Join in the weaving

While humanity is under global physical separation orders, what a wonderful time to exercise creativity! All over the world, stories are emerging of people and communities breaking their daily patterns of behavior to create new ways to connect with one another—ways that create hope, light, joy, and an energetic heart-to-heart warmth. Individuals too are creating new ideas, projects, courses, etc., to feed the creative impulses that are surfacing now. These impulses to create are always present, but in “normal” times they often lie buried beneath the consequences of earlier choices.

Celebrate this current outpouring of creative action, for it is opening many new waves of possibility. It is generating an unprecedented level of openness and kindness, compassion and loving energy. We encourage each person to listen within for what is calling them to participate in growing this wave.

For you see, as these actions increase, there is a weaving occurring energetically on the global level. A new blanket of vitality is being woven and is being wrapped around the Earth. It is an energy that cannot and will not be affected by fear. In fact, it is so vital, it is making it more difficult for fear to be as pervasive as it could be.

Each creative act, whether singular or collective, is a statement that fear will not rule this period of human existence. The more people participate exercise their creativity, the louder and stronger that statement becomes.

For within the act of creativity is boundlessness. There is a state of generous exploration that creates alternate realities and possibilities from the current perceived realities and limited possibilities now occurring on Earth.

It is good to remember that the current realities are simply an old weaving that was created by your ancestors. And while some of it is strong and beautiful, much of it is old, frayed, and falling apart. You could say it has grown moldy with fear, greed, anger, hate, distrust, and many other suffocating energies that humans are living beneath. You have heard the term, “wet blanket.” This is what much of current reality is for people, energetically.

But the current worldwide disruption, a shared fate that is not political, cultural, territorial, or racial, has offered an opportunity to throw off the current weaving and create a new one. Even if it is lifted for only a few moments again and again, it all adds up to make a wonderful difference.

So we say to all of you, “Connect to your heart’s voice.” Ask your heart what expressions it wishes to make in the new world that is emerging. How would it like to express any long-quieted yearnings that live within you? Do not judge or second-guess your heart. Simply respond and enter into its magical energies where time ceases, reality changes, and nourishment abounds. Fear cannot live inside this energetic space.

So whatever creative expression comes forward each day, be bold, take courage and most importantly, free yourself to take the step inward and outward. Pour your love and joy into every moment. Then, if it feels right, share it with others. Do not worry about what might happen or how it might be judged. Who knows? You may be passing the thread to another person who will join in the weaving of this new, life-giving blanket for all of life on Earth.

Photo by Charles Kouns.

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