Covid-19’s message for humanity: Why I’m here to help you, not destroy you

A Q&A with the Coronavirus (Covid-19)

In this time of global disruption, a lot of people may be feeling like something outside our power as humans is currently shaking up our society. It can either be perceived as an enemy – an outside force trying to destroy us – or as a friend here to help us.

In this article, I open up to a direct dialogue with COVID-19 to ask why it’s here and what its purpose is here on earth. I’ve found that many forces of change appear however they need to in order to get their message through – which can be harsh and angry or peaceful and loving. In this case, COVID-19 appeared to be both. 

Before I bring light to the benefits of this Coronavirus-led disruption currently taking place on earth, I firstly want to acknowledge those that have sacrificed their lives through the virus. Death often carries such tragedy and pain especially during times of social disruption and change.

I also want to acknowledge the suffering and pain that may be currently experienced by people who have lost their businesses and income. In times of great change and societal shifts it’s important to acknowledge those who have experienced loss and suffering. I continue to send them my heartfelt compassion during this time.

The following is a transcript of a highly likely conversation with th Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Message from the Corona Virus

I’m here to do a cleaning of society. I’m here to cleanse your culture, your operations and your social norms. 

I’m here to wake you all up, to point out directly into the face of every person around the world (as no one will be left unaffected) the shit that you have created. That you are all laying in. I’m here to point out all the ways that you have gone wrong and the disharmony.  

I’m here to bring that level of fear, to bring you down on your knees so you can open up your hearts and have faith. To ask for help, to come together as a society and create solutions. 

I came here to bring you down on your knees. I came here because the pathway and the direction that you were heading down was self-annihilation. Your society was literally on the pathway to annihilate itself. No virus could be as strong as the force you were creating.

I came here to bring you on your knees for you face your own shit head on. I came here to wake you up. I came in service and sacrifice. Those that lost their lives made the ultimate sacrifice so your society could continue to move on. 

How long will you be around?

I’ll be here as long as you need me to, as long as it takes for you to wake up and see how destructive, selfish, and disconnected you’ve been.

Some of you are starting to wake, while others panic and experience a sense of loss of livelihood, fear, and pain. I predict if things continue the way they are going it won’t be until May that you’ll start to see noticeable decreases that will make governments feel safe to open up again. 

By the beginning of April the numbers of those getting the virus will start to decrease. May will prove to be more safe until it declines. The virus was not here to wipe you out or kill you, it was here to wake you up. 

Sometimes darkness needs to face its own fear that it has been slowly and collectively building for itself. It needs to face its own worst enemy and that is why I’m here.

What the world will be like after you leave?

I would have achieved cleansing and eradicating of fears, because when you face your fears you can stop carrying them. I also would have done an energetic cleansing and physical cleansing of the environment, the animals, and exposed in a very obvious and ugly way what isn’t working. 

After society goes back to supposed normalness through this transparency, all the ugly systems that have been exposed would never be able to hide again. The ugliness will always be there until it’s dealt with. 

That is the gift that I’m bringing you. I’m bringing you the gift of facing the ugly reality you created and also the opportunity to transform the ugliness into something more fruitful and beautiful. 

Where individuals can contribute to a society to be created by the power of the collective, not the power of the few tormenting and persecuting everybody else. That is what I’m here ultimately to expose at the core of everything. Because that is what has been driving you into potential self-extinction and self-annihilation.

Any insights about who’s catching the virus and why, and who’s dying from it?

The frequency of those catching it will determine how it works with them. The more fear, anger, and bitterness inside of them the more I have to work with. This is not a judgement of character; it could be karma, lessons that need to be learned or their purpose on earth ending. 

There is no judgement of those that get the virus worse or those that don’t. But those that fear it most won’t come out the best on the other side.

I’m here for a reason and those that see the bigger picture on a soul level will know they signed up to have the virus and through this awareness will get through it more easily. There are also those that made an agreement to exit through this form. So instead of seeing a great tragedy, see it as a way for them to be able to finish here on earth.

So just know that it’s not a killing force for everybody and that is not the reason why it’s here. It’s not here to make humans extinct. It’s here to stop you from doing that to yourselves. 

