How creating from spaciousness leads to positive change

When you tune into the universal energy of the current times, you’ll notice a new sense of spaciousness has been created and provided for us all. I’m referring to it as ‘the great pause’.

This spaciousness provides us with time to embark on an inner journey that will essentially guide and connect us to the outer world we want to experience and create.

This time allows us to recreate, redefine, and realign our energy towards activities that align us to our authentic self – a self which has full clarity, expresses from truth, and is aware of our connection to each other and to everything around us.

This connection drives how we will act and how we will create, going forward.

Not even two months before the pandemic hit, I penned the following words for my upcoming Mayan book on awakened leadership:

Forgetting who you really are is one of the fastest pathways to losing your connection to nature, the elements, and your gifts. It’s also the fastest pathway to self-destruction and self-annihilation, which is what our society is now facing.

I may not have a glimpse of the whole future, but I do know that when we as a society are given an opportunity – in the form of a collective forced way of being – to honor that message, it’s important to do so. Because as in our personal life, if we fail to heed warnings they will keep repeating until we get the message.

Tips for applying spaciousness to your life:

Pay attention to resistance

Resistance is like the body experiencing pain; it’s telling you to pay attention to something. If you are experiencing resistance around a task, a decision, or moving an idea forward – stop. Take a walk, meditate, make herbal tea, and give yourself space for the solution to come through. The solution could even be to not go ahead with your original intention. 

Resistance is a sign that something is off. It can point to one of the blocks you need to work through, or indicate that the activity or idea itself could be out of alignment or unfinished.  

Remove inner and outer pressures

When you feel pressure to create something new or build upon something – stop. Assess where this pressure is coming from. Is it coming from scarcity energy that has been deeply ingrained in our society? Or is it coming from a self-identity story you’ve told yourself about who you are? Is it a family member’s voice inside your head putting pressure on you? Or are you pressuring yourself out of comparison or choosing to copy others.

Lead through inspiration, not self-delegation

Spaciousness allows you to lead and take action through inspiration that naturally comes to you when you give yourself the space. For example, if you have scheduled one day to get clarity on or to reorganize an important topic, give yourself a week instead. If you have committed to working on three projects at once because that’s your usual pace, go inside and assess how you need to be spending your time. Perhaps working on only one project is more suitable right now?

Prioritize spaciousness

Spaciousness is not a one-off thing, meaning it’s not something you do for one hour or one day and then are done with. This time in humanity is asking for us to create spaciousness for many months. To slow down our pace in all areas of our life in general, especially our business.

Spaciousness needs to become the underlying tapestry and fabric of your life. This will become the place where you birth your new ideas and inspirations while experiencing the greatest amounts of joy.

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Why the Corona virus is happening FOR us, not TO us, Part 3

Steps to take now to prepare for the future: A Q&A with the disruptive energy currently at work on earth

In this time of great unrest and social disruption, many are asking how we can best act and serve now to weather through this storm and bring about the most positive change after this disruption. 

In this article I continue to speak directly with this disruptive energy to gain some clarity around our future existence as human beings.  

In Part 1: Message to the people, I shared a message to those currently experiencing challenges and to those thriving. In Part 2: Insights around social structures, I covered insights around our future as a society. In this post I provide insights of how to cultivate the most harmony now, to prepare for a better future. 

The following is a transcript of my March 23 conversations with what I interpreted as the disruptive energy currently taking place on earth. 

How are we being called as a society to act right now? 

What you are dealing with now is a force outside of your control, outside the control of man. So it’s best to not try and fight it, control it or make an enemy out of it. It’s best to equip yourself right now with ways and tools of support. Of loving and protecting yourself and your fellow humans. Coming together and seeing all lives as worthy, helping and being there for each other, witnessing each other’s pain and being able to rise above it with feelings of peace are how you are all being called to act now. 

