The spider, my master teacher, Part 1

Dreaming, weaving and embodying a whole new web of life in the age of Covid-19 amid sweeping social, economic, and political transformation.

“…his body will cast no shadow on the ground for he will have awakened the sun within him.”—The Way of the Essenes

Until you have taken the time to look within, you are literally in the dark about yourself.

The time has come for us to no longer live in the shadows of our ego, but instead in the brilliant light of our soul. What we thought was real, was actually just a fleeting specter. For we have now learned to shine our light and see through the illusions and into the essence of our being and into each other’s brilliance.

For as long as I can remember I have put a glass of water on my night table when I go to sleep just in case I need to take an herbal sleep aide if I feel agitated before going to bed or if I wake up feeling hyper in the middle of the night. A few mornings ago, upon awakening, I found a spider in my water. That was quite the surprise to say the least. As I carefully got the spider out of the water and put him outside and he ran off into our back yard, I knew I should take the time to meditate and read up on the “medicine” and metaphysical meaning of the spider. So, later that morning I did.

“Why would a spider risk its life to get my attention?” I asked. I felt there was something very important that I needed to know.

What came to me quite spontaneously while meditating was that the spider wanted me to understand that just as it was for him, so it was for me—that the web of dreams I had been weaving for so many years had to be torn away from me and new dreams needed to be woven. Actually, on all levels, a radically new reboot, a new life’s vision, was essential. The old web had gotten cluttered and muddied with longstanding debris, blind spots, and worn out dreams and thus had created a dense cloud of “things to do, people to see, and places to go,” with no real overarching coherence or sense of connection.

Of course, we are all experiencing something like this now as a result of Covid-19 and the coming to a head of so many years of social, political, and economic inequality and other collective shadows. The spider’s message is certainly a metaphor for all of us and not just for me, to stop, look, and listen. But before I say much more about the spider’s message, in Part 2 of this 7-part series I will give you a bit more of my personal context for why I am writing about this now.

Choose Love Now (before the 5th of July)

This is the moment to choose the highest, deepest, most awakened and loving reality for ourselves, humanity, and the planet. The window for this decision is open until the 5th of July at 5:02 pm GMT / 12:02 pm U.S. Eastern Daylight Time (other time zones).

At present there are many realities co-existing on the planet. These realities are a bit like railroad tracks that have been parallel for a while, which will soon diverge and take different directions leading to very different futures. One of these realities offers the most direct path to Love. A few others are reasonably direct, though with detours of varying lengths. The rest will take indirect paths that include additional pain and suffering, and some of these will, unfortunately, perpetuate the injustices that humanity has been repeating for centuries.

Right now is the vital decision point. This is our time to choose which path or paths we are going to follow individually and as a species. Thanks to much good work that has already been done, there is strong support for humans to avoid at least some of the worst-case scenarios. However, it is not guaranteed that we will find ourselves on the way to the most enlightened reality after the 5th of July. For that to be the case, many of us must now choose, consciously, for ourselves and for the whole human family, the direct path to Love.

A Meditation

One way to participate in this collective decision is to engage in the following meditation before the 5th of July at 5:02 pm GMT:

Shift into a relaxed and peaceful state of being. Visualize yourself choosing “path #1” – the way that leads directly to the most glorious, awakened, and loving reality, whatever that may look like for you. You might see yourself moving toward a place that is filled with light, in which nature and all beings are healed and thriving together. Feel that you are in this reality now. Imagine that you are opening your arms as wide as the sky and reaching out to embrace the entire planet. Gather in your vastness all of humanity, along with any past and parallel lives so that the whole human family is included. Gather as well every other being and the living body of Earth, which you now lift effortlessly and place with loving care upon the path leading to “reality #1.”

You may wish to do this meditation more than once using different visualizations or processes that come to you. Feel free to experiment. The essential instructions are:

  1. Choose the most direct path to Love in the way or ways that resonate for you.
  2. Include each and every person, plant, and animal – all beings without exception – and the living Earth herself.

There is no need to understand how such a great transformation can be achieved. The infinite power of awakened, compassionate consciousness will attend to all of the details and ensure that our collective decision is implemented as gracefully and expeditiously as possible.

The more we energize our shared intentions to heal and live in harmony with all beings in the most-auspicious reality, the more vivid, textured, and enriching our experience of this new reality will be. In the process we will also discover that the sacred work of rebuilding our societies to be just and inclusive is joyful and empowered beyond imagining.

