The heART of intuition, Part 5: The land of your soul

If you haven’t already, please go back and read parts 1-4 of this series. The lessons are short, but please do not rush through them. Use them as an opportunity for contemplation, growth and healing.

Why would you believe that the solutions to the challenges you face are in what you’ve already thought of or in what somebody else has suggested? They’re not. The answers lie deep within you at the core of who you really are. With your intuition, you can find them.

Whether you know it or not, deep down inside you, you know why you chose to incarnate on this planet at this time. You know why you are in the situations you are in now. You know why these challenges are good for you. All is in divine order and divine timing. You know it’s all leading you to a deeper sense of your Self, of awakening, of healing, and of growth.

So why try to use the mind to understand all this? It’s stuck in a box of limiting beliefs and rigid, controlling expectations. Shift out of that place and enter the land of your soul and there you will know who you are, why you are where you are and where you are going. 

Intuition opens you up to the big picture rather than to the little, narrow-minded, myopic picture of your ego. The ego thinks, “I’m suffering, woe is me!” But your Soul or intuition helps you understand, “No, at the moment, I am learning. And this is what I am learning and this is where it it’s all going and why.”

How do you make sense of the things that happen to you in your life? What do you use as your source for perspective, understanding, meaning, and purpose in your life? Do you go within? Do you believe that there is a purpose and a meaning for everything that happens? Do you realize that you can be a master of your life and not a victim?

Quiet your mind for a moment now and then bring up an issue in your life that is a challenge. Focus on an image or feeling about this challenge for a minute or so and then sit back and “see” what insights, inspirations or images you get. Don’t think; just trust and feel into what you get.

The more often you practice this, the better you will get at accessing the wisdom within you. That wisdom is waiting to reveal itself to you.

When threads stick out

Have you ever noticed a thread sticking out from the fabric or knit that it’s part of? Threads are meant to be spun or woven with other threads to create something newer, stronger, and more beautiful than one thread alone. When you see one sticking out, what is the first thing you want to do? Pull it! But if you do, you can wreak havoc on that section of the garment or blanket. The cloth bunches up and the harmony is broken. The alternative of poking the thread back into place works sometimes, but usually not very well or for very long.

Ego is the thread that sometimes sticks up like a skyscraper above the rest of the cloth, doing its best to be seen and, possibly, to prove to the rest of the threads that it is different, better, something more than they are.

Then the universe brings out its scissors and trims the errant ego enough to smooth the fabric back into alignment. This trimming is evidence of a loving presence at work in your lives, even though it may not feel that way at the time.

Can you feel a resistance to this message rising up within you? You may have been taught that you are separate and that the more you achieve, the more you stand out or become unique compared to whatever is deemed “normal,“ the more significant you are. Imagine what would happen if all the threads in a garment decided to stick out? There would be no garment!

This is, in effect, what has happened within your society. For each action of ego is to separate. This requires significant amounts of energy and creates tremendous resistance. Do you hear this? Separating to be different, to be “somebody,“ creates resistance throughout the field. Can you feel how much resistance exists within your society?

No two snowflakes are the same, but they are all still snowflakes. You are all eternal beings, completely and wholly connected energetically. You are beautiful as you are. When millions of snowflakes are piled one on top of another, you cannot distinguish them from each other, but what a beautiful scene they make! How gently the earth is watered and cared for as they melt.

You are known by God. Therefore, the only impression you are seeking to make is with other human beings. Relax. You are far more precious on the inside than you know. There is nothing to prove. When you all gather your preciousness together, the weaving is incredible.

During the time of trial over the past few weeks, something incredible has happened over and over again. All across the globe, people have been weaving new patterns of life-giving energy; cooperating, harmonizing, and aligning through love. The resistance that requires so much energy has been greatly lessened as you have focused together on protecting, healing, and caring for each other.

Sense into the energetic before the quarantine, and then into the energetic during the quarantine. Given the choice, and you have the choice, how will you thread your way going forward as this period draws to a close?

