Transitioning to the new pattern

This is a revised and expanded version of insights shared in my recent newsletter, titled “Cosmology of Homecoming, the Foundations of Health, and True Economy.”

When I feel into the shifts in human consciousness that have been catalyzed by the Coronavirus, I sense that we are leaving a 40-year pattern of culture from 1979 through 2019 and entering a more loving and awakened way of being and relating – the “new pattern.” I see that as of the end of March humanity was stepping out of the old ways and that May and June are a time of radical acceleration into the new pattern, which will become established in July. Moreover, I see that the “beautiful new beginnings” of more functional systems, including a proliferation of community-based solutions, will become visible to ordinary sight toward the end of 2020 in the USA, and a bit later in places where there is less disruption and chaos.

The key for navigating this transition gracefully is to trust that life knows exactly what it is doing. Life itself is holding us and supporting our healing and awakening, and the result of the process that we are in will be inclusive flourishing. In the meantime, it is important to find the place in our hearts where we truly know that humans and nature can thrive together. The strength of our collective resolve will energize and select that outcome. Know, therefore, that in the post-pandemic reality, those who are dedicated to life – and to healing, transformation, and awakening – will experience being much more supported than before the pattern shift. Our gifts will be received, and remunerated, and our businesses will grow as we cultivate alignment with the source of life.

“The next ‘black swan’ event is the collective recognition that we need radically different forms of governance, economies, healthcare, and education, and that those who had the answers in the previous pattern no longer have a viable plan.”

Although it will take time for the new pattern to become obvious, if we start looking for the “little green shoots” now, we will find them in abundance. There are enough people who are awakening, and there are enough true solutions to create a more conscious humanity. At the same time, the next few months may prove to be challenging as a majority of people discover that it is impossible go back to the old ways. The next “black swan” event is the collective recognition that we need radically different forms of governance, economies, healthcare, and education, and that those who had the answers in the previous pattern no longer have a viable plan. Genius is required at the level of the species in order to make the nonlinear and non-incremental leap into new systems that are based on planetary consciousness. Though many may suppose that such a leap is impossible given humanity’s historical immaturity, I see that we are already rising to the challenge of transforming our societies and that the requisite creativity is already blossoming across the entire spectrum of human activity.

If ever we feel stress or overwhelm from the uncertainty of these times, we can remember that life is friendly, that our present experience is the transformation of human consciousness that we have been longing for, and that the new pattern is beautiful. Then we can listen deeply for the subtle guidance and wisdom that will show us the path forward.

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What is Sourcing?

The Practice of Sourcing

There is a growing community of people around the world who are finding methods to access, or source, the wisdom of life itself and manifest new forms and structures. The actual methods that people use vary widely and evolve through practice over time. However, when we look for what is common across sourcing practices, the following pattern emerges:

  1. Opening to receive information and associated consciousness and energy from the deepest places within ourselves, where we are one with all that is.
  2. Asking a question verbally or energetically with the intention to receive an answer from the greatest and most benevolent source of wisdom for the optimal good of all.
  3. Receiving the answer through some intuitive means, which could be clairaudience, claircognizance, clairsentience, clairvoyance, a pendulum, or another way.
  4. Checking with additional people who are sourcing responses to the same question (i.e., co-sourcing) and/or other sourcing methods to confirm the information.
  5. Iterating the process until there is agreement across people and/or methods. This may include refining the question or exploring dissonances to discover invalid assumptions.
  6. Implementing the guidance that has been received in a manner that respects all other ways of knowing as well as people who might not have a practice of sourcing.

Sourcing Information and Light

When we are sourcing, we receive information that comes from such a profound depth within awareness that it cannot be obtained using other methods, including the rational mind. Although this information may be interesting and significant, it is only half of the picture. The other half consists of “intelligent light” that is carrying the information. When we are sourcing, we are accessing realms beyond manifestation and bringing intelligent light into the world from beyond the universe of form. This light prisms into new consciousness and energy that are free from the previously existing forms and structures. The result is that we are literally bringing forth “the new Earth” whenever we source.