Thank you for contributing to the future of life on Earth by choosing Love and the direct path to Love. Thank you as well for bringing the human family, and all living beings, along with you. In our wholeness we are healed, and as we heal, the whole web of life is restored.

Mandala by Hanna Kovalchuk from Pixabay

The Natural Way to Hold a Child’s Presence

It is time to emerge a more natural way of holding a child’s presence on the earth. The previous way, developed through rational analysis and observation combined with a vision rooted in religious principles, has not served the health and vitality of life on earth.

This natural way of holding a child’s presence begins with recognizing and knowing why souls agree to incarnate on the earth. It is not to propagate the species, further lineages, create paths for the inheritance of wealth, or simply for two beings to have a child they can love. These are all limited views that stem from the old system.

The question to divine the answer to and what you must come to collectively agree on is, “Why does a soul incarnate on the earth?”  This requires much contemplation and listening.

Suffice it to say it is a sacred act, one to be celebrated and cherished, but for very different reasons than is believed by most of humanity today. If humanity were to hold each and every child as a sacred being, then this question would arise, “How do we create a complete, whole social system in which every child can thrive?” If it does not include every child, then society is not holding the lives of children as sacred. It is creating separation, saying some are sacred and others are not.

If humanity held that the children incarnating needed nurturing as sacred beings from their creation and birth all the way to their adulthood, then life on the planet and into the future would be completely new with many more possibilities for all life.

To hold this sacredness would also mean that the adults creating the family and those creating and holding community around them would be in a journey of transformation themselves. Everyone would be in learning, rather than in knowing what is best and telling children the answers. Listening would be greatly practiced.

All members of a community would then be involved in an unfolding of what it means to create sacred society for the emergence of all of its children. This would call forth deep courage and willingness to challenge and release judgments, angers, hurts, and structural complacency (repeating the old, over and over), so that healing and growth could occur. At the heart of this would be a movement away from disconnection and separation into oneness and harmony, holding all members of society, regardless of previously held beliefs, as conscious beings capable of birthing together a sacred society.

Children are the way to this for they are the universal path to the heart. When the heart opens, the bindings that have existed for so long cannot survive. They must fall away.

This is not just about building the sacred for the children. It is also about building the sacred with the children, for they hold the wisdom, innocence, and clarity of vision to speak the truth and lead those who listen into love and unity. This is their natural state. Their inclusion is necessary to the process.

So, we would like to suggest that you spend significant time envisioning a society that holds all children as sacred souls incarnated in human bodies. Open your hearts to understanding the current collective agreements around children, particularly the ones that do not serve their higher good. Ask yourself, “How large is my circle for children? What is my invitation to them? Do I hold them all as sacred beings or just a few or none at all?”

The more you honor and listen to their wisdom and their truthfulness, the greater the possibilities for children everywhere on the planet to exist as nourished and thriving beings.

Painting, The Circle Game, by Rachel Gillen,

The heART of intuition, Part 8: The final frontier is within

This is the last post in this mini-course, so let’s review the concepts we’ve covered. You can use this list as a review but I suggest you also meditatively reflect on what each one of them means for your life. Journal about them to help you internalize them, and start applying them to guide your life.

Some concepts that summarize this mini-course

  • Listen with your heart and not your head.
  • Speak before you think
  • Feel first, think later.
  • Speak your feel.
  • Quiet your mind and open your heart.
  • Learn to “go within” and thus you will never be “without!”
  • Learn to “see” from the inside-out and you will thus “see” the whole picture. You no longer need to skim the surface of life, but now you can jump all the way in.
  • The true treasures of life are free, but invisible to the physical eye and unknown to the overthinking mind. Come learn to “see” again.
  • The final frontier is the journey within.

The opening heart is the most beautiful flower of all.
The greatest beauty in the world is compassion,
Love shining free from attachment and grasping.
– Tharthang Tulku

What size is your circle?

Privilege is another word for access. It is a concept for manipulation of the ego. The creation of a society based on privilege creates a hierarchical ladder that people believe or are led to believe they must climb to be accepted or to have an easier life.

Privilege, however, is deeply at the core of much of humanity’s problems, particularly in highly developed countries. Marketers have spent billions of dollars over many, many years to weave privilege into the fabric of everyday life. And prior to that, it was woven into class structures that separated the few from the many.

