Do not emulate

Note: The first part of this message woke me with a sense of urgency at 2:30 a.m. I buried my head in my pillow and said, “I’ll do it in the morning!” but phrases kept coming throughout the night. At 6:30, I began to write. 

Do not emulate. Let us repeat this. Please, do not emulate. Emulation is the denial of your beautiful energetic signature. It is replacing it with that of another. Can you see this?

There have been many voices throughout your life that have expressed a knowing that you are less than, that you do not measure up, that if you just tried harder you would be someone. While this is not in any way true, over time the repetition and the intensity of these messages takes a toll, particularly when you are young and so impressionable or, should we say, imprintable. Also, these same voices offer up others as examples of who you should be. In effect, they are saying, in a very persuasive way, that your energetic signature is not as valuable as another’s.

And if these voices weren’t enough, there are entire systems that have been created to teach you to emulate. Ponder this. They can seem so large and credible that they make you feel small and of little worth. So, from many different directions, great pressure is being exerted upon humanity to emulate, because acceptance and a confirmation of  the choice to be a lesser self are lauded. It becomes easy to say to yourself, “I will emulate who they want me to.” Do you feel sadness when you hear this decision being made? Emulation is an embracing of the illusions of safety, belonging, the known, the predictable, instead of an embracing of the adventures of the Unknown, which is where you can truly meet your fullness.

If you live in emulation of another or even aspects of others, it is as if you are holding up a mirror and instead of seeing yourself, you see another or aspects of others forming a composite image of “you.” You have chosen to be a copy of another, and in that choice you are walking beneath your true self and placing others above you. Emulation requires a tremendous amount of energy to maintain.

To live in alignment with your true self requires that you be awake to the allure of emulation.

If you could only see the inner beauty of your being, the completeness that you are, the joyfulness that your song creates, the imprint that your true presence leaves, you would choose not to emulate. You are an original! We rejoice at your presence on the planet at this time.

Emulation is the denial of who you truly are. So we ask you to consider exploring within yourself whether you are expressing your true self or whether you have decided to emulate others – fully, or in part. Are there systems that have persuaded you to let go of your own inner light in favor of others’ ways of doing things? Remember, you have been trained to emulate from an early age. It has become second nature to you to watch, assess, listen for, and see where others are being “something” and you are not.

So if you choose to begin a practice of this exploration, your eyes will not only be opened to the aspects of others you have chosen to adopt. They will also be opened to the magnificent aspects of you. It takes courage and persistence to shake off the old teachings, the insistent voices, the systems that seek to entrain you, but you can do this. Hold to your intention to express the full beauty of who you are.

You already are the answer they are telling you to seek elsewhere.

Photo by Charles Kouns.

Join in the weaving

While humanity is under global physical separation orders, what a wonderful time to exercise creativity! All over the world, stories are emerging of people and communities breaking their daily patterns of behavior to create new ways to connect with one another—ways that create hope, light, joy, and an energetic heart-to-heart warmth. Individuals too are creating new ideas, projects, courses, etc., to feed the creative impulses that are surfacing now. These impulses to create are always present, but in “normal” times they often lie buried beneath the consequences of earlier choices.

Celebrate this current outpouring of creative action, for it is opening many new waves of possibility. It is generating an unprecedented level of openness and kindness, compassion and loving energy. We encourage each person to listen within for what is calling them to participate in growing this wave.

For you see, as these actions increase, there is a weaving occurring energetically on the global level. A new blanket of vitality is being woven and is being wrapped around the Earth. It is an energy that cannot and will not be affected by fear. In fact, it is so vital, it is making it more difficult for fear to be as pervasive as it could be.

Each creative act, whether singular or collective, is a statement that fear will not rule this period of human existence. The more people participate exercise their creativity, the louder and stronger that statement becomes.

For within the act of creativity is boundlessness. There is a state of generous exploration that creates alternate realities and possibilities from the current perceived realities and limited possibilities now occurring on Earth.

It is good to remember that the current realities are simply an old weaving that was created by your ancestors. And while some of it is strong and beautiful, much of it is old, frayed, and falling apart. You could say it has grown moldy with fear, greed, anger, hate, distrust, and many other suffocating energies that humans are living beneath. You have heard the term, “wet blanket.” This is what much of current reality is for people, energetically.

But the current worldwide disruption, a shared fate that is not political, cultural, territorial, or racial, has offered an opportunity to throw off the current weaving and create a new one. Even if it is lifted for only a few moments again and again, it all adds up to make a wonderful difference.

So we say to all of you, “Connect to your heart’s voice.” Ask your heart what expressions it wishes to make in the new world that is emerging. How would it like to express any long-quieted yearnings that live within you? Do not judge or second-guess your heart. Simply respond and enter into its magical energies where time ceases, reality changes, and nourishment abounds. Fear cannot live inside this energetic space.

So whatever creative expression comes forward each day, be bold, take courage and most importantly, free yourself to take the step inward and outward. Pour your love and joy into every moment. Then, if it feels right, share it with others. Do not worry about what might happen or how it might be judged. Who knows? You may be passing the thread to another person who will join in the weaving of this new, life-giving blanket for all of life on Earth.

Photo by Charles Kouns.

Being peaceful

Image of lake with a smooth calm surface.

Peace is a confusing word for most humans, as it has so many different layers of meanings. Often associated with it are difficulty, striving, or despair. 

These are attached because of past experiences, traumas, failed attempts, confinements, etc. It is energetically on the planet a big word with a lot of heavy energy surrounding it. In many cases, peace has become something external that a human or humans strive for rather than being experienced as an inner state of balance, harmony and nourishment.

