The Cosmology of Homecoming: An Introduction

The Cosmology of Homecoming is a novel map and transmission of Reality. It is a powerful and efficient tool for awakening to Love, healing oneself and the world, and discovering immortality. This Cosmology is offered with the sacred intention of bringing peace to all and guiding those who seek Truth all the way home.

The words and concepts that you are about to read are carriers of a transmission. Allow yourself to be bathed in Love. Feel the essence of the transmission coming through the spaces as well as the words. Observe what arises for you and how your whole being responds. The shifts that are initiated will likely span days, weeks, or longer. Know that all is very well.

The Beginning

Over the years I have created a number of maps of the spiritual domains through systematic explorations. These metaphysical representations have helped many people to awaken and expand their consciousness into the source of love, light, and enlightenment. At the same time, I have been aware that maps based on experience are incomplete since there is always infinitely more to explore and discover. In addition, any map will be distorted in the measure that the map maker does not yet perceive with complete clarity. Charting the subtle terrain of spirit is tricky business.

Eventually I asked for a certain type of map – a cosmology – to reveal itself with as much accuracy as possible. I had a knowing that it was finally possible to receive a visualization of the entirety of Reality, together with a set of coherent explanations, that was comprehensive and somehow flawless in its essence. The quality of perfection would come from the fact that Reality itself was offering an expression of itself as itself. Importantly, I appreciated that although the cosmology would be a supreme representation of Reality, infinitely many other such representations would always be possible since that which is limitless cannot be restricted to a single form. Fortunately, one perfect version would suffice to provide a reliable basis for the work of enlightening systems and helping people to discover their own luminous nature.

Flower of Totality

When I asked for a “true cosmology” in meditation, I received detailed specifications. These specifications describe a set of concentric polygons that together resemble a flower with seven layers of petals. The number of petals ranges from eight in the outermost layer to infinitely many in the innermost layer. Once the structure of the visualization was confirmed intuitively, I received names for the layers and came to understand that each one corresponds to a realm of realization of Love. Next I sourced the colors, which turned out to be visually harmonious. After letting the information settle over several weeks, I asked my friend Joe Menth – who co-created a film about the structure of the universe as well as the logo for Sourcing The Way (a company I co-founded) – to render the visual. The “Flower of Totality” is the result.

A rendering of the Flower of Totality

A Note About Capitalization

From this point on, names and phrases that point most powerfully to the deepest dimensions of Reality are capitalized. These names and phrases all calibrate at the level of the “root” of the Flower of Totality, which is behind the center point, or underneath this point if the flower is viewed from the side. The use of capitalization to distinguish the root of the flower from its outward expressions is a transitional device that becomes meaningless later, with the final recognition of homecoming.

Definitions of Realization, Love, and Recognition

In the Cosmology of Homecoming, ‘realization’ refers to the processes of making Love real in experience, and also the extent to which one knows the presence of Love and lives in alignment with that knowing.

‘Love’ is understood in this context to be the True Cause of all that arises. By acting in deference to that which is truly causal, a highly realized being expresses at all times the Love that is the origin of life.

‘Recognition’ refers to any irreversible insight that what has been held as separate is, in fact, one. Recognition is a sacred opening that occurs in an instant, and every recognition has the potential to be the final recognition of total inseparability.

A realized being who knows Love directly discovers that what they would dearly wish to see or experience tends to manifest effortlessly. One who has recognized inseparability abides in a flow of grace, attended by synchronicities and apparently magical coincidences. Although these signs and experiences are joyous, for such a one Love itself remains the primary focus.

With growing realization, one shifts from an emphasis on experiencing various forms of Love to knowing Love directly. With the final recognition of homecoming, experience and knowing merge into a seamless Isness that nullifies all definitions and comparisons, at which point it is obvious that there is only Love, and that there has only ever been Love.

Journey of Homecoming

The journey of the soul is a journey of wandering, adventure, disappointment, and return. Through the creativity of Profound Mind, a universe is imagined in which sentient beings proliferate and collectively form the body of all that is. The Flower of Totality symbolizes this body. Under the care of the Divine Mother, all beings within this universal body find their way to the center of creation, where they discover immortality in the recognition of themselves as the Creator and the created, indivisible.

Although there are many expansions and delights on the journey home, each bringing greater joy and powerful mastery, the recognition of oneself as the sum total of Reality, and its Source, is the true coming home. The preceding steps all build toward this moment, and it is important to know, and to be honest about, where one is in the process. Otherwise, it is easy to drift back to sleep amidst the comforts and the splendors that accumulate as one approaches the goal.

The mature seeker will be satisfied with nothing less than full, unbridled Enlightenment. The Cosmology of Homecoming has been revealed to support the devotees of Truth on their journey all the way into Love.

Realms of Realization

The seven realms were revealed from the outermost to the innermost, and numbered in descending order from six to zero:

6. The Surface Level
5. Exploring the Realm of Ashes
4. Becoming the Temple of Light
3. Releasing the Veil
2. The Lands Beyond Time
1. Inner Fortress and Grounds
0. Innermost Chamber

The realms are differentiated by the extent to which there is the experience of separation. In the Innermost Chamber, there is no experience of separation whatsoever. There is no sense of other or of disconnection from life when one is abiding within the inner sanctum of being. On the other end of the spectrum, in The Surface Level, the experience of feeling separate from other people, from life, and from oneself is most extreme. Greater perceived separation brings greater fear and confusion, as well as a strong sense of being the victim of circumstances rather than the beneficiary of life’s generosity. In the outermost realms, Love is perceived weakly rather than known directly, and amongst the collective there is a strong culture of sickness and death that reduces the human lifespan. Generally speaking, the soul’s journey is from the experience of separation to the direct knowing of one’s true self and the Love that manifests universes. It is for this reason that the realms are listed and described starting with the outermost layers and ending with the True You.

The following table summarizes the key characteristics for the innermost and outermost realms.

Characteristics of the Innermost RealmsCharacteristics of the Outermost Realms
NonseparationSeparation (perceived disconnection)
Love is everywhereLonging for love
Eternal beingBirth and death

For a detailed description of each of the seven realms and suggested ways to apply the Cosmology of Homecoming in your life and work, read the rest of this article on my website.

Photo by Larisa Koshkina from Pixabay.

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