Transitioning to the new pattern

This is a revised and expanded version of insights shared in my recent newsletter, titled “Cosmology of Homecoming, the Foundations of Health, and True Economy.”

When I feel into the shifts in human consciousness that have been catalyzed by the Coronavirus, I sense that we are leaving a 40-year pattern of culture from 1979 through 2019 and entering a more loving and awakened way of being and relating – the “new pattern.” I see that as of the end of March humanity was stepping out of the old ways and that May and June are a time of radical acceleration into the new pattern, which will become established in July. Moreover, I see that the “beautiful new beginnings” of more functional systems, including a proliferation of community-based solutions, will become visible to ordinary sight toward the end of 2020 in the USA, and a bit later in places where there is less disruption and chaos.

The key for navigating this transition gracefully is to trust that life knows exactly what it is doing. Life itself is holding us and supporting our healing and awakening, and the result of the process that we are in will be inclusive flourishing. In the meantime, it is important to find the place in our hearts where we truly know that humans and nature can thrive together. The strength of our collective resolve will energize and select that outcome. Know, therefore, that in the post-pandemic reality, those who are dedicated to life – and to healing, transformation, and awakening – will experience being much more supported than before the pattern shift. Our gifts will be received, and remunerated, and our businesses will grow as we cultivate alignment with the source of life.

“The next ‘black swan’ event is the collective recognition that we need radically different forms of governance, economies, healthcare, and education, and that those who had the answers in the previous pattern no longer have a viable plan.”

Although it will take time for the new pattern to become obvious, if we start looking for the “little green shoots” now, we will find them in abundance. There are enough people who are awakening, and there are enough true solutions to create a more conscious humanity. At the same time, the next few months may prove to be challenging as a majority of people discover that it is impossible go back to the old ways. The next “black swan” event is the collective recognition that we need radically different forms of governance, economies, healthcare, and education, and that those who had the answers in the previous pattern no longer have a viable plan. Genius is required at the level of the species in order to make the nonlinear and non-incremental leap into new systems that are based on planetary consciousness. Though many may suppose that such a leap is impossible given humanity’s historical immaturity, I see that we are already rising to the challenge of transforming our societies and that the requisite creativity is already blossoming across the entire spectrum of human activity.

If ever we feel stress or overwhelm from the uncertainty of these times, we can remember that life is friendly, that our present experience is the transformation of human consciousness that we have been longing for, and that the new pattern is beautiful. Then we can listen deeply for the subtle guidance and wisdom that will show us the path forward.

Image by walterbruneel888 from Pixabay

The heART of intuition, Part 4: Where is your reference point?

If you haven’t already, please go back and read parts 1-3 of this series. The lessons are short, but please do not rush through them. Use them as an opportunity for contemplation, growth and healing.

Where is your reference point? Is it within you or outside of you? Who do you use as your authority—yourself or another?

Do you use your Self as your sole reference point or do you use others? In other words, do you check in with your Self first or do you always go without (i.e. you trust the opinion of others more than your own) in making decisions, big and small?

In order to access your intuition and access your Self, you must “quiet your mind and open your heart.”  There is no other way. And when you do this, you experience the silence that is left when all your relentless thinking and emoting quiets down. It is in this silence that you can hear your Self. 

By learning how to shift into this internal space—this intuitive space—you are not only accessing your intuition, but are also learning how to be true to your Self; thus, you end up hearing and listening to your Self and to no one else. You begin to use your Self as your internal reference point. There is no other true reference point but You— inside You; you now recognize and listen to your own voice. You become the author and authority of your life.

In other words, intuition isn’t just simply being able to say, “Wow, I see my guides,” or “I was King Tut in my last lifetime,” or whatever other kind of woo woo thing you might think it is. It’s actually an opportunity to come to know You—to come to know Thou—the Divine that is You—the essence that is You, and to be “True to Thy Self.”

If you follow any one other than your Self, you will surely get lost.

We’ll continue next week with part 5 of this 8-part series.