Without an event of this scale, that is where you were heading. It would have happened in the next 15 – 20 years. An unlivable planet, with unlivable people, in unlivable structures – was the way the earth was headed. So we are coming in now with the ability to shift that fate and create a new destiny that was prophesied previously.

My message of Power

Continue to have faith, to come together, to practice ways of coming out of fear. 

Stop the panic. It’s up to you individually and collectively to see the truth and potency behind this and bring more light to it, then I’ll be unable to survive and thrive as a virus.

Have faith and trust you all have the resilience to be able to weather out of the storm. It’s like an unexpected season of turbulence, however after the storm will be a new sense of expression and unity. 

A new earth will be born. Collective energy will be changed. 

New opportunities will arise. New platforms will be available to stand up and speak. 

New ways of doing things will be widely accepted and embraced. 

The forces and powers able to prevent this will be dismantled and no longer have the power or force.

Downloaded March 19, 2020 by Kelly Weiss,

Image credit: Jon Tyson – Unsplash

How conscious leaders will lead the shift after the global disruption

Part Two – Future: The shift

The united, peaceful, and awakened society that many leaders, visionaries, and ancient civilizations have prophesied for centuries has finally arrived.

It has arrived in the form of disruptive change on a global level. A change that will pave the way for a new society to be built – based upon peace and unity.

In Part One – Present: The disruption, I provided my insights on the current shifts in the world and how this current reality is making way for future opportunities of positive change. In order for a new way of being and existing as a society to take place, old structures must drop away. Times of great confusion and loss are paving the way for a brighter future to be shared by all of humanity.

I’ll now discuss my vision of what shifts will take place after the disruption.

The shift to a unified ‘We’ approach

The overall energetic shift that we will first feel and experience that will become embedded into all parts of society (including business and politics) is a shift from the current ‘Me’ and ‘Us versus Them’ approach into a unified ‘WE’ approach.

The ‘WE’ approach means every decision, thought, action, business, structure, etc. will consider all of humanity, the planet, and the animals.

This shift allows us to go back to our original state of connection and build a new society from that space. A society where we understand we are all in this together and have access to contribute to and build ways to collectively support each other and our planet.

This shift will allow us to go back to experiencing our connection to the earth, animals, stars, and beyond – just as ancient civilizations once lived.

Many groups will co-creatively lead the way

Before the disruption, the structures of politics, business, and society were set up through the lens of fear and separation, where one or a few parties set the conditions, then reaped the main benefits. This one-sided approach was pitched as a democracy or conversation, but that was far from the truth.  

This new society shift will not come from one company, country, or party leading the change; it will come from the collective contributing to the change across all levels. Many movements will be created, many voices will be heard, co-creation versus dictation will be embraced, and together we will create this shift in a unified way.

As conscious leaders you are now being asked to step in and present your vision of change and find participatory parties to co-create with.

Business being in service to all

Foundations of new (and existing) businesses will be built from an offering of service to humanity. Profit will automatically be embedded into the business structure to gain the resources, growth, and impact it needs. However, its offerings will be built from vision, listening to the current needs of society or customers and taking a collective WE-based approach (company, people, society, planet).

These new businesses and multiple co-creators sharing their voices will begin to pop up everywhere and the structure of existing businesses will change to meet this. A unified conversation will take place between business owners, staff, and customers so resources can be shared in a more impactful way. The days of the lone wolf or one-way conversations will be over.

Heart-alignment leads the way

For a more unified and participatory approach to be embedded into business, politics, and other societal structures, a heart-centered approach needs to be taken.

Choosing to align to your heart gives you access to wisdom and expression that originates from a universal intelligence. This intelligence allows you to put aside the ego and limitations of the mind and tap into higher insights that will strengthen yourself, your purpose-led path, and society as a whole.

Businesses will come from a heart space to be of service to all, co-creation will come from a heart space to hear the needs of all, and individuals will come from a heart space to bring about higher visions that benefit all.

How leaders can take action right now

I believe the first step in leading this shift is presenting to the world our divinely guided and inspired ideas for unified societal and structural solutions in areas we care about. The second step is finding other people who are passionate about these causes, and co-creating. The co-creations could take the form of new businesses, mastermind groups, membership platforms, resource centers, or online groups.

