destruction and self-annihilation, which is what our society is now facing.

I may not have a glimpse of the whole future, but I do know that when we as a society are given an opportunity – in the form of a collective forced way of being – to honor that message, it’s important to do so. Because as in our personal life, if we fail to heed warnings they will keep repeating until we get the message.

Tips for applying spaciousness to your life:

Pay attention to resistance

Resistance is like the body experiencing pain; it’s telling you to pay attention to something. If you are experiencing resistance around a task, a decision, or moving an idea forward – stop. Take a walk, meditate, make herbal tea, and give yourself space for the solution to come through. The solution could even be to not go ahead with your original intention. 

Resistance is a sign that something is off. It can point to one of the blocks you need to work through, or indicate that the activity or idea itself could be out of alignment or unfinished.  

Remove inner and outer pressures

When you feel pressure to create something new or build upon something – stop. Assess where this pressure is coming from. Is it coming from scarcity energy that has been deeply ingrained in our society? Or is it coming from a self-identity story you’ve told yourself about who you are? Is it a family member’s voice inside your head putting pressure on you? Or are you pressuring yourself out of comparison or choosing to copy others.

Lead through inspiration, not self-delegation

Spaciousness allows you to lead and take action through inspiration that naturally comes to you when you give yourself the space. For example, if you have scheduled one day to get clarity on or to reorganize an important topic, give yourself a week instead. If you have committed to working on three projects at once because that’s your usual pace, go inside and assess how you need to be spending your time. Perhaps working on only one project is more suitable right now?

Prioritize spaciousness

Spaciousness is not a one-off thing, meaning it’s not something you do for one hour or one day and then are done with. This time in humanity is asking for us to create spaciousness for many months. To slow down our pace in all areas of our life in general, especially our business.

Spaciousness needs to become the underlying tapestry and fabric of your life. This will become the place where you birth your new ideas and inspirations while experiencing the greatest amounts of joy.

Photo by Rowan Heuvel on Unsplash

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