Vulnerability – The Birthplace of Innovation, Creativity, and Change.

I captured the title for this wave of Fika for Your Soul in the TED talk about vulnerability by Brené Brown. Towards the end of the talk she says, “Vulnerability is the birthplace for innovation, creativity, and change.”

It’s hard not to notice the level of vulnerability we’re facing in mundane everyday tasks right now. There’s no rule book any more. The world as we know it is gone. We can’t point to someone else and demand that they fix things. As a collective, we’re forced to engage in a way we haven’t done for a long time, maybe never. It’s fascinating to think that all countries around the world, rich or poor, big or small, are facing the same challenge – at the same time.

Personally, I appreciate that we are being given the chance to slow down. I have noticed that a deeper level of thinking and deeper inspiration have come to light thanks to life no longer ticking along ‘as usual’.

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A love letter to Lightworkers

Beloved Ones,

Are you rejoicing these days? Are you finding a lightness in your steps?  Is there a new song beginning to bubble in your heart? Are you sensing an increase in the energy pulse of the earth? Are you awakening to the greater vitality bathing you?


For the sum of
your collective intentions;
the continuous hours of inner work year after year;
all the times you said, “I am back in this again?”
the embracing of your true identity as an eternal being and the subsequent shift from mind and will to heart and intuition;

For the sum of
your many hours of prayers, affirmations and chants;
your generous sharing of your insights, wisdom, and revelations;
all the times you have faced ridicule, cynicism, disbelief, derision, denial, been misunderstood, misrepresented, pigeon-holed, abused, and STILL listened to your inner voice and stood in your belief of a New World for all;
the hours you have searched in the darkness for the direction into the Light you knew was there;
your commitment to never give up – no matter how insurmountable the tasks before you seemed;

For the sum of
your fierce stewardship on behalf of the natural world;
your compassion, love, and endless offerings to care for others;
your efforts to be a witness for change;
your creative labors to bring life-giving energy into form;
the opening of your hearts to new possibilities;

For the sum of
your hours of listening in stillness;
your willingness to stand in the fire of your own egoic extinction;
your gatherings of spiritual celebration;
your authentic expressions of gratitude each day;

For the sum of
all of these has brought the world to this momentous hour!

Let us repeat this last phrase with even greater emphasis:

The sum of all of your acts of love and much, much more has brought the world to this momentous hour.

It is as if each of you has served as a single drop of water, bonding together collectively to bring great pressure on a monolithic concrete dam. You have gathered together and through your collective intention and ensuing choices and activities, the great dam is cracking, breaking apart.

The energy you feel now is just the beginning of that release!

So we say, Rejoice! Revel! Celebrate! Receive the new energy pouring into your being.  See the role you have been playing, for it is MIGHTY!

What is Sourcing?

The Practice of Sourcing

There is a growing community of people around the world who are finding methods to access, or source, the wisdom of life itself and manifest new forms and structures. The actual methods that people use vary widely and evolve through practice over time. However, when we look for what is common across sourcing practices, the following pattern emerges:

  1. Opening to receive information and associated consciousness and energy from the deepest places within ourselves, where we are one with all that is.
  2. Asking a question verbally or energetically with the intention to receive an answer from the greatest and most benevolent source of wisdom for the optimal good of all.
  3. Receiving the answer through some intuitive means, which could be clairaudience, claircognizance, clairsentience, clairvoyance, a pendulum, or another way.
  4. Checking with additional people who are sourcing responses to the same question (i.e., co-sourcing) and/or other sourcing methods to confirm the information.
  5. Iterating the process until there is agreement across people and/or methods. This may include refining the question or exploring dissonances to discover invalid assumptions.
  6. Implementing the guidance that has been received in a manner that respects all other ways of knowing as well as people who might not have a practice of sourcing.