When you live in a society so deeply rooted in privilege, you are involved in a funneling situation in which many gather but few actually pass through. It creates friction, jostling, compression, and maneuvering, and generally brings out the shadow. Society becomes bottlenecked as so many try to squeeze into a place held by very few.

Today, access to healthcare, access to money, access to higher paying jobs, access to education, access to comfortable travel, access to homes, access to safer neighborhoods, access to higher levels of government, are all restrictive as a result of the system of privilege. Society becomes inverted and this inversion squeezes the very life out of communities. Can you see this?

This is a concept of separation. It creates energies of shame, anger, frustration, distress, worry, to name just a few. Eventually it creates eruptions that force those privileged in society to look at the inequities in the system. All too often their response is to look at ways to open the gap just enough for a few more to pass through.

So we ask you this question, beloved ones: What size is your circle? This is a question before all of humanity today.

Is it the tiny size at the end of the funnel? Is your circle comprised of people who are just like you? Or is it constantly expanding to include people from all walks of life?

How many people have you invited into your circle recently?

How do you hold all of those who are not in your circle? Are they invisible? Are they seen as less than? Are they forgotten? Do they simply not matter? Have you left them to fend for themselves? Do you contribute to causes and then forget about those who your money is helping? We ask you again, what size is your circle?

Do you have a practice of growing your ability to hold others? We are not speaking of a physical practice, but an energetic one. It is possible to hold many millions more people than you can actually be with. This is the beginning of healing societies based in privilege.

Let us listen to the question of “What size is your circle.” Take a few moments to settle in and go into silence. Open your heart and ask to see the size of your circle. As you have a good heart, just be with whatever answer arises.

If you judge or move into blame, that does not serve you. Allow these to slip away without grasping hold of them. Stay quiet and listen for the present moment answer, nothing more. You may feel stories emerging in your heart of how you have played a role in separating society’s members. Just let the stories play and learn from the feelings they generate. Keep opening to what emerges. Stay in learning. Continue following any questions that arise until you feel you have a satisfied sense of clarity.

If you find there is room to increase the size of your circle, set an intention to do so. Even if you have no idea how to do it, just creating the intention opens many new possibilities. You don’t have to rush out and do anything physically. Instead, make it a daily practice to spend a few minutes with your intention to increase the size of your circle.

This will lead to untold possibilities.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay.

The heART of intuition, Part 7: A picture is worth 1000 words

If you really want to get an intuitive “read” on a person or situation, the best technique I have found is the following:

Close your eyes and imagine that the individual you are focusing on is a rose. Then just see what kind of rose they become: what size, color, texture, luster, glow, etc.  Note whether the petals are vibrant, velvety, or dried out, whether they are open or closed, etc. Notice as well whether the rose is all alone, in a bouquet, in a rose bush, in a desert, etc. Notice, too, whether it is sunny, rainy cloudy, dark, etc. Is it winter, spring, summer, or fall? Just keep looking at the rose and it will, in the picture it paints for you, tell you more than 1,000 words about that individual or situation. 

Don’t force this process and don’t use your cognitive mind. Instead, use your intuitive, creative, imaginative faculties to “read” and “feel” the energies.  Feel, don’t think.  Analysis will lead to paralysis.

You must allow the rose to spontaneously form before you and then just trust whatever intuitions, inspirations or feelings you get. This will give you truckloads of information.

For example, notice the color of the rose and then sense what that tells you about the mood of the individual. What might that be saying to you about the person you are focusing on? Just keep on “looking” at different aspects of the rose. As well, notice the environment that the rose is in and what that feels like. Keep “sensing into” what kind of a picture/feeling is emerging of the person you are tuning in for.

You must first have the knowledge of your power; second, the courage to dare; third, the faith to do.Charles F. Haanel

Time to sing: Releasing old collective belief systems

One of the most difficult aspects of the shift that is underway is the releasing of old belief systems. A major hindrance to the unfolding vision for the new future is disbelief that it will actually come about. Disbelief resides in individual hearts and in humanity’s collective heart. It’s like acid eating away at the edges of the totality of the wonder that is occurring.

Despite humankind’s relatively short time on the planet, human beings carry a level of defeat, depression, and distrust in each other that is disproportionate to life experience. This is because they also have cellular memory of past life experiences. The result can feel like pushing a boulder up a steep incline only to see it roll back down again; the exhaustion and sense of defeat can be overwhelming.

In culture after culture, generation after generation, this belief that life has always been and will always be a certain way has been perpetuated. It has become woven into a collective doubt in our ability to create something better.

