My Cosmic Friends and Frenemies

Entering the world of higher dimensions can often be like starring in a Sci-Fi movie. You feel, hear, and see things that no one else does, and you meet and interact with various members of our Galactic Family. From my experience, I’d say these experiences present themselves when we are ready, when we’ve raised vibration and awareness enough to not freak out, and when we’re actually able to use discernment and act accordingly. In other words, when there’s no need to panic.  

The first time I was visited and made friends with a Cosmic Being was very unexpected and it was no one less than the Goddess Kali. I was sitting deep in meditation when I suddenly saw a strange looking female with a black face and red tongue sticking out. Her face emerged from inside of me, came up and out and stared right in my face. I was instantly taken aback and opened my eyes. “What the hell just happened?” I thought to myself. In all honesty, I knew nothing about Goddess Kali. I knew of the name but I had no idea what she looked like and what kind of energy she represented. Needless to say, I had no idea she’d lived inside me all along!

After that I started becoming more and more aware of the presence of the Beings, mainly Light Beings. I felt they were around me most of the time, usually 3 of them: a male, a female, and a no gender Being, acting as guardians and guides. I felt they were really tall, I could only see them down to their shoulders, literally bodies of Light. Being aware of their constant presence, I never felt alone ― in a good way. 

My second-most important encounter was not so pleasant. It was with the low vibrational Beings most commonly known as Reptilians. It was on the day I found myself in a situation in which I witnessed a conflict and an expression of anger by an individual. It wasn’t even directed at me, I just happened to be there as a witness. It was also when I had my mum staying with me for a week. My mum is, in general, a loving person with a big heart. However, due to a life-long conditioning and a lot of inherited collective karma, she functions from a place of fear and is constantly on high alert about the smallest things. 

So on that particular day, after I witnessed the anger-charged situation while having my mum around for a few days, I was feeling drained by everything that was going on around me. I was also still going through my own purging and clearing some old emotional stuff. I was driving along an empty road when, out of nowhere, I had a vision of Reptilian Beings surrounding me in a circle and crawling toward me. Let me point out that this is all happening in the Astral realm; I saw all this with my Third Eye, not in a physical form. I didn’t feel scared, I was fully aware that in 3D reality, I was driving in my car, there was no one around me on a physical level, and I was perfectly safe. 

As soon as that realisation came through, so did inner knowing of what to do ― to call upon my Light Beings and draw more Light from the Source into my energy field. It took quite few moments to be able to do this effectively, partly because I was already feeling drained, and partly because it was happening for a first time. As soon as I drew enough Light and expanded my Light Body, the Reptilians began to move away from me, farther and farther, until I couldn’t see them anymore.

When I was later reflecting on this experience, I realised that these low-vibrational Beings are here to remind us that we have a choice in every moment. We have a choice to stay in the Light or to give in to the Dark. We can choose our thoughts, words, situations we put ourselves in, people we surround ourselves with, and our choices determine our reality not just on a physical level but in all other dimensions as well, even if we aren’t fully aware of that yet. The universe is vast and we’re surrounded by the Unseen as much as the Seen. 

I have since fought quite a few battles with Reptilians and pushed them out of certain places and situations. Tom Kenyon refers to them as Feeders, and that is what they are; they feed on low-vibrational energy emitted through emotions like fear, anger, resentment, jealousy, etc. They cannot survive where Light is. And that is the lesson they bring. As with every other unpleasant experience, Reptilians also show up so we can learn a lesson and move on. Like everything else in life, they ultimately serve our highest good. 

I’ve met many Cosmic friends over time, all very friendly and loving, some simply showing their presence with a loving smile, and some actually assisting with my healing. I’ve witnessed my astral body being worked on and Light Codes being infused. I’ve seen myself directly receive beautiful healing energy from powerful Spirits like Yeshua and Mary Magdalene. 

As we open ourselves to the Cosmic Energy and the Multiverse, we open ourselves to all that comes with it. Spiritual Awakening is awakening to what we are: multidimensional beings. As much as it sounds like a Sci-Fi movie, it is absolutely possible to experience two places ― dimensions at the same time. However, which energy you choose to dwell in will determine what those places are, and who’ll you meet along the way. As you expand your consciousness, you expand your existence through many dimensions.