Pondering vs. thinking: Which leads to more nourishing choices?

In the next moment, what will you choose? The next choice is always before you. It is a gift.  Do you realize this?

We celebrate this gift with you, for contained within a single choice are infinite possibilities. You always have choice. Let us say this again. You always have choice. It is always available in the next moment.

When you awaken each morning, are your first thoughts about the possibilities that choice will offer you that day?  Or are they about the list of items your previous day’s choices have created for you? Were the previous choices made from a higher consciousness or were they made mechanistically or without conscious intention? Are those previous choices bringing you nourishment or are they offering something less appetizing?

You can choose nourishing choices by pondering. Pondering is the pause or moment before choice where you open your heart to hold as many possibilities as you can through listening for what your heart truly wants or knows is the direction you want to set for yourself. It is the pause before choosing—a pause that can set in motion many future events.  If you do not pause to ponder, then you may choose based upon other voices and teachings that have nothing to do with you and everything to do with the choices others want you to make.

Pondering is your friend. It is a quiet space where you get to listen to “you” and what it is that you truly desire. It is the place where just your own voice resides and has permission to be heard. It is fresh air filling your lungs with your own vitality.

How many times have you told yourself or someone else that you had no  choice?  At that moment, were you saying that the choices you previously made have left you no choice in this next moment? Or is it possible you are saying that you have no choice because you believe you have given your right to choose away to others and they have chosen for you?

Remember, you always have choice. If you feel you are involved in a space where you have no choice, stop and ponder whether any of the questions above are active in your sense of immobility. For feeling you have no choice is, in fact, a belief that you cannot go in any other direction than the one you see before you. Often attached to this belief are feelings of resignation, frozenness, sadness, a depletion of energy, and fear.

These are all signs that your heart is asking you to stop and ponder what you are believing and experiencing. A choice from the heart will bring a sense of release, a sensation of forward movement, happiness, curiosity, and joy. It will offer a knowing of YES!

You were taught to “Think before you act.” That old phrase focused on using your head, which makes choosing much more confusing because your head is where others have planted their voices and their choices. Try replacing “Think before you act”  with “Ponder before you choose.” If pondering choices becomes your active state, you are setting into motion a new pattern for your life where your intuition and your heart lead your choices and your head plays a supportive role, not a dominant one.

You are a spiritual being, naturally creative, naturally loving, naturally beautiful. You are capable of making astounding choices that can free you from the confinements you are experiencing. The more consciousness you bring to your choices, the greater the possibilities that will surround you. So we ask, “In the next moment, will you ponder before you choose?”

Photo by Charles Kouns.

One thought on “Pondering vs. thinking: Which leads to more nourishing choices?

  1. I’m so delighted to feel your presence here. Your and other’s devotional voices are food for my soul. I look forward to anchoring in one of these days. As you can imagine, I’ve been given a massive project that is building a mysterious and magical bridge that has challenged me on the edge of the Edge! The experience is showing me, in perfect timing, exactly what is needed to attract others to sourcing fluently, (that means pausing, asking, waiting and moving in perfect timing.) Hint: It will strike a resonant chord toward pivoting in a direction that will naturally be all inclusive and create Unity with all of life. Excited to bring the details forward. Sending lots of 💕 to you and Stella!


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