Definitions of Sourcing

Here are three definitions of sourcing that have, themselves, been deeply sourced:

1. Sourcing is the process of becoming Supreme Spirit.

When we source, we join with the source of our being. With practice, and as we source more and more deeply, we become the ultimate Source, which is Supreme Spirit. Sourcing awakens the practitioner from the experience of being separate from the ultimate Source of being. Importantly, there is a point at which the one who is sourcing transitions from accessing Source to abiding as Source. Then the intention of sourcing shifts from attaining wisdom to expressing enlightenment, which is the joy of creatorship.

2. Sourcing brings the forms that have been ideated within divine imagination into expression.

Before the forms of the world can be experienced, they exist within a realm of profound imagination that is often labeled “divine” since it is typically inaccessible to the human mind. With sourcing, and with awakening, one gains access to this realm where the prototypes for all new creations exist as divine ideas. Doing so conducts the intelligent light associated with these prototypes into the world. Over time, this intelligence instructs beings and the forces of nature to construct the new forms tangibly so that they can be experienced.

3. Sourcing is the manifestation process by which Supreme Spirit becomes substance.

Since sourcing is a process of joining with Source, it bridges the everyday world with its spiritual origins. When the bridge is highly awake, the deeper realms of existence are able to breathe themselves into manifestation with less resistance. When there is no resistance whatsoever, the most-profound Supreme Spirit is able to enter the world as luminous substance. One whose egoic structures of resistance have disappeared unites Earth and Heaven in the act of sourcing and can manifest miracles of new creation.

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Intuition Rising

Humanity is shifting now from operating primarily based on intellectual understandings to discerning how to move through life using intuition. Intellect will still function, and it will be all the more effective when intuition provides the guidance for where to focus. Jonas Salk, the Nobel Prize-winning scientist who developed the Polio vaccine, said, “Intuition will tell the thinking mind where to look next.” Intuition perceives life directly and discovers solutions in the midst of complexity. When intuition is allowed to lead, the thinking mind creates structures that serve life.

The life-serving economic paradigm that is coming will look so different from what we have known over the last 40 years that we need to use our intuitions now to discover the new principles. The knowledge of how things worked in the past is no longer sufficient to guide us. To give a sense of the magnitude of the changes taking place, our knowledge is perhaps 25% of what is required in order to navigate these times. To align ourselves with life we will need to tune into the energy and consciousness of deeply creative powers and allow our decisions to be substantially informed by what we receive intuitively. This is possible. Millions of people are “tuning in” and “sourcing” wisdom every day, usually quietly. The more we share our practices and articulate what we discover, the more our lives will be uplifted and the healthier we will become.

The era of hiding our intuitive practices is over.

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The time of change is imminent. Do not go back.

Today I was watching a documentary called “Standing on Sacred Ground: Islands of Sanctuary.” During the segment about Aboriginal land rights and the Rainbow Serpent, there was a loud bang outside. Afterwards I discovered that a large pane of glass had shattered without any obvious cause. While I was sweeping up the glass, I could feel that the forces of nature were speaking, and I received a spiritual coordinate that corresponds to “heavenly lightning.” Here is the message that was pushing on the edge of my awareness:

Be with your people now. The time of change is imminent. Earth is reclaiming her majesty and you will honor her through responding with care and fierce kindness in the face of prohibition. No more hollow commitments by governments will be tolerated in relation to the sacred. The land demands respect and will receive it now. Make offerings.

Since then I have been in a pensive mood. A second, shorter message came after I meditated: “Do not go back to the way things were.” I sense that it is of utmost importance that we really listen, right now, and not resume the unconscious and dishonoring behaviors that were so prevalent before the Coronavirus pandemic. Mother Earth requires our reverence. Let us offer our gifts to her. May the above image remind us of our responsibility.

Photo by Jeff Vander Clute.

Creating the Foundations of Health: A Conscious Approach Inspired by COVID-19

This is a transmission of Love.

There has been a growing sense that the pandemic is not what it appears to be. When I connected with the consciousness of life, and invited it to reveal more of the reality underlying what we think is happening, I saw that the novel coronavirus is not the greatest causal factor for why so many people are suffering from COVID-19. The initial insight that came through meditation is that the coronavirus is one factor among a number of cofactors that together create the conditions for disease. Then I noticed, intuitively, that the virus is actually a minor contributor relative to the other cofactors, all of which are humanity’s responsibility. This led me to the conclusion that humans have created this pandemic, unintentionally, through our unconscious behaviors.