Sourcing Information and Light

When we are sourcing, we receive information that comes from such a profound depth within awareness that it cannot be obtained using other methods, including the rational mind. Although this information may be interesting and significant, it is only half of the picture. The other half consists of “intelligent light” that is carrying the information. When we are sourcing, we are accessing realms beyond manifestation and bringing intelligent light into the world from beyond the universe of form. This light prisms into new consciousness and energy that are free from the previously existing forms and structures. The result is that we are literally bringing forth “the new Earth” whenever we source.

Definitions of Sourcing

Here are three definitions of sourcing that have, themselves, been deeply sourced:

1. Sourcing is the process of becoming Supreme Spirit.

When we source, we join with the source of our being. With practice, and as we source more and more deeply, we become the ultimate Source, which is Supreme Spirit. Sourcing awakens the practitioner from the experience of being separate from the ultimate Source of being. Importantly, there is a point at which the one who is sourcing transitions from accessing Source to abiding as Source. Then the intention of sourcing shifts from attaining wisdom to expressing enlightenment, which is the joy of creatorship.

2. Sourcing brings the forms that have been ideated within divine imagination into expression.

Before the forms of the world can be experienced, they exist within a realm of profound imagination that is often labeled “divine” since it is typically inaccessible to the human mind. With sourcing, and with awakening, one gains access to this realm where the prototypes for all new creations exist as divine ideas. Doing so conducts the intelligent light associated with these prototypes into the world. Over time, this intelligence instructs beings and the forces of nature to construct the new forms tangibly so that they can be experienced.

3. Sourcing is the manifestation process by which Supreme Spirit becomes substance.

Since sourcing is a process of joining with Source, it bridges the everyday world with its spiritual origins. When the bridge is highly awake, the deeper realms of existence are able to breathe themselves into manifestation with less resistance. When there is no resistance whatsoever, the most-profound Supreme Spirit is able to enter the world as luminous substance. One whose egoic structures of resistance have disappeared unites Earth and Heaven in the act of sourcing and can manifest miracles of new creation.

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The heART of intuition, Part 3: The mind is a “vestigial organ”

If you haven’t already, please go back and read parts 1 and 2 of this series. The lessons are short, but don’t rush through them. Use them as an opportunity for contemplation, growth, and healing.

Your programmed ego mind is basically useless—that’s why I consider it a vestigial organ—on some level at least. To access the intuitive, soul level part of yourself, you must quiet the external mind—the ego mind. As you quiet that mind and slip in between all your incessant thoughts and emotions, you then can begin to eavesdrop on your own soul, on your higher Self—that is, your intuitive Self, and on God/Goddess

Cease trying to work things out with your mind. It will get you nowhere. Let your whole life be led by intuition and inspiration. Let your whole life be a revelation.—Eileen Caddy

The mind knows only what it has been programmed to know, much like a computer. On the other hand, your heart/Soul accesses the infinite “knowing” of the Universe and therefore, can and does “know all things.”

With the ego mind quiet, you can sense or “tune into” the subtle energies and realms. It’s really that simple and everyone can do it.

Do you rely on your mind too much? In other words, on what you already know and believe rather than on the possibility of being inspired with new insights about yourself and others? Do you think too much? Take a moment to really reflect on these questions.

I’ll continue next week with part 4.

Pondering vs. thinking: Which leads to more nourishing choices?

In the next moment, what will you choose? The next choice is always before you. It is a gift.  Do you realize this?

We celebrate this gift with you, for contained within a single choice are infinite possibilities. You always have choice. Let us say this again. You always have choice. It is always available in the next moment.

When you awaken each morning, are your first thoughts about the possibilities that choice will offer you that day?  Or are they about the list of items your previous day’s choices have created for you? Were the previous choices made from a higher consciousness or were they made mechanistically or without conscious intention? Are those previous choices bringing you nourishment or are they offering something less appetizing?

You can choose nourishing choices by pondering. Pondering is the pause or moment before choice where you open your heart to hold as many possibilities as you can through listening for what your heart truly wants or knows is the direction you want to set for yourself. It is the pause before choosing—a pause that can set in motion many future events.  If you do not pause to ponder, then you may choose based upon other voices and teachings that have nothing to do with you and everything to do with the choices others want you to make.