Perhaps, being peaceful is perhaps an easier word for it brings things into a more personal realm. Peace full. Full of peace. It evokes deep breath‘s, a quiet waterfall, soft breezes that are pleasant to the skin, the sounds of birds, a strong steady heartbeat among other things. In this state, there is nothing from the exterior pushing inward. It is fullness within, where there is no room for anything else. 

This is a heart-centered state of being. It does not involve the mind. In fact it gives permission to the mind to let go of all of its endeavors and become like the surface of a placid lake – a mirror for the sky, for expansiveness – for silent clouds being moved by the wind, not working to move themselves through the air. It evokes lightness for the mind and soft, gentle silence that feels restorative and open.

The invitation to be peaceful is always present and always possible. As one begins to live ever more sweetly in this state, the lives of others that surrounds one will also carry more of these qualities. For you are all connected to each other.

Nature is always beckoning you to be peaceful, offering a rhythm of movement with days, seasons, patterns that intoxicate and offer healing, rest, re-energizing. Even in the heaviest of storms, one can isolate the sounds, the feel of the wind, the movement of energy and enter a quiet place of joy at being so fully alive.

The rhythm of peaceful always begins with breath; with an aligning consciously with the earth’s air as it enters in and out, exchanging the exhausted, the no longer needed, the toxins, for the nourishment, the calm. After each exchange, the air offers these used-up energies to the earth who digests them and through her trees and plants releases them back into the air whole and healthy again.

The breath is the invitation, the opening of the door to breathe in earth’s life giving energy and live in exchange with the natural world. 

Peacefulness surrounds, always asking for presence, a bringing of all of a human’s senses to the moment, and then another moment, and another, until a chain of moments have been formed and infused with harmony, delight, wonder, and stillness.

Do not strive. Just be. Just notice. Sense. Release. Breathe. Open. Relax. Fill.

Photo by Charles Kouns.

The Pause for a New Intention

Editor’s note: This is Charles Kouns’ first post for Letters. Charles spends much of his energy immersed in two delightful and very connected worlds: that of children, as the Founding Steward of Imagining Learning (; and Mother Nature, where he walks arm-in-arm with Her and his beloved partner, Stella, at Butterfly Farm Sanctuary, a 22-acre spiritual retreat center nestled in the Smoky Mountains near Asheville, NC ( He regularly asks Source for guidance or messages and thus sees these transmissions as information and guidance lovingly offered to those who find them resonant.

All over the world, plans that were being made, goals that had been set, strategies being executed, are now on hold due to the virus. This period of waiting, of seclusion and separation has greatly reduced “doing”. Doing has long been held as a higher priority (by almost all of humanity) than being.

Think of most efforts to “do” as that of human will creating and moving forward very limited agendas that do not originate from holding the whole, but from advancing the desires of a few. If you feel into that energy, it offers vibratory qualities that are manipulative, forceful, desperate, grasping, self-promoting, clutching, etc. These offerings often come from pain, loss, grief, and despair, to name a few.

This “doing” is happening all over the world 24 hours a day and, with the aid of technology, is occurring at unprecedented speeds. Thus, the virus and its spread reflect how humanity’s goals, plans, and ideas are spreading at unprecedented rates across the world. The energy of doing has been greatly accelerating – until now.

Right now, much of that energy of doing has been paused for a moment – a special moment – in which humans can ask themselves:

  • What am I serving through this doing?
  • Does this doing that I am engaged in actually bring life and nourishment to me, my family, the planet?
  • Who am I being in the process of this doing?
  • What or whose agenda am I serving?
  • What is beneath the energy of what I am doing?
  • What are these plans I’m birthing today and how will they benefit and serve the generations to come?

These are difficult, multi-layered questions that require courage and openness to explore. They also require the time to focus on them. Humanity has been given just such a time.

This exploration can bring about great fear and doubt, for when a human begins to see into their “doings”, while they may want to change them, they will find the systems that feed and support their life only reinforce the same old patterns. Thus, many will find themselves at a loss as to how to stop repeating the pattern of doing, and the damage, the separation from life energy. They may experience a strong urgency to immediately change even though sudden change would create great hardship for themselves and others.

We want you to hear that what is enough to “do” is:

  • Do the reflective work of listening and sensing and answering these questions as well as others that arrive. Do not be afraid. The answers will serve you and others.
  • Stay calm and grounded, realizing that the old way of “doing” is not required and any fear you may be holding can be released in the moments of grounding.
  • Declare a new intention for who you want to be and how you want to show up in the world. This may be a slight adjustment to your current way of living or a radical new approach. Write your intention down and read it several times a day.
  • This will set into motion incredible energy for change; time is not a factor, for it could occur in the physical plane immediately or later, but energetically, it is occurring. What is important to know is that it will come to fullness.

Each day then becomes a practice in affirming the intention, in listening to it, and allowing it to speak and open new understandings. Creating an intimate relationship with the intention will allow for a greater sense of being as well as serve as a strengthening of “the knowing” that it is already at work on many levels in a person’s life and will occur. It will also begin to alter choices that a person has made or makes, for they are being led by the intention and not by lower frequency desires.

When this paused moment has passed, the temptation will be to rush back to the same patterns and doings without a change in consciousness. This is altogether a possibility, however, if the inner heart is asking for something different, then listening and opening a conversation with it offers great possibility for change to occur. In some cases, those who are holding new intentions can continue to stand in them even while they return to the life they had previously created.

Every human who begins this process is offering to receive benefit from this moment and give great benefit to all life on the planet.

Photo by the author.