In order of importance, I get that the most significant cofactors for COVID-19 are:

  1. Confusion about one’s true nature
  2. Harmful decisions and beliefs (especially about ourselves)
  3. Level of fear
  4. Pollution (especially air pollution)
  5. Degraded body
  6. Judgment

In the absence of these conditions, I saw that the virus will be readily removed from the body. On the other hand, when more of the conditions that favor illness are present, there is a greater risk of a health crisis, regardless of whether one is young or old. Although age correlates highly with number 5, especially, young people will also be susceptible if some combination of the cofactors is strongly present for them.

Before proceeding it is essential to underscore that this article is not offering medical advice. Hundreds of thousands of medical professionals are working around the clock, under incredibly difficult circumstances, to reduce the human toll of this pandemic. They deserve our love, appreciation, and support. What this article does offer is sourced information that cannot be obtained using standard methods, but which may nevertheless be helpful in illuminating the deeper dimensions of COVID-19 and disease more generally. This information suggests a consciousness-based approach to creating the foundations of health, which we can put into practice immediately. My hope is that by tending to the foundations of health, the human family will never again find ourselves in such a grave predicament.

The Cofactors of Health

To create the foundations of health, we need to cultivate certain conditions within our individual and collective consciousness. This statement immediately raises two questions:

  1. What is consciousness?
  2. What are the conditions within consciousness that support excellent health?

For our purposes, consciousness is the profoundly subtle aspect of who we are, both individually and collectively, that makes decisions and evaluates the outcomes. Consciousness determines our experiences, and our experience of health is largely a result of what is happening at the level of consciousness. Unfortunately, humans have been almost entirely unaware of this activity, but that is something we can change.

In answer to the second question, the following “cofactors of health” revealed themselves. These are the antidotes to the cofactors of disease that I sourced initially in relation to COVID-19.

1. Know the True You

When we know who and what we are in reality, our bodies become much stronger and more resilient. Although our true nature is something that each of us will discover through contemplation, and I do not wish to impose metaphysical or spiritual ideas, the first cofactor for health that came through is decidedly spiritual. The simple practice that emerged as a remedy to confusion about who and what we are is repeating “I am Supreme Spirit” for five, ten, fifteen, or even thirty minutes. When there is total realization of the truth of these words – which might take years, so please be patient – no microbe, substance, or environmental influence will be able harm you. Throughout the ages, avadhutas and realized sages have demonstrated the possibilities of existence beyond the reach of poisons, diseases, and various other dangers. You will find true examples in the books of Sri M, Paramahansa Yogananda, and Swami Rama (1). Even before the ultimate state of imperviousness is attained, health benefits manifest on the path of self-realization. These may start at the spiritual and energetic levels of being; however, eventually the physical body will experience greater vitality as well.

“Know the True You” is listed first since we tend to develop the other cofactors of health naturally when we know our true nature. At the same time, I appreciate that such overtly spiritual language will not resonate for everyone. I would love to learn what happens when people who do not consider themselves to be spiritual repeat the affirmation. My sense is that the practice can help all of us, whatever our belief systems may be.

2. Make deeply beneficial decisions

Humans are fully capable of making decisions that are aligned with reality, and we can also choose to live in ways that deny the basis for our existence. Our decisions have much more power than we may realize, and to the extent that we choose to believe that we are small, flawed, powerless, separate from life or the divine, and alone, we are asking to experience sickness, accelerated aging, and death. Fortunately it is possible to change our choices and our beliefs. The antidote to a lifetime of making decisions that are harmful to our well-being is to practice “deciding for Love” – the most powerful force in the universe. Whenever you are making a decision large or small, you can slow down, touch your heart with your left hand, and ask, “Am I deciding for Love?” You might need to wait for a minute or two for the answer to come as a feeling, an image, or in some other way, but you will receive the answer. Over time, as you recreate your life situation through decisions that are for Love, your body, mind, heart, and soul will become increasingly harmonious. When your physical body and whole being are thriving, it is far less likely that disease will manifest in or around you. By choosing Love, you are bringing healing to yourself, your communities, and the world.