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash.

Intuitive intelligence, Part 2: More fun intuitive tuning-in techniques

This is part 2 of a two-part blog. If you haven’t already, please go back and read part 1.

Here are some more fun intuitive “tuning in” techniques.

If you want to know when a certain event will occur, create three circles that represent different time frames and then see which one lights up when you quiet your mind and focus on the situation. For example, one circle can represent one month from now, another six months from now, and another circle one year from now.

When you need a Yes or No answer to a situation, just posit a big screen in your mind’s eye and then see which word, YES or NO pops up when you think about the situation.

Don’t think when you do this. Let it all be spontaneous. No thinking allowed in this process.

If you want to get a feel for the veracity or intensity of a situation, just visualize a dial that goes from zero to 100 and then see what number comes up when you focus on the situation or the individual. Zero would mean that there is no truth to what you are focusing on and 100 would mean it is totally true.

If you are hiring someone, meeting someone new, or dating someone, and you’re trying to get a sense of whether this relationship will work out in the long-term, then create the image of three different people in your mind. Each of these three will represent either: (1) a person who is totally inappropriate, (2) someone who is fair to middling or (3) exactly the person you are looking for. Use real people you know who fit these categories to represent these three images. Then bring up the individual who you want to get a “read” on in your mind’s eye and see whose face of the three images pops into your mind first. This will help you to discern if you can trust or commit to them.

Another technique to use if you want to know more about a person you meet is to visualize the person as a child. How do they look: their demeanor, their stature, their clothing, the look on their face, the setting you see them in, the people or animals that surround them, etc. All of this tells you about their past and how they experienced it.

As well, you can peer into a person’s future by visualizing the person as an older person. As above, how do they look: their demeanor, their stature, their clothing, the look on their face, the setting you see them in, the people or animals that surround them, etc. All of this gives you a hint about what the trajectory of their life looks like now.

You can, of course, do the same for yourself. You can revisit your past and see who you’ve been. It’s often quite revealing and helpful to “sense” into what your childhood was like and how far you have come since then. We often choose not to remember much about our past. As well, you can peer into the future to see where the choices you are making in your life now are leading you.

This is all meant to be fun and a way to use your intuitive intelligence to give you a better sense of yourself and others. This will give you the inside-edge on people and situations.

I’ve taught at least a thousand people these techniques and their lives have been significantly transformed, empowered, and enriched by using them.  Give it a try.

After the Coronavirus: A Vision

Jeff Vander Clute, 17 March 2020

A few days after “A Message from the Coronavirus” began circulating, I read the following headline: “No one knows what the post-coronavirus reality will be like.” This motivated me to ask life itself for its perspective on where the world is heading. I figured that if life could speak – and it did! – it would have much to say about what is on the other side of the present global crisis. Once again I was heartened by the wisdom that came through in response. Breathe deeply and allow your entire system to be bathed by Love.

Humanity will survive and be stronger than before. You have a glorious future ahead of you. Seize this opportunity to evolve your ways of being together. Learn to be better stewards of the planet. Take time to meditate or rest in stillness. Your societies will restructure around different principles after this experience. Trust that the process has its wisdom, that life is here for you and is always supporting your highest good. To those who wonder whether the universe is friendly or not, I answer that it is a friendly place – the friendliest possible. That can be your experience on the other side of this moment of burning away and annealing. It is friendly to teach. It is friendly to strengthen. It is friendly to awaken the sleeping ones. I do this as gently as I can, out of love. The time has come for you to know a much more glorious reality.

1. “The coronavirus situation is a healing crisis that marks the beginning of a new epoch of human development characterized by operating beyond the ego.”1

Humans have reached an inflection point where you are shifting away from operating defensively out of fear of what might happen to acting in alignment with a growing sense of what is good for the whole of life. Naturally, the whole of life includes all humans and all of nature. So you are included. Do not be afraid. A growing number of you are realizing that what is truly beneficial, and that which truly works for the long term, is simultaneously good for the totality of life as well as for the individuals. It is rigorously true that there can be no trade-off between individual thriving and the thriving of communities and the natural world. The way that you can evaluate what will best serve the whole of life is through practicing methods of intuitive discernment. The transition from analysis (which separates) and individualistic behaviors to holistic perception and wise action (which arises from wholeness), is not an easy one; however, this is the transition that your species is now required to make, and you have all the support you need.