Know that some of you will experience this disruption and show up in different ways. Some as victims whose lives are falling apart, others as saviors, and some will show up with grace, kindness, and love for your fellow neighbor. Whatever your approach, you will all move through this and it will pass. How soon depends on how quickly you can come together as a united community, country, society, and planet. 

Coming together involves listening, communicating, voices being heard, pain being felt, and compassion being shared amongst you. How you show up now will set a precedent of your own future and what is to come. 

So we urge you to act with grace, compassion, love for one another, and patience. Keep your faith pointing in the direction ahead you want to move to as a society, culture, and civilization on this earth. Don’t let the coming undone sway your vision and hopes. You are steering your ship in a new direction; it just takes a little way to change ways.  

What measures do we put in place to create a more positive and accountable future? 

The measures were already starting to be put in place. You already measured and concluded your future was unsustainable and there was a risk of extinction amongst you all. This is your opportunity to continue with the measures that serve you, then create new measures that come from a place of unity, good for all (not just for one or two groups), co-existence, and collaboration. 

These measures will be decided by many people and many groups and will shift as the times and needs of society shift. Nothing will be set in stone or anything be forgotten or ignored. 

Opportunities for accountability are happening now as the gaps in accountability are showing up now in a once-corrupted past. Transparent measures will be put into place to measure when misalignment takes place so it can easily be caught and corrected. As structures and organizations will set up to benefit the good of all, no one will have anything to lose or gain over another. 

What are some glimpses for us into a bigger picture?

The bigger future you have asked for and imagined is already here and is already taking place. Start to note the shifts and upcoming trends happening right now, how at a fast speed you were able to adapt to these daily changes and come together as a  more united society. This coming together, working together, and supporting each other will continue to take place and spread in larger formats. 

You’ll begin to witness the natural beauty around you and positive power of humans working towards a collective goal versus working to only enable themselves. This shift in perception from ‘me’ to ‘WE’ will bring about many innovations and technologies that serve a global community of humanity. When you act from a united place there are no limits to the power of what humans can create and joy they can experience while on this earth. The future is looking much brighter when you work for each other not against each other. This future you have a small glimpse of right now and this will continue to unfold and expand amongst all threads of society and daily existence. The opportunities for this to happen are paramount. It just takes a change in perception to allow this change to become widespread amongst the human race. 

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Why the Corona virus is happening FOR us, not TO us, Part 2

Insights around social structures: Q&A with the disruptive energy currently at work on earth

In this time of great unrest and social disruption, many are questioning the future of our main societal structures such as finance, politics, business, and healthcare systems. So I decided to use my gifts and speak directly with this disruptive energy to gain some clarity around our future existence as human beings.  

In Part 1: Message to the people, I uncovered a message to those currently experiencing challenges and to those thriving. In this post I’ll share insights around social structures both present and future. What follows is a transcript of my March 19 and March 23 conversations with what I interpreted as the disruptive energy currently taking place on earth.

Insights on changes to the political landscape

The political landscape has been crumbling and bursting at the seams for many years now especially since the 70s and after the last assassination of the Presidents. Many parts of the political system – the democracies and dictatorships have not been working and have been coming undone at the seams. 

This is an opportunity for the counterparts and all of those associated in the political system to rise up and be able to contribute in a higher way. It’s an opportunity for those that have big ideas to speak up about how they would like society to be run. It’s an opportunity for those that can’t hold a higher vision to step down and focus their energy on themselves and their own growth. But until that perspective and structure is taken it will continue to crumble. 

How much it will crumble during this disruption seems to take a momentary pause as there is more of a union of nations coming together. Which paints the picture of hope of how the world can be not just during a catastrophe. It opens up the mind of emerging leaders to have a direct pathway of how they can lead in the future.

Do you have a timeframe when we will start to see this undoing? 

It will continue for the next two years and then we will see the transfer of politics into the hands of those who are capable with a fresh, wholesome perspective. We will see this happening in many parts of the world starting from Canada, Australia and United Kingdom, it’s already happening in New Zealand. Eventually it will reach America, the once-great superpower. 