3. Reduce fear

Many of the messages that have been circulating in the media have been encouraging people to be afraid. Although caution, prevention, and vigilance are all necessary during the pandemic, when we act out of fear the results often run counter to what we are hoping to achieve. What works much more reliably is to act from a state of peace. When there is peace within, the vast intelligence of our bodies coordinates the mechanisms of health automatically. In addition, as is the case with viruses at the physical level, there must be “receptors” within our consciousness in order for disease to manifest. These receptors are essentially the places in ourselves where we are afraid. When we are in a state of peace, fear dissolves and we have fewer disease receptors, figuratively speaking. The antidote to fear, and the way to find peace immediately, is to stop thinking. When the thinking mind slows down, our unhealthy thoughts dissipate and we stop imagining worst-case scenarios. This allows the mind and body to rest and reset. The good news is that you do not need to be a skilled meditator to calm the thinking mind. I have found that as long as we are sincere and open to receive guidance, life will support us through every situation and teach us the ways of peace and fearlessness.

4. Maintain a clean environment

Chronic exposure to pollution weakens our immune systems and makes us susceptible to many illnesses. According to the World Health Organization, “air pollution kills an estimated seven million people worldwide every year … largely as a result of increased mortality from stroke, heart disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, lung cancer and acute respiratory infections.” The European Public Health Alliance has advised that consistently high levels of air pollution “may have intensified the coronavirus disease in certain areas.” On the flip side, when we reduce pollution, the benefits can accumulate very quickly as well. According to one study, the reduction in air pollution in China during two months of shutdown has probably saved 77,000 lives, which is many times the official COVID-19 death count for that country. Evidence for the value of cleaning up the natural environment is overwhelming, and environmental remediation is a solution that everyone can help to implement. In Estonia, 50,000 volunteers cleaned up 10,000 tons of garbage in a single day, and their success inspired a movement called “Let’s Do It! World” that is now active in over 100 countries. A global mobilization to clean up the air we breathe – along with the water we drink, the soil we grow our food in, and the other ingredients for life – will save lives and reduce the number and severity of future pandemics.

5. Heal your body with self-love

When our bodies have been compromised due to pollution, unhealthy lifestyles, or issues that seem to be out of our hands such as a genetic predisposition to disease, we are more vulnerable to viruses and other disease agents. There is much that we can do on multiple levels to restore and maintain the integrity of our bodies, including reducing fear and worry through meditation and relaxation; gratitude practices; cleaning up our immediate environment; waking up to the truth of our nature; and making decisions that consistently align with self-realization. All of these are acts of self-love. When we act in a loving way, we heal our physical bodies along with the subtler dimensions of our being. With practice, we discover that nothing is beyond the reach of healing. As Bruce Lipton articulated in The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter & Miracles, even our genetics can be transformed by upgrading our thoughts and beliefs. I have worked with a woman who was able to reverse Huntington’s Disease, a genetic condition that is thought to be 100% fatal. Nothing is impossible. Paramahansa Yogananda wrote in Autobiography of a Yogi that “whatever your powerful mind believes very intensely would instantly come to pass.” What is needed is the deep decision to heal and maintain the body in an optimal state, and the dedication to practice a healthy lifestyle.

6. Release judgment

When I tune into the consciousness of the United States, which has been struggling greatly with COVID-19, I see that the most significant causal factor for the disease there is the culture of pervasive and chronic judgments toward oneself and others. The climate of extreme polarization, in which many Americans across the political spectrum have resorted to name calling and condemning one another, has helped to make the population more vulnerable to the effects of the coronavirus. Judgment is a form of mental pollution, and as with other forms of pollution the number one remedy is to stop making more of it. A powerful way to cease judgment is to practice embracing ourselves and our differences. We can start today by listening to people who think and feel differently about life. We can find a place in our hearts for everyone by knowing that almost every human being has been hurting somewhere inside for a long time. So often our opinions and behaviors arise from the deep wounds of cultural oppression, systemic inequalities, and feeling unloved. Without condoning damaging behaviors we can begin to see the beautiful souls that are struggling to express themselves in what has been a mixed-up world. The antidote to judgment is to embrace one another as best we can, and to keep practicing so that we can strengthen the loving connections that will heal our societies and ourselves. Releasing judgment will strengthen our immune systems in the process.