2. “Peace will become a true priority.”2

It follows from the principle that all must benefit and none may be excluded that peaceful co-existence is the true state of being within collectivity. Any other state is a fearful illusion. You have perhaps not sufficiently considered the extent to which this is a radical proposition. Your entire economy, and almost all of your interactions, are predicated upon the notion that there are separate “parties” that must negotiate very well in order to achieve outcomes that satisfy their own interest and desire to win at the expense of others. These are childish ways. You do not need to prove your worth by winning. Realize instead that the shared objective of all who engage in any form of interaction, not just financial exchange, is equitable participation and the fair distribution of life experiences. Your species will live a very long time by sharing and prioritizing the well-being of all. You will live with greater health and enjoy life more when your energies are directed toward the fulfillment of communal aspiration. In this way you discover the peace that always is. You would do well to enshrine peace as a design objective in your societies, and in your inner being. It is a compass heading that can be relied upon.

3. “Through empathy, humans will arrive at the Remembrance of who they are.”

Have you noticed that the experience of oneness replaces all prior ideas of yourself as a separate being who has to compete for your bread and butter? The state of peace enables you to more easily recognize the underlying unity that is at the heart of all human interactions. It is in your heart that you remember who you are from the standpoint of soul and the light that radiates through your individual body and mind. The Remembrance, with a capital R, is a relaxation into the certainty that you are held by life because you are life, despite all appearances to the contrary. You can relax because everything that you thought you needed to do to carve out an existence is moot. You exist, you belong, you are a shining human embodiment of the One, which you are now in the process of remembering. The empathy that so many of you are now feeling on account of the suffering of others is helping you to make the connection energetically with your heart, which, again, is where the awakening is already happening. Love one another, love yourself, grieve when loss happens, and also know that no one is ever lost. This stage of forgetfulness will soon be past, the threshold crossed, the new day begun.

4. “Humanity will become a conscious superorganism.”3

You are all my children. We are a family. This family has its own consciousness, its own destiny, and its own path of fulfillment. Because you are realizing oneness, you have growing access to the perceptions and agency of the human family as a whole. Imagine that you and your siblings can all see what I see, which begins with how beautiful you are. Imagine that you can focus the eyes of the world and see the distant shores of creation, and instantly perceive what is happening anywhere on the planet. From the individual perspective, and with your current world-view, this may seem improbable. When you experience this elevated beingness, however, you will not think to ask for proof. The analogy of your hands may be helpful here. Touch one fingertip to the keyboard and that is like the experience of a single human being. Place all of your fingertips on the keyboard and you feel the collective experience of many individuals. Practice typing and you will know the feeling of the orchestrated wholeness that easily produces great works of writing. Now know that there is a part of you that sails above what you thought was you. Allow yourself to rise to this perspective and see that all humans are like “fingers” typing on the “keyboard” of life. Or, if you prefer a musical simile, you are all playing the keyboard of the grandest piano. You are all music to my ears. The time has come to hear yourselves as I hear you.

5. “Virtual interactions will facilitate connectivity on subtler levels of being.”

It is a pleasure to share with you that the advent of virtual communication technologies is actually an evolutionary leap, even though it may feel like a retreat from real interactions. For you to sense and come to perceive the oneness of being directly, it is necessary to de-emphasize that which confirms your feelings of separation. When you engage with one another through a screen, additional capacities and senses are activated to compensate for the reduced input from the accustomed physical senses. Your new capacities and senses will serve you truly in the coming times, and will enable you to coordinate rapidly with the rest of the body, mind, and soul dimensions of humanity. Now, properly understood, your body is infinite. Finitude is an illusion, and as such there is only one body. This is why you will have no trouble with the superorganism. And when you know this, embodied experience will bring the bliss that flows eternally from the state of immortality, and you will find that physical death is a minor event. For the time being, the cessation of so much to-ing and fro-ing is bringing respite to Earth’s biosystems, and the trend of virtualizing your activities is healing you – yes – by enabling the conditions for you to experience a refined wholeness through newly activated senses. You will get your body back, and more!