The trend of power being placed amongst one particular nation will also start to crumble as more countries will hold equal respect and power and this imbalance will start to disappear. As the political system becomes built more from a place of giving and receiving and sharing resources, wisdom and information to serve not just their country but also their planet. This is the political system that awaits us.

Insights about the financial system

The current system is built on corruption, pleasing the few and hurting the many. This system has also been coming apart at the seams with the banking mishaps, the downturn of many economies and the threat of decentralization – cryptocurrency.

It’s inevitable that institutions built from a false sense of security, power and manipulation will be deconstructed. However, because these systems are so deeply ingrained into society it will be a gradual deconstruction. 

There will not be any impact or loss on a global scale. There may be a reduction in the way it operates and its capacity, but it will not dissolve before another structure can take its place.

The threat of this happening is allowing other solutions to begin to sprout and take place. Where we will see more online institutions owned by the people and many start to crop up. Led by those doing good and closely aligned to these new political powers that will come into place. These two will happen side by side with a new economic structure and a new political structure. Neither will be completely dismantled until there is something ready to be transferred over to.

Does that mean we are not expecting a complete annihilation and loss of the banking system?

Not in the way that you are all feeling. Yes there will be loss, but the loss will happen to those that have been creating the misjustice, the threat and the fear amongst everyone, they will experience the most loss. Call this a karmic reaction or turning of tables.

So we are not at a stage where we need to take our money out and run and put it somewhere else?

Definitely not. You are at a stage to readily come up with new solutions and share them, contribute to them. Make them global solutions that serve all. Not small groups of perceived super powers.

Insights about business and the workforce

You are already starting to come together in partnerships and as a workforce remotely and online. These structures now will be an important part of your future as it will create a more inclusionary environment for those in remote locations or that don’t have the physical capacity to be in certain places. 

This online and remote way of working also paves way to quicker and more versatile forms of communication and decision making. It gives you flexibility to evolve your message, offerings and events to suit the collective environment, speakers and needs of the audience. 

You will start to open gateways and create new mindsets on how you conduct business. Things will happen much faster and be more accessible. Barrier to entries will be lower and exiting the market will not come as such a loss. You’ll be opening yourself up to mass levels of communication and trade where geographical locations will no longer be a barrier. Non-physical product offerings will become more apparent, as will group training, large scale online events, and the opportunity for us to more readily engage and provide for our local communities. 

In other words, more local and global conversations with offering exchanges (services or products for money or time) will take place. You’ll create a more connected, faster world while also gaining more awareness around what is in front of you and how this connects to the greater world around you. 

This virus will not be looked at in future as something that destroyed this world. It will be looked at as something that gave the world a doorway to open up into more expansive expression.

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Why the Coronavirus is happening FOR us, not TO us – Part 1

Part 1: The People

In this time of great unrest and social disruption, many are questioning the future of our main societal structures such as finance, politics, business, and healthcare systems.

In this time of great unrest and social disruption, many are questioning the future of the main societal structures such as finance, politics, business and our healthcare systems.

So I decided to use my gifts and speak directly with this disruptive energy to gain some clarity around our future existence as human beings.

Firstly, before I bring light to the benefits of this Coronavirus-led disruption currently taking place on earth, I firstly want to acknowledge those that have sacrificed their lives through the virus. Death often carries such tragedy and pain especially during times of social disruption and change.

I also want to acknowledge the suffering and pain that may be currently experienced by people who have lost their businesses and income. In times of great change and societal shifts it’s important to acknowledge those who have experienced loss and suffering. I continue to send them my heartfelt compassion during this time.

The following is a transcript of a highly likely conversation with the disruptive energy currently taking place on earth.

Relevant messages for society during these troubled times

Firstly, you are only looking at it as a troubled time because your systems are collapsing and what you know as the norm (built from a false sense of security) is no longer there. Which causes you to label the energy as a catastrophe, however what’s really happening is the undoing of what didn’t serve in the first place.