Concluding remarks

When a condition is manifesting physically, that means we have likely missed a number of signals and opportunities to resolve the issue proactively at the level of consciousness. In my experience, life is always signaling where we are out of alignment with our true selves and nature, and when we are too busy to notice or pay attention to these messages the symptoms grow in magnitude until they become impossible to ignore.

The current pandemic is the result of many missed signals and misplaced priorities, such as valuing economic growth over the health of humans and nature. We can change course now by learning to listen more carefully to life. We can pay attention to the wisdom of our bodies and to the health of the planet. We can learn from what has not worked, and we can make beneficial choices going forward. In particular, we can choose to create the foundations of health, for ourselves and for society, so that when a novel virus or other health threat comes along in the future, our immune systems will be able to respond effectively.

The global health crisis has gifted us with an opportunity to develop new systems of health based on consciousness, and my prediction is that radical levels of vitality will be ours if we choose this path.

(1) Recommended books include:
Apprenticed to a Himalayan Master (A Yogi’s Autobiography), by Sri M
The Journey Continues: A Sequel to Apprenticed to a Himalayan Master, by Sri M
Autobiography of a Yogi, by Paramahansa Yogananda
Living with the Himalayan Masters, by Swami Rama

Photo by Ira Mint on Unsplash.

A Call to Co-Create True Economy (Part 1)

The last time I was inspired to write about money and economy (See: Money Is Alive and Well) was two weeks before the World Health Organization declared the coronavirus outbreak to be a pandemic. Now that much of the world has shut down economically, with serious consequences for millions of people, the concept of humanity’s Great Transition has suddenly become very real. At the same time I have been receiving visions in meditation with a new level of clarity, and I have a sense that these “downloads” offer clues that can help us to navigate through this turbulent period.

Here are two of the powerful questions that I have been meditating on:

  • What is a true economy, and what are its principles?
  • What is money, and how does it function in a true economy?

Humanity’s answers to these questions, and our often-unconscious beliefs about money and economy, greatly influence how we relate to one another, to other life forms, and to life itself. Now that the world economy appears to be failing, a window has opened up during which we can reconsider our foundational assumptions, definitions, and beliefs about value and how society is organized. This is a golden opportunity to source different answers to the above questions by listening to the wisdom that exists within us. The responses we receive can provide a roadmap for thriving in the post-coronavirus world. As we listen deeply and upgrade our notions of money and economy, we will co-create new economic and governance models that are better adapted for life in the 21st century and beyond.

What follows is a set of interconnected understandings that came to me when I went still and invited the most awakened version of humanity to be revealed through the lens of economy and money.

What Is a True Economy?

The new economy needs to be an awakened economy, in which businesses and individuals interact with unprecedented levels of consciousness and love. When I asked the question “What is an optimal name for the new or awakened economy?”, the phrase that came to me was “true economy.” Then, as I contemplated the nature of a true economy, I could see and feel that it has certain characteristics:

Activities that benefit all and harm none are naturally supported.
People and communities have immense freedom to develop their creativity.
Human communities and ecosystems are uplifted by economic activity.
Businesses prosper without compromising the web of life.
People have realized their true nature.
In addition, I received a set of 11 principles for co-creating true economy.