Thank You

This has been quite a journey. If you will make a practice of connecting with me and asking how you can serve the whole of creation whenever you are uncertain, I can assure you that the quest that you are on together will get easier. There has never been a more auspicious time for you to awaken as a species. The circumstances of your world have rendered it all but impossible to remain asleep to the vaster implications of your being. Wake up now, dear ones, to the knowledge that we inhabit one indivisible field of aliveness. We are life. You are life. This is the new life that you have until now dreamt in secret. The fulfillment of this initial recognition is the healed world. Thank you for the service you are providing to me.

1 Jeff Vander Clute: “Navigating the Death and Transfiguration of the Ego
2 Elisabet Sahtouris: “The Secret to Human Co-Existing
3 Bruce Lipton: “Humanity as Superorganism: Our Hopeful Future

Image by Nandhu Kumar from Pixabay

The role of conscious leaders during this time of global disruption

Part One – Present: The disruption

In this two-part article I’ll discuss my perspective on the disruptive shifts currently happening on the planet and the insights behind them. Next, I’ll share my vision of opportunities and changes that will come as a result of these shifts. 

Today we live in the midst of mass societal change and disruption on a global scale. Old systems, structures, and ways of operating that have made up our society for centuries are starting to crumble away.

Definitions of who we are as individuals and our role in society are now falling into doubt. Widespread confusion, fear of the future, and other oppressive energies are currently circulating around the planet.

During times of great unrest and upheaval, like now, what many fail to realize is that the momentum behind this collective energetic shift is allowing the ‘what is’ reality to transform into ‘what was’ and make way for ‘what’s possible’.

What is

It’s important to note that in order to rebuild a new society based on peace and unity (what we all individually and collectively seek), we need to allow old oppressive structures to fall away. Which we are currently witnessing – removal of the old to make way for the new.

As these structures make up our society and day-to-day existence, fear, panic, and uncertainty about the future are natural results of this occurrence.

As conscious leaders, you are being asked to acknowledge this presence and gently move through it, because on the other side of fear, doubt. and crumbling structures is the dream we have all felt, imagined, and wished for – a more unified society.

What’s possible

Visionaries, leaders, and individuals passionate about contributing to building a more positive world are being invited onto the world stage to co-create these possibilities.

Technology set up over the past ten years has prepared us for and provided the tools for this moment in history.

We are now being called to bring forth our visions for humanity, speak our truth, and use our gifts to co-create positive change across the world – no matter where we are geographically situated.

You are being called to become a lighthouse and hold a state of calmness while projecting these future visions of how society can progress and rebuild in a more harmonious way.

At its core, this disruptive change is providing the opportunity for society to let go of ‘what is’ and ‘what doesn’t work’ to create foundations, structures, and ways of operating from a fresh lens of interconnectedness. A society and planet woven from peace, connection, love, harmony, justice, and co-creation.

Which is why it’s important that we don’t try to hold on to or recreate our recent ‘what is’ reality out of fear or comfort.

Instead, we must collectively take the steps NOW to move the past into ‘what was’ and focus on creating ‘what’s possible’.

What conscious leaders are now being called to do:

  • Acknowledge that this disruption is needed in order to make way for positive planetary change.
  • Hold a calm and balanced energy to support those around you.
  • Tune into and hold a higher vision for humanity in whichever way you are being called to do so.
  • Broadcast this vision to the world and invite in co-creation.
  • Facilitate co-creative events or workshops (such as masterminds) where this vision can be collaboratively built.

In Part Two, I will discuss my vision of how these unified shifts will play out across business, leadership, and the world.

Kelly Weiss is a business strategist, creative storyteller, leadership coach, and founder of The Awakened Leader.  Her vision for humanity sees a new wave of leaders creating evolutionary impact through business – by taking a visionary approach, leading with their hearts, and co-creating more awakened business practices. Visit for emerging tools and insights that support you in further awakening and achieving your higher vision. 