Pondering is your friend. It is a quiet space where you get to listen to “you” and what it is that you truly desire. It is the place where just your own voice resides and has permission to be heard. It is fresh air filling your lungs with your own vitality.

How many times have you told yourself or someone else that you had no  choice?  At that moment, were you saying that the choices you previously made have left you no choice in this next moment? Or is it possible you are saying that you have no choice because you believe you have given your right to choose away to others and they have chosen for you?

Remember, you always have choice. If you feel you are involved in a space where you have no choice, stop and ponder whether any of the questions above are active in your sense of immobility. For feeling you have no choice is, in fact, a belief that you cannot go in any other direction than the one you see before you. Often attached to this belief are feelings of resignation, frozenness, sadness, a depletion of energy, and fear.

These are all signs that your heart is asking you to stop and ponder what you are believing and experiencing. A choice from the heart will bring a sense of release, a sensation of forward movement, happiness, curiosity, and joy. It will offer a knowing of YES!

You were taught to “Think before you act.” That old phrase focused on using your head, which makes choosing much more confusing because your head is where others have planted their voices and their choices. Try replacing “Think before you act”  with “Ponder before you choose.” If pondering choices becomes your active state, you are setting into motion a new pattern for your life where your intuition and your heart lead your choices and your head plays a supportive role, not a dominant one.

You are a spiritual being, naturally creative, naturally loving, naturally beautiful. You are capable of making astounding choices that can free you from the confinements you are experiencing. The more consciousness you bring to your choices, the greater the possibilities that will surround you. So we ask, “In the next moment, will you ponder before you choose?”

Photo by Charles Kouns.

The HeArt of intuition: Live from the inside out, Part 2

What is intuition? It is seeing or listening with your heart and not with your head. It is “going within.”

This is part 2 of an eight-part series. If you haven’t already, please go back and read part 1. The lessons are short; please don’t rush through them. Use them as an opportunity for contemplation, growth, and healing.

I want to touch on what it means to “go within,” for when you “go within” you see/listen with your heart or your feeling senses and not with your head. By “going within” you become one with your object of attention because you place it inside of you—i.e., inside your heart.

When you only use your head/mind, you only see/sense a small percentage of your object of attention because you are only using your logical mind to analyze, measure, categorize, and judge it. In effect, you are just scanning the surface of it. When you “go within,” on the other hand, you learn how to “identify” with it—to “feel into” it—to “embrace” it.  And by doing this, you allow yourself to become “one with” whatever you’re focused on and see the whole picture from the inside out.

In other words, when you look at something from the outside, i.e. with your mind, you only see a small part of it. You are truly just skimming the surface. But when you allow yourself to become a part of it internally, you you see and perceive much more.  

If you don’t go within, you go without.
—Neale Donald Walsch

What I am suggesting is very different from the way most people gather information about a person or thing or situation.  By interacting intuitively, you gather information with your heart and not your head. The mind does not truly understand anything; it just analyzes and measures. It is the heart that really knows.

“For primitive people the presence of energy and power is the starting point of their analysis and understanding of the natural world…primitive people felt power, but did not measure it. Today we are able to measure power, but do not feel it.” — Vine Deloria, a Native American scholar.

“Sometimes the measurable drives out the most important.”
—Rene Dubos

What do you think about what I have suggested? Do you think it is possible for you to use your heart as your primary way to gather information?

Close your eyes now and take a moment to focus on a person you care about. Instead of thinking about them, just softly focus on an image/feeling of them and see what you “feel” about them rather than what you think about them. Then spontaneously jot down a few notes about what you felt. Do the same with someone you recently met or don’t know that well.

As you keep practicing this, you will be surprised to see how much you pick up on about a person. Practice this simple technique, and over time you will get to know a lot more about a person than you would if you just used your mind.

This is part 2 of an 8-part series.