11 Principles of True Economy

  1. Anchor Assets: The foundation of wealth for each community, and for each bioregion, is the health of its ecosystems. Healthy ecosystems attract life around them.
  2. Leveling Out: A true economy keeps value flowing, eliminates unhealthy inequalities, and ensures that everyone’s basic needs are met ongoingly.
  3. Generosity: The participants in a true economy always give more than the minimum because it feels good to do so. This quality of interacting increases the well-being of all.
  4. Value Yourself: When you truly appreciate your own value within the web of life, you can more easily appreciate the value of others and their contributions.
  5. Do What You Love: In a healthy ecosystem, there is enough life energy available to create everything you need by doing what you love to do and sharing the results.
  6. Life = Value = Life: Life is the source of value and life experiences are what people value. There are countless forms of value, and they all contribute to increasing the quality of life.
  7. Measure Health: By continually measuring, monitoring, and improving the health of people, communities, and nature, it is possible to incentivize human activities that increase true wealth.
  8. Money Spirals: The circulation of money through webs of loving interaction activates people’s creativity, adds life energy to the economy, and lifts everyone with each cycle.
  9. Cultivate Wealth (in the original sense): Grow and nurture assets, with intention, that rise in worth with the well-being of people and nature. Harvest the wealth, consciously, distribute it equitably, and continue the cycle.
  10. Protect People and Ecosystems: Conserve, enhance, and appreciate the upward spiral of healthy interplay between the natural world and humans.
  11. Mutually Assured Thriving: The structures of a true economy strongly favor activities and interactions that benefit all and harm none. The thriving of one requires the thriving of all, and a healthy whole requires healthy individuals.

What Is Money, and How Does It Function in a True Economy?

In Part 2, I will share the five-part answer that I received in response to the question “What is money, and how does it function in a true economy?”


The articulation of the 11 principles has been greatly inspired by LOVE TO, a leading-edge incubator and funder of regenerative businesses and business clusters. The LOVE TO group of companies is quietly pioneering the implementation of the new economy with partners who have understood these principles for a long time. Special thanks to Tim Bennett, founder of LOVE TO, for his co-creative assistance.

Photo from PxHere.

After the Coronavirus: A Vision

Jeff Vander Clute, 17 March 2020

A few days after “A Message from the Coronavirus” began circulating, I read the following headline: “No one knows what the post-coronavirus reality will be like.” This motivated me to ask life itself for its perspective on where the world is heading. I figured that if life could speak – and it did! – it would have much to say about what is on the other side of the present global crisis. Once again I was heartened by the wisdom that came through in response. Breathe deeply and allow your entire system to be bathed by Love.

Humanity will survive and be stronger than before. You have a glorious future ahead of you. Seize this opportunity to evolve your ways of being together. Learn to be better stewards of the planet. Take time to meditate or rest in stillness. Your societies will restructure around different principles after this experience. Trust that the process has its wisdom, that life is here for you and is always supporting your highest good. To those who wonder whether the universe is friendly or not, I answer that it is a friendly place – the friendliest possible. That can be your experience on the other side of this moment of burning away and annealing. It is friendly to teach. It is friendly to strengthen. It is friendly to awaken the sleeping ones. I do this as gently as I can, out of love. The time has come for you to know a much more glorious reality.

1. “The coronavirus situation is a healing crisis that marks the beginning of a new epoch of human development characterized by operating beyond the ego.”1

Humans have reached an inflection point where you are shifting away from operating defensively out of fear of what might happen to acting in alignment with a growing sense of what is good for the whole of life. Naturally, the whole of life includes all humans and all of nature. So you are included. Do not be afraid. A growing number of you are realizing that what is truly beneficial, and that which truly works for the long term, is simultaneously good for the totality of life as well as for the individuals. It is rigorously true that there can be no trade-off between individual thriving and the thriving of communities and the natural world. The way that you can evaluate what will best serve the whole of life is through practicing methods of intuitive discernment. The transition from analysis (which separates) and individualistic behaviors to holistic perception and wise action (which arises from wholeness), is not an easy one; however, this is the transition that your species is now required to make, and you have all the support you need.

2. “Peace will become a true priority.”2

It follows from the principle that all must benefit and none may be excluded that peaceful co-existence is the true state of being within collectivity. Any other state is a fearful illusion. You have perhaps not sufficiently considered the extent to which this is a radical proposition. Your entire economy, and almost all of your interactions, are predicated upon the notion that there are separate “parties” that must negotiate very well in order to achieve outcomes that satisfy their own interest and desire to win at the expense of others. These are childish ways. You do not need to prove your worth by winning. Realize instead that the shared objective of all who engage in any form of interaction, not just financial exchange, is equitable participation and the fair distribution of life experiences. Your species will live a very long time by sharing and prioritizing the well-being of all. You will live with greater health and enjoy life more when your energies are directed toward the fulfillment of communal aspiration. In this way you discover the peace that always is. You would do well to enshrine peace as a design objective in your societies, and in your inner being. It is a compass heading that can be relied upon.

