The time of change is imminent. Do not go back.

Today I was watching a documentary called “Standing on Sacred Ground: Islands of Sanctuary.” During the segment about Aboriginal land rights and the Rainbow Serpent, there was a loud bang outside. Afterwards I discovered that a large pane of glass had shattered without any obvious cause. While I was sweeping up the glass, I could feel that the forces of nature were speaking, and I received a spiritual coordinate that corresponds to “heavenly lightning.” Here is the message that was pushing on the edge of my awareness:

Be with your people now. The time of change is imminent. Earth is reclaiming her majesty and you will honor her through responding with care and fierce kindness in the face of prohibition. No more hollow commitments by governments will be tolerated in relation to the sacred. The land demands respect and will receive it now. Make offerings.

Since then I have been in a pensive mood. A second, shorter message came after I meditated: “Do not go back to the way things were.” I sense that it is of utmost importance that we really listen, right now, and not resume the unconscious and dishonoring behaviors that were so prevalent before the Coronavirus pandemic. Mother Earth requires our reverence. Let us offer our gifts to her. May the above image remind us of our responsibility.

Photo by Jeff Vander Clute.

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