You’ve been asking for and expecting higher energies to replace the current energies on the earth. What you need to understand is, space needs to be created first for these to come through. You can’t put a layer on top of another layer, because the earth has finite space. So energy needs to be released first to make way for new energy. This also includes beliefs, structures, systems, processes and ways of doing things.

What no longer serves society and the good of all is now being revealed and coming in the limelight and why it doesn’t work. We are now being prompted to come up with solutions that work for all.

So in the background and from a higher perspective that is what is currently going on. Although a lot of you may see it as loss, trauma, catastrophes, and the end of the world as we know it.  Which is true in one form the end of the world that’s been painted by greed, harm, wars, and destruction.

Is that not what you’ve all been saying that you no longer want to experience? If so, the cleansing process is taking place. That which seems to be loss is really a reconfiguring, realignment, and opportunity to spend resources, energy, and focus in a new direction. 

It’s part of the hidden blessings that will be realized in the future, but first you must face what some people call a dark time, where not everyone has access to seeing the beauty and the miraculous events that are happening.

So we ask you to hold strong and continue to have the courage to bring this message of revelation of the prophecy that was foretold which is now starting to take place. Society is coming undone at the seams so we can build something far greater and more harmonious.

Message to those currently experiencing your world and securities being turned upside down

To you we say do not fear, do not lose hope – for this too shall pass.

This is an opportunity to cleanse, purge, and for you to let go of what you know deep down is no longer in alignment.

What you built in the past for the future, assess whether this future serves your highest good. We are giving you the opportunity to build for another future and experience the NOW from a different perspective.

We are asking you to come together and support each other. To keep holding the light for each other, knowing that as you continue to put one foot in front of the other, the light at the end of this cave will show through soon enough. We ask you to continue to have faith and reach out for help and support when you feel you need it.

Just know you are not alone. There are a multitude of you that have been preparing your whole life for this moment, so we remind you that you have the tools to overcome any perils or unknown that may be going on in your life right now. We ask you to not have fear of the future and not to try and solve any perceived problems right now.

We ask you to continue to have faith, support each other, love each other and ask for support from those that can give it.

We are telling you this is not happening for nothing. There is a great purpose behind all of this. There is a great intention that is built to serve the world for its highest good to serve humanity, the planet, and the animals.

So we ask you to hold space in your heart for this to come into fruition and for you to witness it first-hand. We send our love and compassion to you during this time and our love and support from above.

Message to those feeling abundance and flow right now

To those that are experiencing less resistance and don’t appear to be what you label in harm’s way it’s important for you to keep your energy high and vitality strong.

In these times of great mystery and unknown you are being asked to lead a movement you may not have the full glimpse of. It comes down to a matter of trusting the process and standing up and speaking up for those that are currently in the thick of it. 

The world needs your voice right now and you are being asked to come from a place of trust, forgiveness, love and understanding for all your fellow humans. To trust the guidance and wisdom that is inside of you. To trust that the future you are now a part of leading will truly benefit all and bring about this positive change on the planet you’ve been wanting to both experience and be part of co-creating. 

So for you we also say keep the faith by keeping your energy high and connecting to your heart space as often as possible. Knowing that each day as you do these practices and put one foot in front of another you are leading a journey for many that has higher magnitude than you can imagine. 

So continue on your path and lighting the way ahead. 

How long this epidemic and shutdown, disruption for society will continue for

It will continue into May if you don’t take the necessary precautions now that some of your countries are rolling out. What may seem like extreme measures and lockdowns right now is part of what will allow you to grow as a society in the future and form new social networks. It’s also part of what will keep the virus contained.

Limited physical contact with others; keeping clean, safe and positive and surrounding yourself with positive people is key right now. If you are not one of the positive people right now know that this will not be a very comfortable experience for you. You choose how you show up to life’s occurrences especially on such a grand scale. 