During this transition, it is important for you all to recognize this and become vigilant in your practices to break this pattern. This is old, deeply rutted energy that has been building for many centuries, but its voice is only as powerful as the amount of attention you give it.

The easiest way to break this old pattern is to redirect your energy. Focus on your vision of a new world pattern. In meditation, either sitting or standing, ask your heart to reveal the world as it believes it should be manifested. Spend time listening and opening to what it has to say, as if you were holding up a precious jewel and examining its many facets. As various aspects are revealed, notice the emotions, inner language, and energetic stance you take toward it.

This is the moment where old patterns can be released, their hold on you broken. Just notice, without anger, judgment, blame, or other hook-like energies, what your heart is saying. Then ask yourself, “Do I want to continue to see life unfold as it is, or do I wish to see the birth of this vision in my heart here on earth?” There is no need to entertain the doubts that might arise. Just answer the question simply and honestly. Is the vision in your heart calling you?

Stay present to the vision and allow it to fill you. Some days will be easier than others. Let the energy it creates within you grow. It will shift the negative belief system without any other effort if you do this on a regular basis.

Soon enough you will feel a new voice, with a new confidence, as if you were watching a beautiful plant mature within you.

Another help is to decrease the amount of access you give to external voices of doubt and fear and increase your time with kindred spirits who share or support your vision. This will feed new possibilities for your vision, just as elements of your vision will feed theirs.

Be kind to yourself in this process. You are breaking a very old, very established pattern.

Try creating a short mantra you can recite over and over, such “I believe the unbelievable,” or “My vision is my reality,” or another phrase that connects you to your inner vision and helps you stand more grounded within it.

Each day your new belief system prevails you create more room for your vision to grow, both inside yourself and across the earth. Be courageous. We are there beside you. We are sending energy to support you. You are the light of the new world.

Photo of a Carolina wren by Charles Kouns.

The heART of intuition: Live from the inside out, Part 6

Speak before you think. Feel first, think later. Speak your feeling. Talk your feel.

Intuition is really a gift. It truly makes it possible for you to know who you really are. The difficulty in defining it—the difficulty in working with it—is that it’s not something you “do.” It’s something you “allow” to come through you. You can’t “do” it with your mind; you simply allow it to flow through your heart. It reveals itself as inspiration and not as perspiration. It’s a “non-doing.”

When I teach my intuition classes I tell my students, “Don’t think; speak before you think.”  Your parents may have taught you to, “Think before you speak.” But in the case of intuition, you must, feel first, think later; feel first and speak your feeling. 

Again, intuition is not a cognitive exercise, it’s not a striving, it just flows through you in an inspired way. You start speaking your “feel” and you have no idea where what you are going to say next will go. You follow the “golden thread” of your feelings. It’s not scripted; it’s inspired. It comes from the heart and not from the head. And, if you allow it, it weaves a beautiful tapestry of meaning and purpose right there before your eyes.

But it does require you to learn to trust in and listen to your higher Self, which is the creative, inspired part of you, rather than the limited, scripted, calcified part of your ego mind.

Seven Waves of Change: Preparing for Full Reinvention

9 June 2020 (Rev. 10 June 2020, v1.0.2)

This article is an offering of Love, conceived in meditation and created in deep conversation with the whispers of life. May it serve the transformation of humanity that is underway and provide a small measure of clarity regarding these complex times.

The world is in a period of intense, unprecedented transformation, and there is no returning to the way things were before the Coronavirus pandemic. The process is clearly evident in the United States of America, where COVID-19 has disproportionately affected communities of color, and where displays of solidarity around the Black Lives Matter movement are multiplying after centuries of social and economic injustice. People of all backgrounds are seeking liberation from systems of oppression that are built on a divide-and-conquer, colonizing, life-denying mindset. At the same time, a number of world leaders have recognized that environmental degradation has magnified the effects of the Coronavirus and are calling for economic recovery plans that address greenhouse gas emissions, deforestation, pollution, and other adverse human activities.

The multitude of changes that are now occurring are deeply interconnected, and the biggest changes are still to come. In meditation I saw that the pandemic and the worldwide protests for social justice are two related waves of change that are part of a larger process of life pushing humanity out of ways of living that have become increasingly dysfunctional. Moreover, I intuited that five additional waves of transformation are making their presence felt. While we may experience these waves as disruption, they are conspiring for our benefit. We are witnessing, and participating in, the birth of a more compassionate and empathic humanity that prioritizes well-being for all humans and, indeed, all of life.