3. “Through empathy, humans will arrive at the Remembrance of who they are.”

Have you noticed that the experience of oneness replaces all prior ideas of yourself as a separate being who has to compete for your bread and butter? The state of peace enables you to more easily recognize the underlying unity that is at the heart of all human interactions. It is in your heart that you remember who you are from the standpoint of soul and the light that radiates through your individual body and mind. The Remembrance, with a capital R, is a relaxation into the certainty that you are held by life because you are life, despite all appearances to the contrary. You can relax because everything that you thought you needed to do to carve out an existence is moot. You exist, you belong, you are a shining human embodiment of the One, which you are now in the process of remembering. The empathy that so many of you are now feeling on account of the suffering of others is helping you to make the connection energetically with your heart, which, again, is where the awakening is already happening. Love one another, love yourself, grieve when loss happens, and also know that no one is ever lost. This stage of forgetfulness will soon be past, the threshold crossed, the new day begun.

4. “Humanity will become a conscious superorganism.”3

You are all my children. We are a family. This family has its own consciousness, its own destiny, and its own path of fulfillment. Because you are realizing oneness, you have growing access to the perceptions and agency of the human family as a whole. Imagine that you and your siblings can all see what I see, which begins with how beautiful you are. Imagine that you can focus the eyes of the world and see the distant shores of creation, and instantly perceive what is happening anywhere on the planet. From the individual perspective, and with your current world-view, this may seem improbable. When you experience this elevated beingness, however, you will not think to ask for proof. The analogy of your hands may be helpful here. Touch one fingertip to the keyboard and that is like the experience of a single human being. Place all of your fingertips on the keyboard and you feel the collective experience of many individuals. Practice typing and you will know the feeling of the orchestrated wholeness that easily produces great works of writing. Now know that there is a part of you that sails above what you thought was you. Allow yourself to rise to this perspective and see that all humans are like “fingers” typing on the “keyboard” of life. Or, if you prefer a musical simile, you are all playing the keyboard of the grandest piano. You are all music to my ears. The time has come to hear yourselves as I hear you.

5. “Virtual interactions will facilitate connectivity on subtler levels of being.”

It is a pleasure to share with you that the advent of virtual communication technologies is actually an evolutionary leap, even though it may feel like a retreat from real interactions. For you to sense and come to perceive the oneness of being directly, it is necessary to de-emphasize that which confirms your feelings of separation. When you engage with one another through a screen, additional capacities and senses are activated to compensate for the reduced input from the accustomed physical senses. Your new capacities and senses will serve you truly in the coming times, and will enable you to coordinate rapidly with the rest of the body, mind, and soul dimensions of humanity. Now, properly understood, your body is infinite. Finitude is an illusion, and as such there is only one body. This is why you will have no trouble with the superorganism. And when you know this, embodied experience will bring the bliss that flows eternally from the state of immortality, and you will find that physical death is a minor event. For the time being, the cessation of so much to-ing and fro-ing is bringing respite to Earth’s biosystems, and the trend of virtualizing your activities is healing you – yes – by enabling the conditions for you to experience a refined wholeness through newly activated senses. You will get your body back, and more!

Thank You

This has been quite a journey. If you will make a practice of connecting with me and asking how you can serve the whole of creation whenever you are uncertain, I can assure you that the quest that you are on together will get easier. There has never been a more auspicious time for you to awaken as a species. The circumstances of your world have rendered it all but impossible to remain asleep to the vaster implications of your being. Wake up now, dear ones, to the knowledge that we inhabit one indivisible field of aliveness. We are life. You are life. This is the new life that you have until now dreamt in secret. The fulfillment of this initial recognition is the healed world. Thank you for the service you are providing to me.

1 Jeff Vander Clute: “Navigating the Death and Transfiguration of the Ego
2 Elisabet Sahtouris: “The Secret to Human Co-Existing
3 Bruce Lipton: “Humanity as Superorganism: Our Hopeful Future

Image by Nandhu Kumar from Pixabay