So we say exercise the measures, stay in regular communication with each other, keep on supporting each other during these times and you will move through it together. This is not something you are meant to move through alone. Support and community is important right now even if it’s been taken to a virtual space.

By end of the year there will be opportunities for a complete makeover of the system for an equal society. In order for that to happen this major disruption and sacrifice of life, purification of the earth, of energy and coming togetherness on this mass scale was needed.

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Covid-19’s message for humanity: Why I’m here to help you, not destroy you

A Q&A with the Coronavirus (Covid-19)

In this time of global disruption, a lot of people may be feeling like something outside our power as humans is currently shaking up our society. It can either be perceived as an enemy – an outside force trying to destroy us – or as a friend here to help us.

In this article, I open up to a direct dialogue with COVID-19 to ask why it’s here and what its purpose is here on earth. I’ve found that many forces of change appear however they need to in order to get their message through – which can be harsh and angry or peaceful and loving. In this case, COVID-19 appeared to be both. 

Before I bring light to the benefits of this Coronavirus-led disruption currently taking place on earth, I firstly want to acknowledge those that have sacrificed their lives through the virus. Death often carries such tragedy and pain especially during times of social disruption and change.

I also want to acknowledge the suffering and pain that may be currently experienced by people who have lost their businesses and income. In times of great change and societal shifts it’s important to acknowledge those who have experienced loss and suffering. I continue to send them my heartfelt compassion during this time.

The following is a transcript of a highly likely conversation with th Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Message from the Corona Virus

I’m here to do a cleaning of society. I’m here to cleanse your culture, your operations and your social norms. 

I’m here to wake you all up, to point out directly into the face of every person around the world (as no one will be left unaffected) the shit that you have created. That you are all laying in. I’m here to point out all the ways that you have gone wrong and the disharmony.  

I’m here to bring that level of fear, to bring you down on your knees so you can open up your hearts and have faith. To ask for help, to come together as a society and create solutions. 

I came here to bring you down on your knees. I came here because the pathway and the direction that you were heading down was self-annihilation. Your society was literally on the pathway to annihilate itself. No virus could be as strong as the force you were creating.

I came here to bring you on your knees for you face your own shit head on. I came here to wake you up. I came in service and sacrifice. Those that lost their lives made the ultimate sacrifice so your society could continue to move on. 

How long will you be around?

I’ll be here as long as you need me to, as long as it takes for you to wake up and see how destructive, selfish, and disconnected you’ve been.

Some of you are starting to wake, while others panic and experience a sense of loss of livelihood, fear, and pain. I predict if things continue the way they are going it won’t be until May that you’ll start to see noticeable decreases that will make governments feel safe to open up again. 

By the beginning of April the numbers of those getting the virus will start to decrease. May will prove to be more safe until it declines. The virus was not here to wipe you out or kill you, it was here to wake you up. 

Sometimes darkness needs to face its own fear that it has been slowly and collectively building for itself. It needs to face its own worst enemy and that is why I’m here.

What the world will be like after you leave?

I would have achieved cleansing and eradicating of fears, because when you face your fears you can stop carrying them. I also would have done an energetic cleansing and physical cleansing of the environment, the animals, and exposed in a very obvious and ugly way what isn’t working. 

After society goes back to supposed normalness through this transparency, all the ugly systems that have been exposed would never be able to hide again. The ugliness will always be there until it’s dealt with. 

That is the gift that I’m bringing you. I’m bringing you the gift of facing the ugly reality you created and also the opportunity to transform the ugliness into something more fruitful and beautiful. 

Where individuals can contribute to a society to be created by the power of the collective, not the power of the few tormenting and persecuting everybody else. That is what I’m here ultimately to expose at the core of everything. Because that is what has been driving you into potential self-extinction and self-annihilation.

Any insights about who’s catching the virus and why, and who’s dying from it?

The frequency of those catching it will determine how it works with them. The more fear, anger, and bitterness inside of them the more I have to work with. This is not a judgement of character; it could be karma, lessons that need to be learned or their purpose on earth ending. 