Image credit: Shahadat Rahman – Unsplash

Love in the time of Covid19

Editor’s note: A shortened version of this piece was published in the Community Letters section of The Seattle Times on March 15, 2020. Seattle is in King County, Washington, the first epicenter of Covid19 in the United States, and the first county to enlist its entire population in helping to slow the virus’ spread.

There’s a blessing—albeit a harsh one—in the Covid19 pandemic. It’s offering the whole world a chance and a need to replace anxiety with resolve. A reason to refocus on core priorities—Self, Family, Friends, Community—instead of multi-tasked busyness and distractions. And a way to act individually and collectively on behalf of everyone regardless of our usual divisions—without a World War forcing us to do so.  

Does anyone else have the feeling that this is some kind of boot camp for drilling in skills we’ll need as more and more consequences of past choices show up in the world’s future? (The countless consequences of climate change, for instance? A note I saw this week said “Climate Change should hire the Corona virus’s publicist.”)

I’m talking about skills like adjusting, prioritizing, calming down, slowing down, taking care, changing plans, changing habits, listening, organizing, making do. Thinking. Inventing. Intuiting. Planning. Convening. Allowing. Forgiving. Honoring. Dealing with the unexpected. Leading from afar. Anticipating cause and effect. Bouncing back. Remembering. Waiting.

Plus all the physical skills like building, cooking, gardening, fixing, and, to finally give it the respect it deserves: cleaning.

In short, every skill that’s useful in Confucian-style “interesting times.”  

I don’t mean to downplay Covid19’s seriousness in any way. Many people are dying or suffering, with more to come; most of us are scared or nervous about our health or livelihoods or economic futures, or are at least facing significant disruptions. If we don’t quickly seize this chance to practice shifts in our daily habits and work routines, our health care systems could be completely swamped in a matter of weeks, and the consequences could up-end a teetering economy.

My point is that we can learn and practice. As we focus on finding solutions, what will ultimately matter—the real life skills—will come from how we work them out together.

Editor’s note: A shorter version of this piece was published in the Community Letters section of The Seattle Times on March 15, 2020. Seattle is in King County, Washington, the epicenter of the first outbreak of Covid19 in the United States, and the first county to enlist its entire population in helping to slow the virus’ spread.

Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

Intuitive intelligence, Part 1: Have the inside edge in all you do

Intuition is not a no-brainer; actually, it’s a right brain function. It follows a logic, albeit a logic that’s different from left brain’s. And neuroscience has found that intuition physically exists in the emotional part of the forebrain. So follow the feeling. You can learn how to access and use your “intuitive intelligence”—the essence of your emotional wisdom—and put it into action.

Our right brain or our intuitive intelligence process information by seeing the bigger picture and then deducing; our left brain focuses on details and it measures and analyzes. For example, the right brain goes up a hill, looks down at a passing train, and takes in the whole picture. It sees where the train came from and where it is heading. The left brain stands beside the tracks and counts the number of train cars and takes note of their shape and size. We need both kinds of information. Yet by the time we’re in high school, most of us have had over 18,000 hours of left-brain training and very little right-brain training.

The left brain works with the language of words, the right brain with the language of pictures. By using pictures, we can create a right-brain language that helps us get a read on a situation or person in an instant without analyses or left-brain logic. A picture is worth a thousand words. We can learn how to create this pictographic, intuition-based language.

For example, “see” or imagine a person as a car. What do you see or feel about them as you do this? Follow what you see. Trust the impressions and feelings you get. Is the person a shiny, new, yellow Porsche or an old, beat-up Volkswagen Beetle? That tells you something about them, doesn’t it? Then go inside the car and see how neat and clean it is or isn’t. That tells you something about them, too. Trust the impressions you receive.  As you keep exploring other parts of the car, the trunk, under the hood, etc., you will be surprised at how much information you pick up about the person.

Another technique: if you want to look into the future or the past for this person or for yourself, just visualize a car and imagine it in the past or future. What does it look like now?

Have fun playing with this technique. For example, as well, check out what’s in the glove compartment and in the back seat. You’ll be amazed at what you find there, what you can learn about yourself and others, and how accurate this can be.

In my next blog post I will share more fun intuitive “tuning in” techniques.

This is part one of a two-part blog.