The seven waves of change are global in nature and will, over time, evolve economics, industries, governments, and communities everywhere. These waves overlap and enhance one another. Their arrival spans a period of nine months – between November 2019 and August 2020 – and they will continue to push and pull humanity throughout the decade. Once the waves have run their course, the pillars of a more awakened civilization will be in place. In the meantime, the institutions of society will have to make an existential decision: those that are able to adapt to the new pattern of humanity may continue in evolved forms that are appropriate to the times, and those that fail to shift will decline and disappear.

The following scenario is intended to help us to align our lives with the far-reaching changes taking place, and thereby contribute to this global transformation in ways that minimize further suffering. While the details and the timeline will depend on countless everyday decisions made by billions of individuals, the overall sequence has impressed itself on my consciousness. After a weeklong discernment, I sense that these waves are an adequate representation of how life itself is advancing and that if 10%, or more, of the population aligns with this movement in 2020 there can be justice for all by the end of the decade. The changes can be accelerated in the measure that we join our hearts and minds, and our prayers and intentions, in loving, coherent action.

The Waves of Change

Wave 1 • November 2019 – May 2021: The Coronavirus Pandemic

The pandemic has disrupted the activities of “business as usual” long enough to open up a space for the emergence of new possibilities that are deeply inspired. As a result of the pandemic, people all over the world have tasted life without air pollution, millions of people are now working from home, and local communities are embracing resiliency, to name just a few of the many benefits. On the flip side, substantial populations have been experiencing the terrifying economic and health impacts of the pandemic, especially communities of color, people locked in poverty, and those living on the margins of society who have been systematically ignored. This disparity has contributed to the second wave of change.

Wave 2 • May 2020 – 2024: Social Justice Rising

The Black Lives Matter protests sweeping the globe have initiated a multiyear movement of movements that is surfacing contemporary and historical injustices and holding the systems that enabled them to account. These systems will be tried in the court of public discourse and the underlying patterns of cruelty and unconscious behaviors will be clearly seen. Unconscious biases are becoming more widely recognized, and these will be reduced gradually over time. Other forms of individual and collective unconsciousness will be identified and addressed. Every nation, and institutions of all types, will be required to reckon with their own deep-seated inequities and begin learning new practices and values that they will one day embody.

Wave 3 • June 2020 – 2021: The Beginning of Widespread Self-Liberation

A growing number of people are opting out of the structures of society in which they no longer have confidence. Examples include parents who question the motives of the pharmaceutical industry and people who believe that their governments are misbehaving while failing to protect their safety and well-being. At the present time (June 2020), I see intuitively that 5% to 7% of the population in some of the world’s most powerful countries is withdrawing support from the institutions that they perceive to be failing. As people self-liberate in great numbers, they are forming networks with the potential to birth alternative systems. Some of these alternatives will gain support and grow into new forms of governance in subsequent waves of change.

Wave 4 • July 2020 – 2021: The Rejection of Poverty as Morally Reprehensible

Poverty results from an obsolete social operating system. We can build societies that are regenerative and thriving, which value and invest in the education, health, and well-being of all while rewarding individual creativity and initiative. A thriving society requires that each of its members is well-nourished, healthy, and adequately resourced. These basic conditions give rise to synergies in which individual and collective prosperity surpass what is possible in cultures that accept poverty. Around the world, systemic poverty is killing, maiming, or otherwise harming hundreds of millions of people, and humanity will reject the institutions that sustain it as perpetrators of genocide. We will know that the species has evolved when poverty is no more.

Wave 5 • July 2020 – 2026: Institutions Evolve, Institutions Decline

Governments and institutions of all types that do not cultivate inclusiveness, compassion, wisdom, and consciousness will be unable to resolve the complex tangle of social and environmental systems failures – from entrenched racism to violence against women to climate injustice and every form of inner and outer pollution. These dysfunctional bodies will weaken as they demonstrate their inability to govern wisely or provide the services that are expected. While many governments, NGOs, and corporations will find ways to adapt to higher principles, especially at the local level, the institutions that are too cumbersome or slow to evolve will decline and eventually turn into compost for a new generation of systems that honor life.