There is no judgement of those that get the virus worse or those that don’t. But those that fear it most won’t come out the best on the other side.

I’m here for a reason and those that see the bigger picture on a soul level will know they signed up to have the virus and through this awareness will get through it more easily. There are also those that made an agreement to exit through this form. So instead of seeing a great tragedy, see it as a way for them to be able to finish here on earth.

So just know that it’s not a killing force for everybody and that is not the reason why it’s here. It’s not here to make humans extinct. It’s here to stop you from doing that to yourselves. 

Without an event of this scale, that is where you were heading. It would have happened in the next 15 – 20 years. An unlivable planet, with unlivable people, in unlivable structures – was the way the earth was headed. So we are coming in now with the ability to shift that fate and create a new destiny that was prophesied previously.

My message of Power

Continue to have faith, to come together, to practice ways of coming out of fear. 

Stop the panic. It’s up to you individually and collectively to see the truth and potency behind this and bring more light to it, then I’ll be unable to survive and thrive as a virus.

Have faith and trust you all have the resilience to be able to weather out of the storm. It’s like an unexpected season of turbulence, however after the storm will be a new sense of expression and unity. 

A new earth will be born. Collective energy will be changed. 

New opportunities will arise. New platforms will be available to stand up and speak. 

New ways of doing things will be widely accepted and embraced. 

The forces and powers able to prevent this will be dismantled and no longer have the power or force.

Downloaded March 19, 2020 by Kelly Weiss,

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How conscious leaders will lead the shift after the global disruption

Part Two – Future: The shift

The united, peaceful, and awakened society that many leaders, visionaries, and ancient civilizations have prophesied for centuries has finally arrived.

It has arrived in the form of disruptive change on a global level. A change that will pave the way for a new society to be built – based upon peace and unity.

In Part One – Present: The disruption, I provided my insights on the current shifts in the world and how this current reality is making way for future opportunities of positive change. In order for a new way of being and existing as a society to take place, old structures must drop away. Times of great confusion and loss are paving the way for a brighter future to be shared by all of humanity.

I’ll now discuss my vision of what shifts will take place after the disruption.

The shift to a unified ‘We’ approach

The overall energetic shift that we will first feel and experience that will become embedded into all parts of society (including business and politics) is a shift from the current ‘Me’ and ‘Us versus Them’ approach into a unified ‘WE’ approach.

The ‘WE’ approach means every decision, thought, action, business, structure, etc. will consider all of humanity, the planet, and the animals.

This shift allows us to go back to our original state of connection and build a new society from that space. A society where we understand we are all in this together and have access to contribute to and build ways to collectively support each other and our planet.

This shift will allow us to go back to experiencing our connection to the earth, animals, stars, and beyond – just as ancient civilizations once lived.

Many groups will co-creatively lead the way

Before the disruption, the structures of politics, business, and society were set up through the lens of fear and separation, where one or a few parties set the conditions, then reaped the main benefits. This one-sided approach was pitched as a democracy or conversation, but that was far from the truth.  

This new society shift will not come from one company, country, or party leading the change; it will come from the collective contributing to the change across all levels. Many movements will be created, many voices will be heard, co-creation versus dictation will be embraced, and together we will create this shift in a unified way.

As conscious leaders you are now being asked to step in and present your vision of change and find participatory parties to co-create with.

Business being in service to all

Foundations of new (and existing) businesses will be built from an offering of service to humanity. Profit will automatically be embedded into the business structure to gain the resources, growth, and impact it needs. However, its offerings will be built from vision, listening to the current needs of society or customers and taking a collective WE-based approach (company, people, society, planet).

These new businesses and multiple co-creators sharing their voices will begin to pop up everywhere and the structure of existing businesses will change to meet this. A unified conversation will take place between business owners, staff, and customers so resources can be shared in a more impactful way. The days of the lone wolf or one-way conversations will be over.