Wave 6 • July 2020 – 2028: Peaceful Demonstrations of Unity Lead to Voluntary Transfers of Power

The emerging trend of defunding and dismantling police departments in the United States is an early sign of wholesale structural changes that will reshape our world. The murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and so many others, combined with massive and largely peaceful protests, are pressuring senior officials to implement needed restructuring. As momentum builds, peaceful demonstrations of unity will surround the structures of society that are perceived to be misaligned, and many of these will choose to disband. In countries where people do not have the right to demonstrate, the change processes will take longer; however, as these waves are planetary, all countries will experience the power of the people.

Wave 7 • August 2020 – 2024: Emergence of Novel Forms of Evolutionary Governance

As the dysfunctional structures of society decline, resign, or fail outright, a groundswell of networked actions and inspired creativity are producing viable new solutions that can replace the outgoing models. These new forms will coalesce into local and regional institutions that are adapted for the 21st century. An emphasis on bioregionalism will help to ensure that human populations harmonize with the natural environment and that administrative boundaries align with the living systems of Earth. In the coming years, new and more conscious forms of government will implement policies and practices, rooted in wisdom and the lessons of history, that are socially just and ecologically sound… for all generations to come.


These seven waves of change have been forming for decades, and the seeds of new possibilities have, in many cases, been present for generations. The immense need for healing societal traumas, both ancient and ongoing, can no longer be ignored. The movements that are rising now build on the work of millions of souls who have suffered and struggled before us. We stand on the shoulders of giants, including indigenous cultures that maintained their traditional wisdom for over five hundred years in the face of genocide and persecution. Sadly, a multitude of wounds remain unrepaired, and these words are an insufficient acknowledgement of the accumulate pain. And so I offer my love and prayers of the heart for the healing of one and all.

The time is coming when peace and justice will prevail on Earth. That day can arrive sooner, and suffering can be greatly alleviated, to the extent that we align our energies and actions with the movements of life. These waves of change provide one map of where we can invest in the processes of planet-wide transformation, starting right now, right where we are, in our personal lives and local communities. As one in ten people come into resonance with this path that life is offering, the new, more equitable world can take shape within the decade. Although we may not comprehend all of the complexities or foresee the surprises ahead, we can trust that we have the support of life itself. There is much work to do. Let the way be joyful.

In the coming months…

Blessings Dear Ones,

We would like to speak to you of the next several months. This time is not going to be easy. All of your efforts to bring about a great shift on the planet are having a tremendous effect. But the effect also is creating pressure on those who are invested heavily in the current system and feeling vulnerable. They have begun to resist with greater energy.

This coming time will be marked by many decisions you will find confounding. Great swirls of energy will be gathering and then unleashed to try and maintain the previous way of life.

It is important that any fear you experience not become your focus. This period is a part of the process of the uplift that is occurring. Hold your intention for the new arising.  This will be what best serves humanity and all life on the planet. Work in all the ways you know to let any fear go.

It is as if all of your collective efforts have created a great compression and those vested in the old patterns are reacting. This is their attempt to protect and regain the hold they once had. Let us say this again, they once had.

The events of the few past weeks as well as those to come are also demonstrating the significant amount of energy that has been pent up as a result of repeated experiences of disconnection created by the old, ingrained beliefs and patterns. They are much like a dormant volcano that can no longer be contained and their release may be quite fear-giving, but each eruption is necessary for greater healing.  These may come in your own life and collectively as fractals, as they are of the same energy.

In these coming moments, the shadow energies that have been dominating will be more sharply and fully exposed. This will bring greater clarity around the energies that do not contribute to the transformation. It will help shake the foundations of those who are not yet paying attention and thus invoke in them the courage to make new, life-affirming choices for everyone that they were not able to make before.

Hold them in your prayers, for everyone is in the process of transformation. Hold all people in love and compassion and see them opening their arms to the growing light. This will be no time to judge the choices you cannot understand or accept, but instead to stand in the knowing, that they too, are divine beings who are being called to the new awakening.

In these times, continue your own journey of growth and healing. Spend time facing and releasing old patterns, beliefs and energies. Keep discovering your inner light and beauty so there is always more to share with the world.  Know that what you are going through personally is occurring on many, many levels.

Consider this an invitation for the foreseeable future. Hold the vision of a new, benevolent world. Release fear. On a daily basis, affirm the intention for a collective, unified choice to shift. Stand rooted in your inner strength, even if it seems the whole world is shaking. Move softly and gently. Cherish one another. Keep building circles of compassion and love. Invite others to join. Listen to your hearts, trust your intuition.

Sow light everywhere.

Photo by Harshal Desai on Unsplash