Heart-alignment leads the way

For a more unified and participatory approach to be embedded into business, politics, and other societal structures, a heart-centered approach needs to be taken.

Choosing to align to your heart gives you access to wisdom and expression that originates from a universal intelligence. This intelligence allows you to put aside the ego and limitations of the mind and tap into higher insights that will strengthen yourself, your purpose-led path, and society as a whole.

Businesses will come from a heart space to be of service to all, co-creation will come from a heart space to hear the needs of all, and individuals will come from a heart space to bring about higher visions that benefit all.

How leaders can take action right now

I believe the first step in leading this shift is presenting to the world our divinely guided and inspired ideas for unified societal and structural solutions in areas we care about. The second step is finding other people who are passionate about these causes, and co-creating. The co-creations could take the form of new businesses, mastermind groups, membership platforms, resource centers, or online groups.

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash.

The role of conscious leaders during this time of global disruption

Part One – Present: The disruption

In this two-part article I’ll discuss my perspective on the disruptive shifts currently happening on the planet and the insights behind them. Next, I’ll share my vision of opportunities and changes that will come as a result of these shifts. 

Today we live in the midst of mass societal change and disruption on a global scale. Old systems, structures, and ways of operating that have made up our society for centuries are starting to crumble away.

Definitions of who we are as individuals and our role in society are now falling into doubt. Widespread confusion, fear of the future, and other oppressive energies are currently circulating around the planet.

During times of great unrest and upheaval, like now, what many fail to realize is that the momentum behind this collective energetic shift is allowing the ‘what is’ reality to transform into ‘what was’ and make way for ‘what’s possible’.

What is

It’s important to note that in order to rebuild a new society based on peace and unity (what we all individually and collectively seek), we need to allow old oppressive structures to fall away. Which we are currently witnessing – removal of the old to make way for the new.

As these structures make up our society and day-to-day existence, fear, panic, and uncertainty about the future are natural results of this occurrence.

As conscious leaders, you are being asked to acknowledge this presence and gently move through it, because on the other side of fear, doubt. and crumbling structures is the dream we have all felt, imagined, and wished for – a more unified society.

What’s possible

Visionaries, leaders, and individuals passionate about contributing to building a more positive world are being invited onto the world stage to co-create these possibilities.

Technology set up over the past ten years has prepared us for and provided the tools for this moment in history.

We are now being called to bring forth our visions for humanity, speak our truth, and use our gifts to co-create positive change across the world – no matter where we are geographically situated.

You are being called to become a lighthouse and hold a state of calmness while projecting these future visions of how society can progress and rebuild in a more harmonious way.

At its core, this disruptive change is providing the opportunity for society to let go of ‘what is’ and ‘what doesn’t work’ to create foundations, structures, and ways of operating from a fresh lens of interconnectedness. A society and planet woven from peace, connection, love, harmony, justice, and co-creation.

Which is why it’s important that we don’t try to hold on to or recreate our recent ‘what is’ reality out of fear or comfort.

Instead, we must collectively take the steps NOW to move the past into ‘what was’ and focus on creating ‘what’s possible’.

What conscious leaders are now being called to do:

  • Acknowledge that this disruption is needed in order to make way for positive planetary change.
  • Hold a calm and balanced energy to support those around you.
  • Tune into and hold a higher vision for humanity in whichever way you are being called to do so.
  • Broadcast this vision to the world and invite in co-creation.
  • Facilitate co-creative events or workshops (such as masterminds) where this vision can be collaboratively built.

In Part Two, I will discuss my vision of how these unified shifts will play out across business, leadership, and the world.

Kelly Weiss is a business strategist, creative storyteller, leadership coach, and founder of The Awakened Leader.  Her vision for humanity sees a new wave of leaders creating evolutionary impact through business – by taking a visionary approach, leading with their hearts, and co-creating more awakened business practices. Visit for emerging tools and insights that support you in further awakening and achieving your higher vision. 

Image credit: Shahadat Rahman – Unsplash